Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Wedding

There is a rumor going around that Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech will get married this December right before the new year. The couple has been engaged since last November but have yet to officially set a date for their wedding. At point Yuvraj was one of the most eligible bachelors but that changed when he proposed to the Bollywood actress. For more information check out https://www.unsecured loans4u
Friends and fans of the couple have been waiting for them to announce their wedding date since the engagement. While they have been active on social media about their courtship the couple has been quiet about the exact date that they will get married. Both of their social media pictures show them happy and in love.The couple has not yet picked a wedding designer and has not picked out any of the details for their wedding. The color theme of the wedding was not chosen yet either. But what is sure for now is honeymoon destination – that will be exotic island Koh Samui.


Dileep and Manju Warrier daughter Meenakshi wants to act in movies

The 13 year old daughter of Dileep and Manju Warrier has expressed fond interest in featuring in movies already. Meenakshi says that acting is already a favorite hobby of hers apart from cooking and she looks forward to the day she can make it to the big screen. Meenakshi is currently enrolled in the 8th standard and has made her intentions public at a summer camp at Edapally. She has been actively participating in the summer camp activities but keeps cooking at the helm of things. She is not sure when she will step into the movie industry and has left it to the discretion of her celebrity parents. Her father Dileep has been a star for over 20 years now. Her mother Manju has featured in over 50 Malayalam movies and was once called the brightest star in Malayalam Cinema.

Vidya Balan actress wedding photos

Famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan tied knots with CEO of UTV, Siddharth Roy Kapoor today. Their wedding is being seen as the last grand wedding to be held this year. The wedding has taken place in two styles, Punjabi and Tamil as Vidya happens to be a Tamilian while Siddharth is the Punjabi groom. The venue of the wedding was in Bandra, a bunglow called the Green Mile. Earlier rumors has said that the wedding was scheduled in a temple, however, the final event proved it to be wrong.

All the members of Vidya’s and siddharth’s family were presentat Green Mile, where the rituals of the wedding took place for over an hour. Vidya was beautifully dressed in a South Indian Silk saree, red in color, designed exclusively for the wedding by Sabyasachi. She also wore heavy gold jewelry to go with the saree. She wore Choodas or Punjabi wedding bangles, and this was fused with her south Indian look. The groom wore a kurta embroidered in yellow. After the wedding the couple posed for photographs.

Coming to the cuisine, the food that was served at the wedding was completely South Indian. The invitees also saw Vidya changing her attire thrice during the occasion. She wore a mustard colored saree and a pink colored blouse. It matched perfectly with the groom’s attire.

The entire Bollywood industry and people from all over the country have congratulated the couple, wishing them a very happy married life. Rumors also have it that there will be a grand reception after the wedding ceremony where various stars will be invited.

The entire wedding ceremony took place privately. Vidya did not want great media coverage. The invitees included people mainly who were very close family members and friends of Vidya and Siddharth. It has also been reported that the beautiful Rekha was invited for the mehendi ceremony of the wedding.

Jassie Gift to Wed Athulya

Jassie Gift is a famous Malayalam playback singer who has got caboodle of rewards and accolades from different quarters for his outstanding performance. Now, this renowned singer has decided to lock his life with cute Athulya. She is a scholar and doing her research in Physics disciplines at the Kannur University. Her brilliant academic record will surely make Jassie happy.

Jassie Gift has got overnight success and popularity by lending his magnificent voice in a movie. Lajavathiye’ song has brought treasure trove to him. He has been held in high stature for his excellent performance in singing songs. As a noted music composer, Jassie has been given the task of composing seven popular songs for Kannada movies. This music maestro has achieved prestigious Filmfare Award 2011 for composing mind blowing songs for ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’.

‘Gaganavae Baagi’ has been sung by Shreya. Kaviraj wrote this song. However, after marriage celebration, the newly wed couple will be busy of dealing with their respective professional careers. Till now there is no information about the date of marriage celebration. It will be revealed with times proceeding. Jassie has a Tamil movie which will be shot soon. He will have to work with Cheran who is a famous actor.

Vineeth Sreenivasan marriage

The popular actor, singer and director Vineeth Srineevasan is to enter the wedlock in 2012. He is getting married to his girlfriend, a junior from his Engineering College days. They were seeing each other from those days and have finally decided to settle down. After their decision they have expressed their relationship to their homes which were accepted by both the families. However, the date and venue is yet to be finalised but the wedding is fixed for this year itself. Vineeth has achieved success in his professional life and was able to create his own identity apart from the tag ‘son of Sreenivasan’.

He began his career as a playback singer and with his unique voice he became popular as a singer in Malayalam. He chooses songs according to his style of singing and most of his songs became memorable hits. Later on he moved to acting and finally took to directing as his career. He achieved success in all these fields. We wish good luck to the soon to be wed couple and hope that Vineeth will be successful in his personal life too as in his professional life. We wish good luck and best wishes to the couple.

Malayalam actress ananya wedding

Ananya, the actress of ‘Engaeyum Eppothum’ and ‘Nadodigal’ is to enter the wedlock soon. She is to marry Anjaneyan, an entrepreneur based at Trichur. The couple is to be engaged on the 3rd of February. As reported by Ananya, she has always left the decision of her marriage to her parents. She further said that when Anjaneyan and his family approached her parents, they found him to be the right choice for her.

The engagement ceremony of the duo is planned in Ananya’s house in Perumbavur which is near Ernakulam. However, the wedding date is not yet fixed and is expected to be finalised in the betrothal function that is to be attended by friends and close relatives. The acting career for Ananya is yet to be decided. It has not been decided weather she would continue her career in acting or not after wedding. She says her would decide on this and continues saying that she is happy with the choice made by her parents. So let us see how this marriage works and hope that both will lead a happy married life ever after. In the meantime, we are not sure weather we would see Ananya in cinema after her marriage but hope that the decision made by Anjaneyan will be good for the two.

Mammootty SonDulquar Salman marriage Reception

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Mammootty Son reception (29)

If heaven seems to be out of reach of your hands, let your mind fly high to befriend the blue sky which is so dear to anyone who has the compassion to love someone from the bottom of his heart. Love is so sweet and charming that it paints life in more dynamic way. You must learn to love someone who feels in the same way to love you in return.

To be frank, Dulquar Salman, son of Mammootty learnt thousand daylights back when he used to rush to the nearby rivulet to watch the soft crimson color of idle sun melting in mild amber luster to make a new meaning of love. The same thing has happened with his life once again when he feels the warmth of love permitting her soft and rosy fingers driving deep to touch his heart which is invisible but deeply palpable through love, sacrifice and mild touches to heat up one. His sweetheart named Amal Sofia belongs to a respectable Muslim family. Her respected papa is a successful businessman. They were agreed to live together to ensure a peaceful conjugal life.

Wedding celebration was made at Sheraton Park Hotel Chennai with pomp and grandeur. It was a strictly private function and media associates were not allowed to attend this private function. However, marriage reception will take place on 26th December at Ramada hotel located in Cochin.

Mamta Mohandas Reception marriage wedding photos

Mamta is cute and beautiful. She knows how to apply her own talent to impress others. However, Mamta Mohandas is also going to her own home for taking preparation for the celebration of her marriage with Pregith who is handsome and well built. This fantastic gentleman will make the evening of 28th December more charismatic and glamorous by wedding this young high profile lady. The marriage celebration will be hosted at Kadavu Resort located in Kozhikode.

However, Mamta is not an idle woman and she has decided to finish her upcoming movie directed by Shyamaprasad. In Arike, she will be seen acting with brilliance as a heroine. Both domestic and commercial lifestyles should run neck to neck. Mamta has claimed that marriage is a sweet part of life. However, she is not ready to demolish her professional career which has held her name in high stature in movie industry. Arike will showcase her in the international arena. Therefore, she will try her best to perform excellently in this upcoming film.

She is feeling well to work with Dileep once again. Last time she performed with this leading hero in Passenger movie in which her name was Anuradha. Now in this Arike, she will appear as Anuradha once again but instead of being aggressive and outspoken, she will be mild, timid and compassionate. Arike will give her scope to act in a different role.