Air pollution as a cause of kids’ ear infection

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A recent research says that babies and toddlers who live in areas with reasonable air pollution have a higher risk of middle-ear infection than those inhaling clean air.

The middle-ear infection is commonly called as otitis media which is a very common problem with the young children, who all are below 2 years of age. This is a typical infection caused in kids commonly provoked after the child has suffered from cough and cold, sore throat or other upper-respiratory tract illness. Previous analysis has suggested that air quality plays a pivotal role in provoking such problems in young children. They are vulnerable to middle-ear infections, which are mostly caused by the exposure to second-hand smoke, for instance, have been linked to a higher risk. Researchers tracked doctor visits for middle-ear infections among 45,513 Canadian children followed from birth until age 2 years. All the children lived in an area of British Columbia with relatively good air quality. The researchers used data from government air-quality monitors to estimate each child’s exposure to air pollutants, based on the family’s home address. They then looked at the relationship between the children’s ear infections and their air-pollution exposure in the two months prior to the infection.

Two other pollutants were also linked to moderately increased risks: particulate matter – the fine particles emitted via car exhaust, as well as power plants and other industrial sources – and smoke from wood burning. Children breathing the highest levels of wood smoke were 32 percent more likely to have doctor visits for middle-ear infections than those breathing the least. No other individual pollutants were linked to children’s risk of infection.

Thus the above discussion clarifies that young child with not properly developed immunity system falls prey to such air pollution and suffer immensely. Thus along with rapid industrialization people must think of public health.

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