BSNL Penta Tpad tablet WS802C features and price

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BSNL has already made its presence in the tablet market of India. It has teamed up with Pantel Technologies so as to bring out three cost friendly tablets namely, Penta IS701R, Penta Tpad WS802C and Penta Tpad WS704C. So we have a close look on the most expensive among all these, which is the Penta Tpad WS802C. Penta Tpad WS802C is quite impressive look wise with a capacitive screen of 8” having instinctive touch control. The screen supports 800×600 pixels of resolution which is undoubtedly the brightest among low cost tablets ever seen. As it is featured with an Aldiko book reader, reading ebooks would prove to be a pleasurable experience.

The Penta Tpad WS802C is simple and decent in its look with a milky white coloured outfit. It has a plastic surface with a better finish and looks ordinary. All the ports, USB, reset button, 3.5 mm jack, OTG and charging point are all at the lower part of it, the volume rocker, on and off button, SD card slot are on the lower right side while the SIM slot is in the left. Two speakers are on the top of the back side and the front camera with four capacitive buttons below the display. The lithium polymer battery of 3000mAh can run for a day with full recharge if the tablet is used properly. It has a SIM slot, so one can opt for the SIM of any operator for surfing the net and calling. BSNL has an offer of additional benefits with the tablet if it is purchased with Rs 13,500. Without this offer, Pantel is selling it at Rs 14,500.

With all the positives, it also has some drawbacks. It is slippery and has a slow processor. Apart from these, the other drawback is the bug in the keypad which does not allow one to type properly.

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