Breathalyzer to Detect Presence of Alcohol in the Bloodstream

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In America about 30% street accidents happen due to driving under influence or DUI. For this reason, American authority has prioritized the introduction of alcohol testing programs to check the street accidents. Those who are addicted to country liquor must not take the risks of driving cars in the streets when they are in an inebriated condition. However, in past, there was not a specific scientific method to test the level of alcohol in the blood within couple of seconds. The traditional blood test takes sometime to detect the availability of alcohol in the blood of the suspect. It is not possible for traffic police personnel to charge someone on the spot due to negative outcome after testing the sample of blood which shows the presence of high percentage of alcohol in the blood stream. Therefore, scientists have invented sophisticated breathalyzers to bring the perfection and speed to the detection of alcohol in the blood. This device is very much user-friendly to people who like to know about the degree of inebriation to prevent the further loss. Now, you need to collect information about the efficacy of a breathalyzer and to what extent it comes handy to a person to track the level of alcohol in one’s blood.

To speak the truth, alcohol is a volatile substance which has the general tendency to fly in the air via an evaporation process. This type of chemical component doesn’t mix with blood. It is collected and absorbed from mouth and stomach where wine gets deposited. When blood travels through the lungs, alcohol also passes through the small alveoli pouches. Now, the amount of alcohol laden air in the alveoli is equal to the level of alcohol being present in blood. When a doctor tries to collect the sample of alcohol in the breath, he measures the level of this chemical component by using the breathalyzer. However there are other two devices which work excellently to spot an alcoholic drive through the medical trials. Alcosenser II and intoxilyzer have been tuned up scientifically to ensure the perfect testing to keep the track of alcohol in the blood.

You will have to admit that breathalyzer is a convenient device to measure the level of alcohol in blood. An expert can tell you all about the efficacy of a breathalyzer. He will calculate properly whether the suspect has crossed the permissible limit of consuming alcohol. If the allowable limit of alcohol consumption is 0.05, a person must try to keep the level of alcohol under 0.05. Excess percentage of alcohol is detected with a breathalyzer which always provides the perfect data in relation to the presence of alcohol.

A breathalyzer is equipped with two small vials which contain chemical mixture to test the reaction of alcohol which is present in the odor coming out from the mouth. It has also a workable attachment to collect the fresh breath of a person. A meter is attached to the system to track the sea-change in the color of the sample chemical mixture.

The alcohol testing procedure is simple and less complicated. At first, a car driver is required to exhale the air into the funnel shaped breathalyzer. There are two small vials in pair for the chemical reactions. The collected odor runs down the vials forming small bubbles in the containers. Out of two vials, one vessel is filled up with sulfuric acid, silver nitrate, water, and potassium dichromate substances to ensure excellent reaction to track the color change of the chemicals. More innovative experiments and a proper investigation are needed to record the percentage of alcohol in the bloodstream. During the chemical reaction, reddish orange ions change its color taking the shape of green colored chromium ions. That determines the smooth color changes through the steady reaction. Now experts do a comparison study by observing another vial which doesn’t react. Electricity is applied to activate the meter which has a small index needle. It moves clockwise to measure the specific percentage of alcohol in the blood. It takes few minutes to provide the results about the alcohol testing. The breathalyzer is in high demand in the US market. It has brought a technical revolution in the healthcare industry.

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