2015 Mahindra XUV 500 new model : Features and details

The XUV500 model released by Mahindra earlier has been modified with some very important technological changes to make it the very best in the market so far. New chrome has been added along with other features and some new topping. There has been huge speculation with months of teasers and photographs being released until finally the model was released to the public of late.


Exterior Styling

  • A few changes, both major and minor have been made to the exterior of the car. The overall shape and silhouette of the previous model has been retained in the new version.
  • It has a contoured bonnet that has been completely renewed.
  • The front fascia is completely designed.
  • There are a completely new features attached to the cabin. The entire model has been made much more comfortable than before.

Interior Styling

  • The layout for the dashboard has been completely unchanged. However, there is a completely whole new set of features with updated technology available.
  • The W8 trim has all its existing features.
  • It has a seven inch infotainment system. It has a touch screen feature. It is very important to stay entertained during long journeys. The system also has a GPS navigation system.
  • It also boasts of a camera in the reverse with zoom function.
  • The driver’s seat has also a six way adjustable option.
  • Other features include an electric sunroof, a push button start, a keyless entry and a side window for the driver seat with an express option for up and down.
  • The entire cabin has been made up in black and also with beige upholstery. It is very comfortable. Also the space has been expanded completely.
  • The new facelift version of the model has a voice messaging system. It opens when the door is open. Also it offers information is when the handbrake is engaged and when the seat belt is not worn.
  • The logo projection lamps also project the XUV500 letters when opened.
  • The blue sense application from Mahindra is also available for free.
  • There is a completely icy blue lighting for mood. It extends up to the cluster of instruments.
  • Overall the new interiors do much for long journeys. The interior also offers a lot of comfort for drivers and users. It provides a very dynamic performance.

Engine features

  • The car is powered by a 2.2 liter mHawk engine that is run by diesel.
  • The engine produces 140 BHP of power and a 330 Nm of torque.
  • It has a gearbox that provides manual power and has six speeds.
  • There is an all wheel drive for the higher variants available.
  • There is a front wheel drive setup on the lower variants.
  • There is a drive train ratio that is enhanced and improved. Hence it has a better drivability. It also has a very good suspension setup. It gives a quality of ride that is much better than the previous older model.
  • It has a number of safety features as well. It also has a roll over mitigation system.

Fuel Efficiency

  • The fuel efficiency system has been improved to a great degree.
  • It has a certificate figure of around 16 km/l.
  • It has a very good regeneration system for the brake and the energy.
  • It also has a very good drive train ratio.

Figures of sale

  • This new model has been received with raving reviews in the market. Its features and performances have matched with some of the best options available in the market today.
  • The car has sold more than 1lakh models within simply three years of the launch o the model. This has set new records for sales in the Indian market.
  • There is an approximate estimate of 200 units of sale per month of this SUV model.
  • The facelift version is now being released and bookings for the new model have begun already in good stead.
  • The deliveries are meant to be made immediately as well.
  • The model will be rivaling some of the best models in the market. In fact its features are unparalleled in the market at the movement.
  • There has been a certain marginal escalation of prices for this particular model with this increased reception and widespread popularity.
  • There will be nine models for release this year. However, there will be only three models that will be remodeled and released among them.


  • The price for the new model of XUV500 of 2015 has been released at a starting of 11.21lakhs.
  • The new model with the improved price range also promises to meet the competition in the Indian market pretty well.
  • A large number of remodeling has been made to the style as well as the technology.

·         The car packs in dynamic performance with great styling, comfort, safety and the newest and most efficient technology at an unparalleled and affordable price for the Indian market. Hence, it is bound to become very popular like the previous models in this line. Most of the public are waiting with bated breath for its release to experience the luxury and comfort it can provide. For more information one needs to wait for its release

2015 Hyundai 4S Fluidic Verna Indian Version features and details

The2015 Hyundai Verna 4S Fluidic had launched in the Indian market on 18th February. This latest model by Hyundai is based on Solaris and therefore the new Verna shall have cosmetic changes when compared with the last model. The front of the car has undergone a significant modification. The upcoming Verna is known as Solaris in the Russian markets and is called Accent in other countries.

The same 1.4- and 1.6-liter engines continue to power the car. But they have been made more powerful now. Thanks to this update, the Verna 4S is mightier than its rivals- Maruti Ciaz, Honda City and Skoda Rapid. The car makers offer five variants for each petrol and diesel. Talking about petrol versions, the manual variants are 1.4 VTVT 1396 cc, 1.6 VTVTS 1591 cc, 1.6 VTVT S OPTION 1591 cc and 1.6 SX VTVT 1591 cc. The automatic one is 1.6 VTVT AT S OPTION 1591 cc. The price for petrol variants ranges from Rs 7.73 lakh to Rs 10.11 lakh. Maruti Ciaz petrol variants are priced between Rs 7.20 lakh to Rs 9.10 lakh. The prices for Honda City and Skoda Rapid are Rs 7.50-11.43 lakh and Rs 7.24-9.85 lakh respectively.

In 4S Verna, the manual versions in the diesel engines are 1.4 CRDI 1396 cc, 1.6 CRDI S 1582 cc, 1.6 CRDI S OPTION 1582 cc, and 1.6 CRDI SX 1582 CC. The automatic variant is 1.6 CRDI AT SX 1582 cc. The price of diesel variants falls in the range Rs 8.85 lakh to Rs 12.19 lakh. Whereas price range for Maruti Ciaz is Rs 8.30-10.37 lakh. Diesel variants of Honda City can be had in the range Rs 8.75-11.54 lakh. While the figures for Skoda Rapid are Rs 8.41-11.00 lakh.

Verna 4S petrol versions gives 107 PS at 6,300 rpm, whereas Maruti Ciaz delivers 92.5 PS at 6000 rpm. The figure for Honda City and Skoda Rapid make these models a strong contender for 4S. City delivers 119 PS at 6,600 rpm and Rapid churns out 105 PS at 2,520 rpm. Ciaz is behind Verna in terms of diesel variants too. Verna gives 90 PS at 4,000 rpm and 128 PS at the same. The figures for Ciaz are 90 PS at 4,000 rpm. City and Skoda generate 100 PS and 105 PS at 3,600 rpm and 4,400 rpm respectively.

In the name of the car, the four S are for – style, speed, safety and sophistication. The modifications in the front have given a very different look to the car. Looking at this latest facelift by Hyundai, one can infer that Verna has ended up getting a bland look. The company has made the car far too simple looking now. They have done away with the attractive hexagonal grille. It has been replaced by twin-slat unit that is not as appealing as the hexagonal grille. This new unit is small and does not add much to the looks of the front fascia. The car makers have sharpened the features of the standard projector headlamps. In the last update to Verna, Hyundai had incorporated daytime running LEDs. But this feature has been dropped for this latest facelift. A boomerang pattern has been chosen for the fog lamps. The company has made the air intakes larger.

The fender is a bit different now and the rest of the side profile is exactly same as that of the outgoing model. Therefore, there is no change in the wheelbase. Also present is the same roofline – that is coupe-like. The top models retain 16-inch wheels with diamond-cut design. Coming to the rear, there has been a small update. A new cluster having the effect of LED is seen in the tail lamps. Newly designed reflectors can be seen in the bumper. The exhausts have been concealed. This feature is unattractive when compared with the last Verna that had dual-tip exhausts.

No changes have been brought about in the cabin. The car comes with the very same features of its predecessor and Hyundai is making it boring now. Though they claim that better materials have been used, but the materials are just different – not better. The design of the interior looks old, but the company has worked on comfort. They offer ergo lever that is a co-driver seat adjuster. The rear passengers can access it so as to have more of legroom. This feature comes in handy if the car is driven by a chauffeur and the passengers need more of knee-room. The cabin space is still the same and is not best in the segment, but it is good. The boot space is 490 liter and the fuel tank capacity is 43 liter.

The dynamics have been tweaked. The steering is more responsive at low speeds. It needs less effort by the driver. But, it feels more weighty when compared to the car’s predecessor and the feedback is not impressive. There might be downsides, but Hyundai has succeeded in enhancing the overall ride quality. They have changed the spring rate. A bump stopper along with etching is present to keep the noise at bay. Verna gets EBD and ABS as the standard features across the range. The top variants will still be having six airbags. To add to the comfort, Hyundai has added rain sensing wipers and auto head lamps too. Yet another novel feature is a new stereo that offers storage of 1 GB.

Kawasaki Versys 1000 Bike in India at 12.90 Lakh

Another one of Kawasakis’ bikes is out to set the roads ablaze with its dashing looks and flawless performance. Kawasaki has launched Versys 1000 in the Indian market. The Pune ex-showroom price is a whopping Rs 12.90 lakh. The company had started dispatching of the vehicle in 2014 itself, to select dealerships throughout India. But the official announcement was made on the occasion of the company’s inauguration of their new showroom located in Kolkata.

This new launch possesses the same 1,043cc engine. The powerful engine generates 120 bhp of power  and 102 Nm torque. The power is channeled to the wheels through a six-speed gearbox. The liquid-cooled powertrain has three-mode KTRC traction control system. Also present are full and low engine maps. The bike gets a new chassis that is sturdier in the rear section so as to house larger panniers. Although the 17 inch wheels make the bike all the more impressive, these might be unsuitable for extreme off-roading.

The brand new streamlined fairing on the bike imparts a sharper and leaner look to it. The vertically stacked twin-headlamp has been replaced by conventional twin-headlamp unit. Another feature that enhances the bike’s touring capabilities is the new fairing that makes its looks somewhat same as its predecessors.

The Deputy Managing Director of India Kawasaki Motors Mr. Shigeto Nishikawa spoke at the event. After superbikes like Z800, Ninja ZX-14R, Ninja1000, ZX-10R and Z1000, the company has finally launched Versys1000. He explained that the company collected valuable feedback from the customers. They absorbed this knowledge that enabled the company to put utmost effort and raise themselves even higher in the eyes of customers. Also, a special price for Z800 is being offered till the end of March, and this is largely due to the efforts put by Kawasaki’s Indian colleagues.You are not required to hire a lawyer after a motorcycle accident that was not your fault. But can avoid liability for the crash. Considering all these factors, the automobile firm is targeting a growth by 50% this year, over the previous year.

2015 Suzuki Swish facelift – Details

Suzuki has launched the all-new 2015 Swish facelift. The scooter comes at a grand price of INR 61,493, but the excellent features it has are worth every rupee. This is the on-road price of the vehicle in Mumbai.

The buyers have four colors to choose from – Glass Sparkle Black, Pearl Mirage White, Metallic Sonic Silver and Candy Dark Cherry Red. More changes to looks are body decals that have been given a fresh design. In terms of looks, Suzuki hasn’t left even the lamps untouched. A pleasing blue tint has been given to the headlamp and the pilot lamps as well.

The automatic scooter is great in convenience too. It is armed with a maintenance free battery. Other prominent features are a sturdy steel mudguard and tubeless tyres. The digital instrument cluster has sundry facilities like  air conditioning and heating installation that ensure the most comfortable ride. The company has added some new features that are very useful and have been styled to add to the smart looks of the scooter. Other than a digital clock, customers can have a tension free ride with twin trip meter. Also present are warning systems like oil change warning and service due alert.

Though the looks and the instrument cluster have been significantly enhanced, the company hasn’t made much of mechanical changes. The scoter runs on a four stroke 125 cc engine. The engine gives a satisfactory performance by yielding a peak power of 8.5 PS. As for the peak torque output, it is 9.8 Nm. The engine is accompanied by CVT gearbox. This engine is one of the mightiest engines that are available in Indian scooters. This is largely because of the manner that the vehicle puts torque to the ground. With such impressive technical specs, Swish can outdo several 100cc bikes in the country. When compared with Access, Swish has a relatively leaner body which is another plus point.

2015 Toyota Fortuner Indian version – 2.5-Litre Diesel & 3.0L 4×4 Automatic

Toyota has revealed its plans for the 2015 Fortuner. A new engine has been introduced and the other modifications are minor. This 4×4 automatic version of Fortuner would be offered in four trims- 4×2 Manual, 4×4 Manual, 4×4 Automatic and 4×2 Automatic. But the total number of variants is six, as each of the trims comes with two options- 3.0 liter engine and 2.5 liter diesel engine. The latter is available in manual as well as automatic gearbox. Both of these are 5-speed units.

The car is a rear wheel drive. Also, there is no 4WD variant by the company. The 2.5 liter 2494cc, 4-cylinder engine generates the power of 144 PS at 3400 RPM. 343 Nm torque is produced between 1600-2800 RPM. In this version, buyers have two options for body color, silver and white.  It is offered with TRD (Toyota Racing Development). This provides a dual tone front grille, body stripes, dual tone front and rear bumper spoilers, TRD Sportivo badging, rear spoiler and also a muffler cutter. But the model is deprived of projector headlights, navigation system and cruise controls (on the AT). The 3.0 liter diesel engine gives a higher performance of 171 PS at 3600 RPM. The torque generated is 360 Nm between 1400-3200 RPM in case of automatic. As for the manual, this figure is 343 Nm. This version can be bought in seven shades- silver, black, super white, pearl white, grey, gold and the new bronze color.

The 4×4 version of Fortuner has an all black interior. The inside features voice assisted navigation and a touch-screen display along with DVD. In the exterior, the front fog lamps get a silver bezel, that impart a new look to the car. Other novel features are the 17 inch dark grey alloy wheels, smoke painted headlights and tail lights.

2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 launched in India : Details

The 2015 Honda CB Unicorn 160 provides the riders with a treasure of outstanding features. It is designed to deliver top performance and efficiency, at decent pricing! . This latest offering of Honda is available in two versions- the Standard model priced at Rs. 69,350 and the CBS model available for Rs. 74,414. The first variant has a front disc brake along with rear drum, while the second one is the combi brake system. This brand new launch has outstanding features, thus making it potent enough to give a tough competition to Yamaha FZ Fi and Suzuki Gixxer.

The looks are somewhat akin to CB Trigger. The company has tweaked the head and tail lamps. The bike parts are black; the front suspension is a telescopic unit whereas the rear is monoshock. The wind resistance is mitigated by the aerodynamic design. The 3D Honda logo is visible on the side of engine and a classy exhaust muffler enhances the looks. As for convenience, the handlebar has been widened and riders can now enjoy a reduced braking distance with the Combi Braking System (CBS) that uses the front disc and rear drum brakes simultaneously. The instrument console is fully digital, and houses odometer, tachometer, digital clock, speedometer and fuel level. The bike will be available in four colors- imperial red, sunbeam white, pearl black and geny grey.

With this new venture, the company has done its best to enhance the fuel efficiency, torque and acceleration as well. The fuel efficiency is 62 km per liter. The bike is armed with a 4 stroke engine, that yields a power of 14.5 HP , the torque being 14.6 Nm. The compression ratio and the power output have been improved upon, while maintaining fuel efficiency at the same time. A boost in mileage along with impressive fuel efficiency has been made possible with the use of Honda Eco Technology. The 163 cc engine is accompanied by a 5- speed gearbox along with a toe shifter.

As Keita Muramatsu , the CEO and HMSI President told the media, the dispatch of Unicorn 160 shall be commenced in the third week of January this coming year. The bike would hence be the first launch of the year 2015. Moreover, he stated that 2015 would see the launch of more than ten models by the company. Out of these products, seven would be blessed with a novel design, while the remaining would borrow quite a many specifications form the existing models along with significant improvement in the features. He said that this would be the company’s fourth launch in 2014, after Activa 125, CD 110 and Gold Wing. The new engine is sure to appeal to the youth. This year has been extremely lucrative for the firm-with a grand sale of 19 million vehicles last week. He hopes that the phenomenal sales continue in the coming year.

Furthermore, YS Guleria- the vice president, sales & marketing at HMSI expressed his views on the 150 to 180 cc motorcycle segment. He stated that this was the most rapidly growing segment, and that the company is intent on strengthening its influence in this particular segment. Currently, the company has a market share of approximately 20 % in this segment. The bikes available in this range are CB Trigger, CB Unicorn 150 and CBR 150 R. YS Guleria also averred that new model will reinforce Honda’s position in this range, and would raise customer demand for the product. With the new launch in 2015, the number of locally produced models by the firm would hit 11.

List of Upcoming Car models in India in 2015

India is about to witness a revolutionary era of the automobile industry in the year 2015. A powerful mix of Sedans, Hatch Backs and SUVs is going to push the limits and raise the bar far above the middle class segment cars. With increasing purchasing power, the Indian audience will have a wide spectrum of cars to choose from or Visit motosluzby-riha.com for more info.

Zooming further into the upcoming cars in India in 2015 under each category:

1. Sedans

Hyundai New Verna

After receiving the overwhelming response for Verna, Hyundai has decided to renew Verna and confer the Indian society with its upgraded version in the early 2015. The price for the new version is set to be somewhere between 7.5 L to 11.5 L. The aerodynamic structure of Verna will be refined and the gearbox will be made to 6 transmission in the new model.

Hyundai New Elantra

Hyundai is an unforgettable name when it comes to classy sedan segment car manufacturers. Elantra is rather an upgrade of Verna with a price of 16.2 L for the top end variant. The engine and transmission has even been improved as compared to the predecessor models of Elantra.

Hyundai New Sonata

Luxury has its new definition. Sonata is another bestselling sedan car from the house of Hyundai. 23 Lakh is the price for the top end variant of Sonata’s upcoming successor model. The front grille imposes the mighty appeal of Hyundai onto the spectators. Touchscreen finds its way in this model of Sonata, which is also accompanied by a modified dashboard.

Ford New Mondeo

Ford is also targeting to be a leader in the market of sedan cars with its latest presentation, Mondeo. Mondeo is surely going to turn around the heads with its magnificent looks for a genuinely reasonable price of 22L. The transmission can be manual or automatic, based upon the choice of car’s owner. The internal capacity of the car is ample and plush in design.

2. Hatch Backs

Datsun GO+

Imagine a 7-seater spacious car to be available at an unbelievable price of 4.50 L. This car is capable of fitting in all your family members and fitting into your budget as well. The exteriors are pleasing and symbolize robustness which is a must for the safety of the passengers. The car is powered with a 1.2 L engine which is enough to drive 7 members speedily to the desired destination.

BMW i3 hatchback

BMW is ready to launch another masterpiece creation, the i3 hatchback early in the year 2015. This car is specially designed for the youth who can speed up to 150 km/h in just few seconds. The unique feature of this car is that it can be run on electricity also apart from petrol, the performance remains equally effective in both the cases. The car will surely live up to its brand name.

Maruti S-Cross

Renault Duster has been on the horizon of Indian market since quite some time. But soon Indian audience will get to taste a similar flavor of hatchback car from the house of Maruti, the Maruti S-Cross. The car is loaded with all the latest gadgets and fine drapery in the interior. The car is capable enough of ensuring a smooth ride even if the terrain is a bit coarse. 13-14 L for such an amazing experience is not much to ask for.

3. SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle)

Maruti YBA

Maruti will come up with its YBA compact SUV in order to sweep out from the market its biggest competition, the Ford EcoSport. The price range is affordable between 7.5 L to 10 L. The car can seat 5 people comfortably and is ideal for most of the Indian families. The car is less than 4 meters in length and does not need much space for parking and can be easily parked in the semi-urban localities.

Hyundai ix25

Hyundai will empower its ix25 with the same engine as that of its other models like Verna. The car is sturdy in construction and is going to hit the Indian market soon after its recent launch in China. The price for this car has been set to be 10 L which is quite justified. In order to distinguish this car from Nissan Terrano, Hyundai has increased its elevation from the ground level by few more inches as compared to its competitive model.

Audi Q7 V12 TDi

When it comes to Audi, a price of 1 Cr seems to be just fair. 6 liter engine of Audi Q7 V12 TDi which can generate a torque of 1,000 Nm is simply mind blowing. The top speed of 250 km/h can be attained in merely 7-10 seconds. The big 20 inch wheels make it a perfect SUV for the elite class. The suspensions have been improved and this makes the handling much smoother.

Nissan New X-Trail

Nissan will soon come up with a lavish SUV, the X-Trail. The model was launched in countries abroad sometime back and has been acclaimed well. The car has a fresh appeal in spite of following the contemporary designing style. The infotainment system is linked to NissanConnect which gives access to multiple apps, launched exclusively by Nissan for its privileged customers. The car can be driven in auto mode as well, a rare feature to be available at a price of 27 L.

2016 Mercedes S- Class Maybach features and details

The new Mercedes S- Class Maybach is unveiled at the world premiere in Los Angeles and Guangzhou and now released simultaneously in its two main markets of the USA and China. This new S Class Maybach from flagship of Mercedes- Benz, with its 5453 mm long and 3365 mm wheelbase is 20 cm larger in both dimension the long wheelbase S- Class Saloon. The rear seats passengers will be benefited for this increased size and the standard amenities and equipment. In the rear, this Mercedes Maybach S- Car is named the world’s quietest Saloon car.

According to Ola Kallenius, who is the honorable member of the Mercedes- Benz’s Divisional Board, the brand has now started a new chapter with this S- Class. As an inclusion to S- Class Saloon’s portfolio, this S- Class creates a new standard in luxury segment with highest demand of comfort and exclusivity appointments. Seating and the resting comfort of the passenger are the hallmarks for this new series.

This new car comes with incomparable exclusivity. In addition with extra open spaciousness with a grandly designed interior will able to fulfill all the requirements of worldwide customers.

Some Information About its Exterior:

There is an intelligent combination of stylish and effortless ascendancy with a trend setting uniqueness in the exterior of Maybach S- Class. The modern concept of luxuriousness comes alive literally in an exceptional way. Along with the vigorous power and dynamism the car comes in the form of long wheel base version. By juxtaposition with the S- Class’s long wheel base version, the rear door is 66 mm shorter. Thus it appears seamless to the over all composition of the car. The triangular window is relocated from door to C- pillar. For this reason, the rear seats are arranged beyond the cutout of the rear door. This builds exclusivity and supreme privacy. The B – pillar as well as the triangular window and other glass areas are surrounded by chrome. The graceful logo of Maybach Manufaktur is placed on the both sides of the C pillar. In addition, this car offers an exclusive quality of 20 inch foged and light alloyed wheels with delicate spokes in a high quality look. Overall it is 207 mm longer the other long wheel based S class models. In the front end design it includes, fine vertical trim of chrome, an ascendant radiator trim that comes with three double louvers and large radiator opening, and double trim in the both bottom end and air intakes. The rear end design includes the features like horizontal lines that emphasize the car’s width, tailpipe trim elements that united into the bumpers, and Maybach lettering.

Luxurious Interior Design:

One can feel the ultimate luxuriousness in ride inside the interior section of this car. Passengers are provided with all types of modern, lounge style luxury. This vehicle represents a sense of elegance with its creative but easy architecture, delicate materials and stylish control. Sensuously curved and hand crafted feel like materials of fine wood trim are used in rear seats. The front center armrests are made of nappa leather . Another distinguishing feature is the IWC designed an unique analogue clock with fine metal numbering in dashboard. The design of the door trims are hand stitched. There is also fiber optic cables in the sides of armrests for the lighting inside the cabin.

Maybach S- Class is provided with V12 bi-turbo engine which can produce 530 hp or 390 kw of power and 830Nm of torque in 1900 rpm. The V8 bi-turbo engine can produce 335 kw of power and 700 Nm of torque. The fuel consumption rate for this saloon is just 8.9 liters per 100 km.

Hyundai Elite i20 crossover to India

Hyundai is the one of the most famous car manufacture, based on South Korea. They had recently released the redesigned and renovated hatchback as the Elite i20. It was unveiled to take its position in the place of its predecessors that faced minor updates after its release.

The company recently confirmed the fact that they are going to introduce a new Elite i20 based crossover. Hopefully India will witness this new crossover by early in 2015. There have been numbers of occasions where a crossover was seen testing at Chennai. According to some sources, it was the crossover models of Hyundai Elite i20.

This new crossover comes with 1.4 liter diesel mill combined with six speed manual gear box. This engine is responsible of giving 89 bhp of power as well as 220 NM of torque. As per manufacturer’s claims, the car provides ARAI certified fuel efficiency rate of 22.54 kpl. The brand is not supposed to provides an automatic transmission with this crossover of Elite i20. It will offer its car with number of other distinguishing selling points, which will surely tempt Indian customers.

Elite i20 crossover is provided with new daytime running LED lights, which were absent in the old hatchback series. It is also provided with side body covering, skid plates, roof rails, and uniquely designed alloy wheel with prominent headlights.

The company will release this crossover of Elite i20 early in 2015. It has to gone through a strong competition with Volkswagen Cross Polo, Fiat Aventura, and Toyota Etios Cross after its launch. The price for this car is not announced till now. But as per sores says, it is expected to be a little bit costlier than its previous hatchback versions.

The new crossover will be empowered by similar engines in their hatchback. On offer it will give 1.2 liter petrol engine combined with 5 speed manual transmission. 82bhp of power and 115 nm of torque will be produced from this engine.

2015 BMW M5 in India -details

The German automaker is all set to launch its high performance sedan the M5 in the Indian market by the end of this year. The refreshed M5 will have new features, improved exteriors and a plenty of electronic goodies that are going to make your driving experience absolutely exhilarating. Moving into the 6th generation the M5 is a high performance luxury sedan that is at the top of 5 series line up with an incredible pro speed. But the thing that is going to cause a stir in the minds of customers is the optional competition package which will take the performance of the M5 to a new level altogether and its price is not yet disclosed.

The latest version of M5 will be available only in petrol variant. The M5 comes with a twin power turbo 8 cylinder engine that will produce 560 horsepowers with a capability of catapulting the M5 from 0-100 km/h in 4.3s only. The engine is accompanied by a seven speed M dual clutch transmission. The exterior is not extremely captivating yet aerodynamically highly stable. The LED headlamps as well as the tail lamps are absolutely unmistakable. Driver’s safety has also been given utmost importance by including features like dynamic stability control(dsc),anti lock braking system(abs) with brake assist and active protection headrests. Customers buying for more punch can go for competition package that will raise the output further to 575hp.The interior offers a room for 5 passengers with captivating dashboards and colorful display accompanied by a BMW’s indigeneously developed connected drive infotainment system.

The M5 is expected to be priced at Rs 1.35 crores on its debut in the Indian market. Buyers going to buy this one, will definitely be looking at the competitors also which includes Mercedes Benz E63 AMG, Cadillac CTS v, Audi s6 and the highly exclusive Jaguar XFR-s and its a serious competition believe me and the buyers will decide whether the M5 is worth its cost or not.

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