2013 Maruti Swift Alpha Limited Edition – A Review

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In an official statement, CEO of Maruti has confirmed the introduction of an eco-friendly Maruti Swift Alpha Limited Edition model. It is a type of hatchback vehicle with an aerodynamic cockpit. VXi petrol fed powertrain has been selected to upgrade the car. Experts of Maruti have claimed that besides petrol fed cars, in future the company will enhance the sales of the diesel propelled cars which are in high demand comparing to petrol fed drive-train.

The new Swift Alpha has an excellent driveline inclusive of the compact drive-train kit. The automatic transmission, an energy efficient power-train and of course the exhaust system have been perfectly tuned up to improve the overall condition of the car. The bright color of the compartment of this eco-friendly vehicle is eye-catching.

Maruti Suzuki Swift has excellent features and you will have to read the technical spec sheet to get relevant information. For instance door visors, rear view reflectors, dampers, a rear air spoiler unit and mud flaps have been installed to increase the glamour of this fuel economic car. Bluetooth interface has been planted into the compartment of the vehicle to communicate with people via internet. This car has the sophisticated street navigation system along with an infotainment.

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