New Diesel engine for latest 2014 Range Rover model

The latest model of the Range Rover that has been recently released will be having a powerful 3 liter diesel engine from TDV6. The model with the new type of engine will be available very soon in the Indian market. The announcement about the incorporation of this new efficient engine unit in the model was made some time earlier in this year. The new diesel engine will be giving an output of 254 PS. This will be accompanied by an automatic transmission engine of eight-speed that will be enabling the car to produce an emission of 196 gm for every kilometer. This proves to be much better than the other engine options that are available with the car. The car will also be having an excellent fuel economy, about 33.2 mpg in urban, 40.4 mpg in extra urban and a combined of 37.7 mpg.

Such a kind of power train will be available only for the Indian market and is going to be offered for the first time by the company. With the TDV6 diesel engine of 3 liter having an output of 258 PS, this model is going to give effortless driving performance to the owners. The engine of the model is going to be controlled by the gearbox that has been attached to it. The engineers of the company have incorporated the best features into the model that enables an excellent responsive character coming from the car. It also gives smooth shifting capability to the model. Moreover, its excellent fuel economy is going to attract loads of customers.

The cars by the company have already been received very well in the Indian. The incorporation of this new diesel engine is going to broaden the appeal of the model to a great extent. It is going to be available in two different levels, the HSE and the Vogue.

2013 Volkswagen Polo GTD to be Launched in India

There is a piece of good news for all car enthusiasts. The most ‘balanced’ car is now here in town. Not only balanced, this car is quite prudent in its functions as well. Volkswagen has decided to introduce the new model, Volkswagen Polo. This extraordinarily good model is going to be launched in India early in the year 2013.

This new power car is going to be given a great and powerful 1.6 l diesel engine by Vento. This model will be clearly different from other models of Polo as the entire styling of the car has been altered. The new car is stylized with a wider body, tyres having low profiles and other brilliant sporty additions.

This new car has great performance capability as well. This model has weight that is 90 kg less than the Vento Model. However, the power of the car is going to be much more. This is because of the 1.6 l diesel engine attached to it. This will make the car extremely good and much better in performance than the previous models.

Earlier this car was launched having a petrol driven engine. However, that model failed to gain the attraction of many buyers. Hence, this car with diesel engine has been introduced.

2013 Honda Amaze Diesel Launched in Thailand

The official photographs of the latest model Honda Amaze Diesel has finally been revealed. This new model was originally named as Honda Brio Sedan. However, the company has decided to give it a more original name, consisting of five alphabets. Thus, the name “Amaze’ was given to it.

This car will be officially launched in Thailand. The car like all the previous models of the company has been given extensive features. The code name of the car is Honda 2 TP. This car is expected to be another success in the market. This can be due to two reasons. One, excise benefits are charged in India for cars which measure up to 4 meters. This car is measured less than that. Two, diesel engine is required for the car to perform. This car has been given the smallest engine run on Diesel. This is extremely good for the Indian market. Hence it is expected to sell pretty well in the Indian and Thailand market.

This car has been incorporated with a 1.5 liter diesel engine by Earth Dreams. It also includes fewer cylinders. The car has a nice design. The car has been given a boot which makes it look adorable. The exterior of the car has been given a dark blue glossy design.

The interior too comes with a great style and comfortable seats. The best feature of the car is the light weight engine that is helping to power up the car. The car, in spite of its light weight engine, gives excellent mileage (around 24 km/l) and gives awesome driving experience.

The car has already been launched in Thailand on 23rd November this year. However, India will see its launch in 2013, sometime in April. Although for the Indian market Amaze is giving Diesel run engine, for the Thailand market it is offering engines run on petrol.

Samsung 8 Core Processor ready for 2013 launch

There is a buzz that Samsung is planning to launch it 8 core processor at the International Solid State Circuit Conference in the coming year. This processor combines high power Cortex A-5 cores along with Cortex A-7 cores. Both these combined together make it extremely powerful. This set of chip is the first to use the big.Little technology.

This chipset will probably be released by a particular Korean Company. It can switch between the high power clusters and the low power clusters according to the load which will be applied. This will enable efficient use of the mobile and a good life of the battery. This core will give very high speed performances making the mobile extremely fast.

This chipset will also enable very fast connection. Thus the core clusters will become very useful when a person wants to make fast connections through the internet or Bluetooth.

The two types of cores will give two different performance speed. This is the reason why the processor will make the cell phones fast. It will depend on the type of function the mobile will be performing at a particular point of time. This will be used in Tablets first, like the new Samsung Galaxy S IV.

2013 Honda CB150R Streetfire bike details

The Indonesian Affiliate of Honda, the Astra Honda Motor, has finally unveiled the new model, CB150R Streetfire. This was done in a motorcycle show called Jakarta. Until now, the new model was available only in Indonesia and its citizens. It came to them as the new version of the CBR 250 R. The new model is very similar to what the older version was. Almost similar looking, they have the same potential and caliber.

The new model is powered by an engine having 150 cc liquid cooled. This engine is so powerful that it gives a great output, which is around 17.6 hp at 10,500 rotations per minute. The two models are very much similar as the older version gave close to the same output.

The older version, The CBR 150 R, has a pretty large fairing, the new model, flaunts its power driven engine and a gallant frame quite extravagantly. Both the models have the same suspension, both having suspensions that are linked to the rear and they have telescopic fork.

These models are however not to be seen in North America. This model has been exclusively designed for the market in Asia. People in the United States are extremely happy with the CBR250R model, and hence will not be accepting anything which is lesser than that.

After this successful revelation of the model, Honda will be unveiling many more models in the recent years. There are many upcoming shows and fairs where the company is planning to unveil many of their upcoming designs. As the time goes, each model is getting up gradation than the previous. The newer ranges have far more better quality and this is how the company is pricing each model.

Thus, with the new model in pocket, the company is going to soar the market very soon

Tata Aria Crossover going to Re-Launch in 2013

Tata Aria had been unveiled first in January 2010. It was done in a festival called Auto Expo which is held in Delhi every year. Later it was introduced to the customers in the month of October. Although the company had very high hopes for the car, thinking it to be pretty successful, and the new car however did not manage to please the customers. There were various features that did not appeal to the masses. The price was of the car was also very high and hence, people did not buy it much.

In order to make up for the losses Tata thought of re-working on the model. The brought out a newer model, a modified version of the original Aria, but this too failed in the market and sold very less. However, latest news tells us that, Tata has not yet lost all hopes on the model, and is planning a re-launch of the model in 2013. The Tata Company has taken up this matter very seriously, and has been thinking of making many important changes in the upcoming model. Most probably, the company is going to improvise upon the quality of the model and is also going to introduce a new price of the car.

SUVs are extremely in demand in the recent market. However, this car is among those few which have attracted the least number of customers over the past few years. Another important reason which led to the failure of this car is the launching of Innova. Innova is the mark of spaciousness, and the new car of Tata was compared with Innova many a times. This car is more expensive than the former. However, Tata is that company whose service is known worldwide. Hence, everybody continues to have great hopes for it whatsoever.

Next-Gen SSDNow V Series Announced by Kingston

Kingston digital has announced the arrival of its latest solid state drive model. It is the SSDNow V series. This drive is not only powerful, but also cost effective. This new drive is for all those who look for cheaper yet good working drives. This drive is the best way to upgrade a person’s existing desktops or notebook.

This drive is much faster than the older drives. This drive has been powered by the Flash Storage Processor by SandForce. This is exclusively modeled for Kingston. Thus, Kingston Company has merged the best quality with great affordability. This is a great option for people who are doing an upgrade for the first time or using an SSD for the first time.

Over the years Kingston has proved to be the giver of the greatest accessories. They have given each customer the best performances. With the new drive, Kingston hopes to reach newer levels of success. This SSD is available in two forms. Either a person can buy the standalone version of the drive or he can buy it as a complete packaged system. The package has a cloning- software and many other accessories. This comes with a warranty of three years.

New BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe Launched at Rs. 86.4 Lacs

BMW has launched the all new 6- Series Gran coupe at a whopping price of Rs. 86.4 Lacs. The car was launched at a showroom located in Delhi, yesterday. This model is the latest BMW model that has been launched in this year.

The car has been facing many rivals just after its launch. These are the all time Audi and Mercedes-Benz. This new model is the updated version of the old Gran Coupe model. The exterior of the car has been made bigger and more stylish so that it is even better to look at. The car has a greater appeal than its previous version. The car has been made bigger by extending the wheel base. This makes it larger than the 5-Series Gran Coupe model.

The car has also been upgraded from 2 doors to a ravishing four doors. The design is made subtle and very stylish. The power system of the car has also been upgraded so that it is a great experience to drive the model. You can drive it smoothly at 100 km/hour, without any feeling of vibrations in the engine.

Thus, BMW will see yet another success with this new model in its bag, keeping customers satisfied as always.

2013 Renault Fluence details

The outgoing edition of the all-new Renault Fluence was unveiled some time back but due to the pricing and the want of features, were let-downs.

Despite, the efforts on the part of the carmaker, to promote it in the Indian market and get some sales, the vehicle has not been able to stir up enough sales like the other brands selling sedans.

The approved images of Fluence have finally been released on the internet. The latest offering Renault Fluence 2013 will be displayed at the Istanbul Motor Show 2012.

The latest design and the technologies of the vehicle are styled to cater to the needs of the customers as much as possible.

The Project Marketing Manager, Hyun-Young Kwak of Renault Fluence said “The changes featured on New Renault Fluence are perfectly in phase with the needs of our key international markets, like Turkey and Russia.”

The grille of the car is absolutely new and incorporates the latest design that has been adopted by the company and that, which will be followed by all the Renault models in the future. There are LED lights meant for daytime use and glossy chrome black coloured inserts that have been placed to enhance the appeal of Renault.

The interior of this car has been updates with latest fabric and has been given a contemporary look. The variants of this model feature digitalised instrumentation and have been fitted with an audio system.

Other features include rear and front parking sensors, hands free phone controls, and parking brake which is automatic.

The high-end variety of this car features the ‘R-Link touchscreen multimedia system’ which comprises of a navigation system, Bluetooth telephony, and an audio system along with USB connectivity.

The car is fitted with a 1.6 litre gasoline engine which churns out a maximum power of 115 BHP and can be linked an ‘X-Tronic CVT’ automatic gearbox. It also comes with a dCi diesel engine option.

Fujifilm India launches FinePix HS30EXR camera

The Japanese multinational photography and imaging company has its base in Japan. The company mainly deals with production, manufacturing, development, servicing and sales of almost every element needed in photography namely digital cameras, photofinishing chemicals, photofinishing equipment, color paper medical imaging equipment, color photographic film, graphic arts equipment and materials, photocopiers optical devices printers.

The Company’s branch in India that is Fujifilm India has launched the most awaited camera today. Yes, the FinePix HS30EXR camera is now out in the Indian market. At just Rs. 26, 999, this model is the latest among the best and the market leading bridge cameras offering both high zoom and super macro mode.

Mr. Rohit Pandit, the EVP – Sales & Marketing of FUJIFILM India said that this range is sure to be desired by the photographers who don’t want the lens changing capability of a DSLR, but still wish to have a total control of their image.

The Camera comes with some functionality like,

Image Stabilization (CMOS Shift + High ISO), High Resolution Electronic Viewfinder, Raw + JPEG shooting mode, ISO 12800, Continuous shooting at 8fps in 16 Megapixel and 11 fps in 8 Megapixel, High Speed Movie Recording at 320 fps, Easy web uploading of pictures on Facebook and YouTube, 1 cm Super Macro Mode, 30x Fujinon Optical Zoom lenses with a focal range of 24-720mm and 16 mega-pixel EXR CMOS sensor.

So, get your hold on one of these and see the photographer in you brighten up.

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