2013 Honda CB150R Streetfire bike details

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The Indonesian Affiliate of Honda, the Astra Honda Motor, has finally unveiled the new model, CB150R Streetfire. This was done in a motorcycle show called Jakarta. Until now, the new model was available only in Indonesia and its citizens. It came to them as the new version of the CBR 250 R. The new model is very similar to what the older version was. Almost similar looking, they have the same potential and caliber.

The new model is powered by an engine having 150 cc liquid cooled. This engine is so powerful that it gives a great output, which is around 17.6 hp at 10,500 rotations per minute. The two models are very much similar as the older version gave close to the same output.

The older version, The CBR 150 R, has a pretty large fairing, the new model, flaunts its power driven engine and a gallant frame quite extravagantly. Both the models have the same suspension, both having suspensions that are linked to the rear and they have telescopic fork.

These models are however not to be seen in North America. This model has been exclusively designed for the market in Asia. People in the United States are extremely happy with the CBR250R model, and hence will not be accepting anything which is lesser than that.

After this successful revelation of the model, Honda will be unveiling many more models in the recent years. There are many upcoming shows and fairs where the company is planning to unveil many of their upcoming designs. As the time goes, each model is getting up gradation than the previous. The newer ranges have far more better quality and this is how the company is pricing each model.

Thus, with the new model in pocket, the company is going to soar the market very soon

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