Advantages of eating Jaggery

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It is a surprising fact for many people that sugar is originally a product of China. It came to India in the late 80’s. Hence, in India, Sugar is called chini, which actually means a native of China. So the question that comes to our minds is how did people sweeten food before the introduction of sugar in the market? The answer to this question is Jaggery. Commonly known as ‘Gur’, jaggery has been a traditional counterpart of sugar for the Indian market. It is made out of date or sugarcane juice. The texture of jiggery is quite rough and it takes lots of time to get dissolved. However, Jaggery has numerous healthy benefits that is not seen in sugar.

Some of the healthy benefits of Jaggery that is better than sugar are listed below:

1. Since Jaggery is made of juice of sugarcane, it helps to cool the digestive system. Drinking the water in which Jaggery has been soaked keeps our stomach cool. It the rural areas of India, people use this method to keep the body and stomach cool.

2. Jiggery is very rich in selenium that helps us to relax. The complex sugar molecules present in it helps to relax our nerves. People often have Jaggery with Roti or chapatti for dinner to have a very good sleep.

3. Jaggery has much less amount of calories than sugar. Sugar is a typical glucose form that comes to us. Jaggery is tough and also takes time to digest. Hence, it is healthier form of carbohydrate that is available in the market.

4. Jaggery is very rich in iron content as well. It is very good for women. Women who suffer from anemia must have jaggery regularly to reduce the disease.

5. The antioxidants that are found in Jaggery help to fight against cancer. It helps in cleaning our systems and helps to reduce ageing problems.

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