Can you extend the battery life of your Android set when its basically very low?

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You feel disappointed when your phone suddenly runs out of battery charge and you can’t contact anyone. Don’t’ be sad, to avoid such an unexpected situation to arrive you may take a little more care about your phone before living home. Just follow some simple tips and your phone work for long hours

How to stretch the phone battery?

  • Just when you see that you are left with only 10% of the battery power, start conserving power immediately. Just power down your phone and periodically switch it on for checking messages and emails. Turn of as many power eating services you can, such as stop, Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G and VoIP services such as Skype. Turn off as many as you can.
  • Some power eating applications can also be running in the background and it might be not in your knowledge. Touch all the running applications you don’t need running. Many are auto-update apps such as Facebook, email, Twitter, RSS readers and instant messengers.
  • Large touch screens also eat up lot of power for performing. Reduce the brightness of the screen as much as you can, reduce it to dim and this will help in power consumption.
  • And when you are using an Android phone and you will have to use your phone as a modem, just do it by tethering it to the laptop with the USB cable. It still uses a fair share of battery but considerably less than the hotspot.

Condition Your Battery for Longer Life

Use rechargeable batteries as they can last long. One of the best ways to do this is to reduce the battery once every month. Do this by using the phone heavily. Leave loads of apps running and even leave the media player on along with the GPS and 3G. This heavy usage will condition your battery for heavy use.

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