2013 Honda Amaze Diesel Launched in Thailand

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The official photographs of the latest model Honda Amaze Diesel has finally been revealed. This new model was originally named as Honda Brio Sedan. However, the company has decided to give it a more original name, consisting of five alphabets. Thus, the name “Amaze’ was given to it.

This car will be officially launched in Thailand. The car like all the previous models of the company has been given extensive features. The code name of the car is Honda 2 TP. This car is expected to be another success in the market. This can be due to two reasons. One, excise benefits are charged in India for cars which measure up to 4 meters. This car is measured less than that. Two, diesel engine is required for the car to perform. This car has been given the smallest engine run on Diesel. This is extremely good for the Indian market. Hence it is expected to sell pretty well in the Indian and Thailand market.

This car has been incorporated with a 1.5 liter diesel engine by Earth Dreams. It also includes fewer cylinders. The car has a nice design. The car has been given a boot which makes it look adorable. The exterior of the car has been given a dark blue glossy design.

The interior too comes with a great style and comfortable seats. The best feature of the car is the light weight engine that is helping to power up the car. The car, in spite of its light weight engine, gives excellent mileage (around 24 km/l) and gives awesome driving experience.

The car has already been launched in Thailand on 23rd November this year. However, India will see its launch in 2013, sometime in April. Although for the Indian market Amaze is giving Diesel run engine, for the Thailand market it is offering engines run on petrol.

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