2012 will witness the opening of longest rail tunnel in India

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India’s longest tunnel, approximately 11 kilometres will shape up by 2012. The rail link between the Kashmir Valley and the country will be built after this 11 km tunnel is constructed in a year.

The tunnel will be one of the world’s deepest and largest which will perforate through Pir Panjal below the snow line.

The engineering prodigy, called T80, is purposefully significant for the nation as the only path linkage is through the Jawahar Tunnel, which joins both the counties in the boundary state-run, is often gridlocked due to substantial snowfall.

The passageway will deliver an all-weather connectivity sandwiched between the binary regions. The expanse between Banihall and Qazigunnd will be condensed to 16km when the tunnel turns out to be in operation. Railways are expending the state-of-the-art Austrian channelling technique to create T80 that comprises incorporation of nearby soil forms into a ring-like sustenance edifice. Looks like India wants to create history by building this long tunnel. Future looks promising to us for sure. The tunnel will be 11 km long and will leave a mark in Indian History. Hope the T80 has strategized it well and builds something more promising and productive. The creation will be completed by 2012.

–kreation guru

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