Bangkok Summer Malayalam movie review – Stuffed with Adventure, Love and Brotherhood

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Bangkok Summer has been directed by Pramod-Pappan who has strained his every nerve to make the film a success. This is the movie which is packed with adventure, thrill and romance. Though few movie critics have taken exception to the presentation of characters in the movie, overall success rate is quite appreciable. In this movie, new faces have been shown. The appearances of Jayakrishnan, Rahul and Richa Panai in this movie are a matter of enticement as they are all newcomers.

The theme of the movie is based on money, love and humiliation. The director has tried his best to punch the spices of thrills and revenge in the movie.

The synopsis of the movie is as follows. Shrihari reached Bangkok for finding Madhavan who is believed to be his brother. Shrihari had to bear terrific pain and obstructions in life while spotting his brother. His life seemed to be hell. However, in between movie has got new turn with the arrival of Ganga who is a cute lady. She loves Madhavan and the story has reached the climax. The background music is excellent. Richa Panai is the heroine in this new movie. Her physical charisma will surely entice movie lovers.

The director has told reporters that after vast research he has decided to direct the movie to gain success. According to the director, he has tried to present two worlds to people for making a comparison study. Madhavan has been somehow misguided and entrapped into the hands of criminals. They struggled a lot for survival.

The music composer, director, choreographer, visual mixer and producer have made wonderful job to heighten the quality of the movie. They have claimed that this movie will mainly attract the teens who want max thrills and love. The fantastic sightseeing, sweet lyrics and excellent soundtrack are added advantages to make the film more glamorous.

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