AMD Radeon 7970 GHz Edition -details and features

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A video card is also called a graphic card to display the images on various formats like 3D and 2D designs. In that case, the introduction of Radeon HD 7970 video card has created a new era in the upgradation of graphics designs to develop video games. Radeon HD 7970 was released 6 months ago.

The new Radeon HD 7970 graphic video card has been formatted on GCN architectural platform. It is much cheaper than other video cards which have been launched so far. However, if you do a short comparison study taking two video cads such as GeForce GTX 680 and Radeon HD 7970 editions. You will be able to feel the difference in the long run. Radeon HD 7970 is the fastest graphics card which maintains high speed to transfer images for displaying on the video screen.

There is another significant difference lying between two master graphic cards. After researches and investigations, the management of AMD has confirmed the superiority of Radeon HD 7900 video card comparing to GeForce GTX 680 edition. According to experts, the overall capability and potentiality of AMD’s new edition to activate Tahiti GPU devices has made a lot of space to keep Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 680 100 miles away from AMD’s new version. This is one of the most understandable reasons of the acceleration of the price range of Radeon HD GHz 7900 to overtake Nvidia’s 680 edition.

There is another plus point in favor of AMD. The usage of Zero core mechanism to update the graphic card/ Radeon HD 7970 version saves energy and money. The power consumption rate is very low and negligible. It consumes power less comparing to 680 model. Zero core technology can give you a wonderful chance to save 100 watts power. This type of facility is not available in the GTX 680 edition.

The strength of stream processor in 7970 is around 2048 whereas GTX 680 has 1536. Graphics clock is much speedier and performance based. A comparison chart shows that in AMD’s video card, the graphics clock rates at 1000 MHz Base / 1050 MHz. On the other hand, 1006 MHz is available in GTX680 graphics card.

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