Ways to Increase sperm count and Fertility

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There are many couples in the world who finding it difficult to have children due to less sperm count of their husbands. Ideally a male person should be able to produce at least 40 million sperms per ejaculation for the woman to get pregnant. Married couples should always take a fertility test in order to detect their fertility. The sperm analysis is a simple method and is conducted in many centers. Reduction in sperms temporarily can be caused due to various reasons. If a person cycles heavily regularly, or exposes himself to excessive heat, wears ill fitted under wears, then a problem might occur in his sperm count. The reduction in sperm level can lead to great frustration and stress of the person. It can even hamper a person’s married life. Six percent of men in the world, between the ages of 15-50 face this problem. However, it is possible to increase the sperm count by small changes in the life style of the person. This helps to boost his mental morale and does make him feel like a loser. Some important ways to boost your sperm level are here:

· Increase the level of vitamin intake and add folic acid to your diet.

· You must stop smoking if you are a chain smoker. Smoking directly affects your sperm count.

· Avoid over heating your scrotum. Do not wear tight clothes, jeans or underwear that will heat up your scrotum. This affects sperm count.

· Do not put yourself under excess stress. Lead a happy and relaxed lifestyle. Listen to music or go out for a change every time you stress out. Try to add yoga to your daily schedule.

· In order to stop the impairing of sperms exercise regularly. Lead a healthy life.

· Lastly, check your weight and never use drugs. After all, you do not want to feel impotent! So sleep well at night and have a good sexual life.

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