2013 Volkswagen Polo GTD to be Launched in India

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There is a piece of good news for all car enthusiasts. The most ‘balanced’ car is now here in town. Not only balanced, this car is quite prudent in its functions as well. Volkswagen has decided to introduce the new model, Volkswagen Polo. This extraordinarily good model is going to be launched in India early in the year 2013.

This new power car is going to be given a great and powerful 1.6 l diesel engine by Vento. This model will be clearly different from other models of Polo as the entire styling of the car has been altered. The new car is stylized with a wider body, tyres having low profiles and other brilliant sporty additions.

This new car has great performance capability as well. This model has weight that is 90 kg less than the Vento Model. However, the power of the car is going to be much more. This is because of the 1.6 l diesel engine attached to it. This will make the car extremely good and much better in performance than the previous models.

Earlier this car was launched having a petrol driven engine. However, that model failed to gain the attraction of many buyers. Hence, this car with diesel engine has been introduced.

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