2015 Mahindra XUV 500 new model : Features and details

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The XUV500 model released by Mahindra earlier has been modified with some very important technological changes to make it the very best in the market so far. New chrome has been added along with other features and some new topping. There has been huge speculation with months of teasers and photographs being released until finally the model was released to the public of late.


Exterior Styling

  • A few changes, both major and minor have been made to the exterior of the car. The overall shape and silhouette of the previous model has been retained in the new version.
  • It has a contoured bonnet that has been completely renewed.
  • The front fascia is completely designed.
  • There are a completely new features attached to the cabin. The entire model has been made much more comfortable than before.

Interior Styling

  • The layout for the dashboard has been completely unchanged. However, there is a completely whole new set of features with updated technology available.
  • The W8 trim has all its existing features.
  • It has a seven inch infotainment system. It has a touch screen feature. It is very important to stay entertained during long journeys. The system also has a GPS navigation system.
  • It also boasts of a camera in the reverse with zoom function.
  • The driver’s seat has also a six way adjustable option.
  • Other features include an electric sunroof, a push button start, a keyless entry and a side window for the driver seat with an express option for up and down.
  • The entire cabin has been made up in black and also with beige upholstery. It is very comfortable. Also the space has been expanded completely.
  • The new facelift version of the model has a voice messaging system. It opens when the door is open. Also it offers information is when the handbrake is engaged and when the seat belt is not worn.
  • The logo projection lamps also project the XUV500 letters when opened.
  • The blue sense application from Mahindra is also available for free.
  • There is a completely icy blue lighting for mood. It extends up to the cluster of instruments.
  • Overall the new interiors do much for long journeys. The interior also offers a lot of comfort for drivers and users. It provides a very dynamic performance.

Engine features

  • The car is powered by a 2.2 liter mHawk engine that is run by diesel.
  • The engine produces 140 BHP of power and a 330 Nm of torque.
  • It has a gearbox that provides manual power and has six speeds.
  • There is an all wheel drive for the higher variants available.
  • There is a front wheel drive setup on the lower variants.
  • There is a drive train ratio that is enhanced and improved. Hence it has a better drivability. It also has a very good suspension setup. It gives a quality of ride that is much better than the previous older model.
  • It has a number of safety features as well. It also has a roll over mitigation system.

Fuel Efficiency

  • The fuel efficiency system has been improved to a great degree.
  • It has a certificate figure of around 16 km/l.
  • It has a very good regeneration system for the brake and the energy.
  • It also has a very good drive train ratio.

Figures of sale

  • This new model has been received with raving reviews in the market. Its features and performances have matched with some of the best options available in the market today.
  • The car has sold more than 1lakh models within simply three years of the launch o the model. This has set new records for sales in the Indian market.
  • There is an approximate estimate of 200 units of sale per month of this SUV model.
  • The facelift version is now being released and bookings for the new model have begun already in good stead.
  • The deliveries are meant to be made immediately as well.
  • The model will be rivaling some of the best models in the market. In fact its features are unparalleled in the market at the movement.
  • There has been a certain marginal escalation of prices for this particular model with this increased reception and widespread popularity.
  • There will be nine models for release this year. However, there will be only three models that will be remodeled and released among them.


  • The price for the new model of XUV500 of 2015 has been released at a starting of 11.21lakhs.
  • The new model with the improved price range also promises to meet the competition in the Indian market pretty well.
  • A large number of remodeling has been made to the style as well as the technology.

·         The car packs in dynamic performance with great styling, comfort, safety and the newest and most efficient technology at an unparalleled and affordable price for the Indian market. Hence, it is bound to become very popular like the previous models in this line. Most of the public are waiting with bated breath for its release to experience the luxury and comfort it can provide. For more information one needs to wait for its release

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