2014 Tata vista D90 details and features

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Here comes the all new excellence from the brand Tata, named Tata vista D90. It is a driver’s delight and meets are the driver’s need that prefers and love driving powerful engines with sporty looks.

The model also features all latest gadgets and modernized with advanced facilities. The model is designed with power engine and superb looks. The peak torque delivered by the engine is 200 Nm and is among the few price segments. The engine is a specially designed one and has five speeded manual transmission with advanced and developed Euro-tech two gear boxes. It can shift from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 15.5 seconds and recorded with a top speed of 158.8 kilometers per hour. The numbers are satisfying but may not be impressive but once you come to know about the price tag you will realize that such features are impressive enough.

The model comes with a special and discounted price of only 6 lakhs and isn’t it provides with so much specialties and technical high. It is really impressive and surely creates a sense of urgency among the customers. The model also features many of the high tech and advanced features. It includes an LCD and fully touch screen which can be used for all type of videos and music’s. It is also built with a global positional system and helps you with finding out the exact location.

The model has a DVD equipped with different multimedia and information systems. It includes a special technology named Blue5 which enables up to five phones and can be paired with their audio system with a single Bluetooth. There has a fully automatic climate control features and with three different settings, normal, automatic and the economy mode. There has a fully enabled driver information system which provides with fuel mileage, and distance information’s. The interiors are all designer made and comes in ebony black and Sahara beige themes. The steering is covered with leather type covering and features all the controls. It has been customized with two way adjustable wheels.

The model also features a six way adjustable driving seat with support. There are many facilities like power charging ports, all four door power windows. Charging ports enabled both front and at back. There has follow me headlamps. The model has been featured with front as well as rear bumpers and they ensure the safety. There is a special arrangement of aerodynamic spoiler at the back. There is a triple barrel headlamp. The wheels are made up of alloy wheels and are strong enough.

The model is enabled with lower NHV and noise insulation package system. The safety features are also kept in mind while designing the model and they are added with features like dual airbags, crumple zones and side intrusion beams. They provide you with all safety. The engine is made of immobilizer and has a central locking system. You can entry the car with keyless features and are featured with specialties like anti braking system and EBD in all the variants.

It comes with a two year warranty and also up to a limit of seventy five thousand kilometers. The rice range is the most effective and eye catching one. The model comes in two variants and is priced as 5.99 lakhs and 6.83 lakhs. One model is Tata vista D90 VX and is the cheapest among the two whereas the other one is Tata vista D90 ZX+. The price speciality is sure to drawth customers to its end and gets a good response from the market. The models are available in five different colors.

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