Bose Video Wave II HDTV: features revealed

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The brand named Bose has revealed their all new product in India. It is a HDTV named as Video Wave II, which is featured by surround sound system. Six devices can be connected to this HDTV, like gaming console, PC, satellite box, DVD player, etc. The device comes in two screen sizes 46″ and 56″; both of them support Full HD (1080p) feature. The news states that the features in the remote control system and the on-screen interface will make users more attractive. Just like other TV’s remote control system, it doesn’t use IR rays for transmitting signal. Rather than that it uses RF remotes so that we can avoid the line-of-sight system. So this remote works through walls and there is no need to use the remote by showing it straight to the TV. The Video Wave II gives an excellent output in its sound since it uses a set of six woofers that is placed behind the TV. The sound doesn’t get distorted even if it is played at its maximum volume. Latest technologies of Bose are used in this TV. A new technology called ADAPTiQ is used in this. It facilitates the device to distribute all sound channels properly by adjusting the things in the room. The devices like iPod, iPad can be docked with the HDTV so that users can entertain with that. The Video Wave II HDTV is priced at Rs.4,20,000.

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