Astrologer blame that falling of Indian rupee due to its symbol

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Indian economy is in jeopardy and the Government has come under fire for the mercurial rise in prices. According to a Vaastu expert from Guwahati, the problem lies in the symbol of the Rupee. This Vaastu consultant, Mr Rajkumar Jhanjhari, says that the lower horizontal line in the symbol is at the root of all the trouble. “This line has slit the throat of the rupee and the result is showing in the country’s economy”, claims he. This 50-year old “expert” also supplied that the problem could be remedied by removing this horizontal line. He said he had pointed out this problem and its remedy in writing to the Prime Minister in December of last year. In his letter (which he also sent to the Finance Minister and the governor of the RBI), he explained how the symbol which is non-compliant with Vaastu rules is the major factor in the devaluation of the Indian rupee against the likes of the Dollar. He said that the world-wide recession was overridden by India in 2009 because back then, a different symbol was in use. This new symbol, designed by Dharmalingam Udaya Kumar, Assistant Professor of Design at IIT Guwahati, was implemented by the Govt. in 2010. When contacted about this matter, Kumar said that he had nothing to say about this and it was all up to the Government.

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