Benefits of having a Love Marriage

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People have discussed extensively so far about the value of marriage in human life. Frankly speaking, marriage is the legal contract or a bond between a matured man and a woman who swear to stay together under a one roof. They will glorify their family traditions by giving rise to healthy children.

Now, with times changing, the pattern of the marriage is being modified. It is obvious that wedding ceremony is not only a wonderful incident but also it must be required to keep the human chain intact. Now, there are two types of wedding such as arranged and love marriages. You will have to check whether love marriage is more beneficial and healthy to keep the conjugal life vibrant and flexible in future.

After doing an extensive survey, experts have concluded that comparing to arranged wedding; the love marriage is more beneficial. Basically, time is changing and personal relationship is also being modified. To be frank, in the case of love marriage, the couple gets enough scope for discussion and liberty to select partners. In the conventional social framework, arranged marriage is a custom. Parents choose life partners for their sons and daughters. Their decision is given the utmost priority. Now, it is seen that modern society is trying to rescue children from such motherly fixation. Today, a matured boy and a girl must think independently to select his or her soul mate. A lady has the freedom to handpick the best life partner who is reliable, honest and responsible. Marriage is not a game. Nor is it a gambling. Therefore, if the couple wants to lead peaceful life, both of them must be friendly with sacrificial mind. On the contrary, in the matter of arranged marriage, there is the little possibility to know clearly about the stranger who is selected by guardians of the family. Therefore, love marriage is really more charming and exciting. You must be duty bound to take care of your sweetheart. Love is the essence of marriage and one should value the importance of romance.

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