Is Shilpa shetty expecting baby???

The sexiest cute baby gonna to deliver her unborn sweetheart soon to meet the expectation of her hubby Raj Kundra. Yea, your assumption is 100 percent perfect. Shilpa Shetty is going to give birth to her baby. She is conceiving. It is good news for her hubby who wants a healthy baby to keep the family line-up in high stature. Let the sun pop up in the sky usually just like yesterday.

Let the sweet breeze blow idly to shake few petals of roses to produce an ultra-light effect of romance and camaraderie. Maybe more but it is explicit that Shilpa is a glamorous cute female actress whose physical charisma and mind blowing smile can energize an injured oldie to have raw fun in meeting young gals for dating. Both Shilpa and Raj Kundra are happy and in jocund mood.

Last year, Shilpa suffered from miscarriage. However, this time, the wheel of fortune turned in her favor and made her more optimistic to let a shaft of bright sunlight rimming her body to energize her to gift little sweetheart to soothe the heart of her soul mate. Her concept baby must guide human souls to reach the perfection in life through the holy communion with charismatic glow of enlightenment. Her baby will be more brilliant, beautiful and more powerful to bring charismatic flash from the hands of Ave Maria to disperse the darkness of the world

Ram Charan Teja- Upasana Engagement photos Pics

It was for the first time ever that an engagement ceremony was shown live in India. This occasion took place on Thursday night, i.e. on 1st December 2011. If this event was telecast in Indian television then it means there has to be something happening on it. Yes we are talking about the engagement that took place between Ram Charan Tej and Upasana Kamineni. Ram Charan is the son of an expert actor and politician Chiranjeevi while Upasana is the grand daughter of C Pratap Reddy who is the chairman of the Apollo Group pf Hospitals. So it was a big day not only for the couple but also for the two families that turned to relatives after this occasion.

While the duo exchanged their rings, the fans and followers could be the part of the function through their television screens. It is due to the multi-camera setup that has captured this grand event, the online editing and the final broadcast across various channels that many people could enjoy this moment and could be a part of it. This was possibly the biggest engagement that took place in South India. Many great personalities took part in this event just to bless the would be married couple. Some of the top guests present there include CM Nallari Kiran Kumar Redddy, Dy. CM Damodara Narasimha, Ex CM Nedurumilli Reddy, TDP President Chandra Babu Naidu, Speaker Nadendla Manohar, D. Srinivas, CPI Narayana, Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayana etc. Some other politically famous persons that took part in this event were Kanna Laxmi Narayana, Ponnala Laxmaiah, Anam Narayana Reddy, Daanam Nagender, K Keshav Rao, C.C Reddy and many others.

Among film stars Nagurjuna, Rana Naga Chaitanya, Dr. Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Tamanna, Jayaprada, Sharwanand, Satyanrayana, Ramesh Prasad, KC Sekhar Babu , Chalasani Ramesh, NTR, Mohan Kanda, Trisha,Balakrishna, Venkatesh were a part of this auspicious occasion. It was a private event and only selected people were sent bar coded invitation cards. However, as claimed by insiders, the actor did not want to keep away his fans from being a part of this event and it is due to this the engagement was telecast in Indian television. The function was organised by the family of the would-be-bride and Temple Tree farmhouse in the outskirts of Hyderabad was chosen as the venue for this occasion. The whole area was shinning with lightning and flowers that were brought from many countries to decorate the stage. The decoration was done by a Thailand based company.

Apart from all these, the sherwani worth Rs 1.5 lakh worn by the groom and the jewellery for the bride, worth Rs 10 crore imported from Brazil drew special attention. All this was done in way as has never been done earlier. The engagement ceremony started at about 7 pm with the couple dressed in their traditional dresses. This was their first step towards their marriage. The arrangements and theme were all looked over by Choice Entertainment from Delhi. The venue was decorated by decorators from Bankok. From every aspect it seemed to be a picture perfect event.

World renowned kathak dancers Vivha and Abhimanyu Lal with their disciples made this event more charming with their spectacular performance. We hope this brings good luck to the couple and they might be happy thereafter. As this event was organised in a grand way may the couple be blessed with happiness forever. We hope to see more of this in the wedding that is to be commenced soon. We expect the grand wedding to be in a much bigger way then this event. So till then we wish luck and good wishes to the couple.

Actor Shakthi and Smiruthi Marriage Wedding Reception Photos

Tamil actor shakthi finally tied the knot to his girlfriend Smiruthi on Oct 31 at Ramanathan Chettiyar Hall in Chennai, Tamil Super star Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan attended the event to bliss the couples .

Gautam gambhir wedding marriage photos pics

Love is sweet and charming to feel. It renews life and it also ads gloss to one’s personality. However, marriage is the concrete platform to give a shape to the romantic fantasy. It turns the dreamy enchantment to a more realistic relationship which is more powerful and reliable.

Marriage is the heavenly bliss and it also reinforces the romance to sweeten up personal life. Maybe, next daylight will be more glamorous and packed with full of joy and expectation as because of the advent of new sunlight which brings back hope to even a physically challenged person to survive in the turmoil.

So far so good that Gautam Gambhir, the famous cricketer in the world has understood the basics of love. This complete man is energetic, brave and elegant to welcome bright days to come. His romantic tour has been given a new dynamic romantic emulsification when he has thrown his hands to hug his sweetheart, Natasha Jain. Colorful snapshots of intimate close-ups between two young hearts have been caught in cam recorders. In Gurgaon, the marriage ceremony was celebrated on Friday last with pomp and grandeur.

Silvery night became more charismatic as Natasha appeared more elegant and attractive. Her bridal dresses are bright in color. Sweet fragrance of red roses, ultra-light breeze, and soft beam of moonlight produced a synergistic impact on both celebrities.

They were welcomed by family members, close relatives and friends. Natasha is a cute lady. Her physical aesthete is invincible. Her majestic beauty has enticed this renowned cricketer who won trillion hearts by showing his razor sharp sportive skill to win matches. On Friday last, the crescent moon popped up in the sky. It emits soft silvery crimson color to rim streets, lanes and large buildings. In the powerful psychedelic light, every thing seemed to be radiant in gorgeous color. To be frank, Natasha’s appearance in this romantic episode was traced by brilliance. Friday’s night was specially gifted to these young hearts for enjoying in the streams of love and appreciation.

Let your heart be filled with joy. If you are a young boy, you need to hope for better outcome as Natasha has got a rare chance to lock her life with a smart guy who has held the nation in high stature. Let each daylight bring some new hopes to revitalize the injured heart. Let every sunny day warms up the dead souls to get back energy to create new things which will be more charismatic and beautiful. Gambhir and Natasha are really lucky to win something special to rejuvenate their own lives in more dynamic way.

Shake me up- Mallika Decided to Settle Permanently by Marrying Someone Special

Mallika Sherawat’s sexy image is unbelievable, unforgettable and unbeaten. She doesn’t know how to cover her juicy and hot body wearing clothes. She is the symbol of natural beauty, elegance and charisma. Her dare devil eyes always sparkle just like a ball of fire. She knows how to heat up a dude in bed. Her wild sexual drive is the powerful weapon to make a youngster hot, wild, and untamed in intoxicated excitement.

To her, sex is nothing but a game and she loves to showcase her hot G-spots, different close angles and hotspots in her body. She knows how to spread her dominance over the male dome only using her erotic gestures and different snapshots of foreplays with sexual antics. To be brief, she is irresistible and invincible. However, this sexy baby has finally decided to invite someone in her life to lead a fantastic conjugal life which will be bright just like a sunny morning.

Sex is so sweet to taste and it will be sweeter when two souls will be merged to form a single entity. Marriage is always appreciable and it allows two young hearts to live together for ever. Mallika is searching for a handsome, sexy, dashing and hot guy who will be liberal, jovial, and to top it all very hot. The fact is that Mallika will have to struggle a lot to find her favorite dude who will give complete satisfaction to her. God knows whether Mallika will be able to lock her life with such a guy who will bring the heaven to her feet.

Salman Khan Decided to Accelerate His Fare up to Rs.50 Crore Rupees

Bollywood is the place where one will have to struggle for survival. If you have talent, you will have massive opportunity to shoot up high to hold sky in your grips. The same way Salman Khan has done a fantastic job to showcase his acting talent and physical charisma.

Recently, he has re-valued his acting career by heightening rate to perform in movie. 50 crore rupees will be charged by this dashing dude for his contribution to films to come. He wants to glow just like other superstars such as Aamir Khan.

In an interview, Salman Khan has been asked by reporters in relation to his decision. He has told media associates that there is nothing wrong in the acceleration of his value in the entertainment industry. He is handsome, genius and talented in performing leading roles. If he is an actor, he knows how to satisfy his fans for showcasing his attractive figure, body language and beautiful wordplay. He has done lot of trials, experiments and research to add color to the movie. Sonakshi Sinha has been invited by Salman to support him for his updated kick. Zarine Khan is given the same offer for consideration. However it has not been finalized so far about the fixation of the kick charged by prince, Khan.

New TV channel for Tamil superstar Simbu

T.Rajendar , a well known multifaceted tamil personality, has decided to launch a brand new television channel named after his hugely popular superstar son Silambarasan , popularly known as Simbu. The name of the channel is not yet decided and is believed to be either “Simbu” or STR TV. The channel is expected to be aired before end of this year , though the exact dates are yet to be declared.

Rajendar who is a recognized face of tamil cinema has ventured into a lot of areas including direction, acting, music composition and screenplay writing. His wife Usha Rajendar is also a popular tamil actress. Rajendar is also active in the political arena and owns a political party himself named as T.Rajendar Party.

This is not the first attempt of T.Rajendar into television as he has already launched a TV channel named Kural TV , which is named after his younger son Kuralarasan. Kularasan is also set to make his debut in the Kollywood film industry with a new movie.

The actor turned politician father is expecting to avail this new TV channel as a medium to promote his sons as well as to reap some political benefits.

Hot & sentimental Nayantara

The latest piece of news involving Nayantara goes something like this. The reigning queen of South Indian celluloid had to compromise on her mole. With her sentimentally private attachment to the mole located on her lower lip, Nayantara found herself in quite a fix. In course of essaying the role of Sita- an important character of the epic ‘Ramayana’; the actress was requested to cover up her priceless mole cosmetically.

Being produced by the renowned Sai Baba Movies and directed by Bapu, ‘Sriram Rjyam’ features the Southern actress in the pivotal role of Sita. Incidentally, Bapu wanted to do away with the problematic mole on grounds of its unsuitability to the legendary character of Sita. The prospect depressed the hotly vibrant actress so much that she nearly came on verge of tears. She also made it abundantly clear, that no cosmetic interference into her priceless domain will be tolerated.

Finding her unmoved the director hit upon the idea of graphical removal of the same. As luck would have it, the idea was acceptable to the star seductress. “ Sriram Rajyam” featuring the star is being made on the lines of another classical extravaganza of yesteryear- N.T. Rama Rao’s “Luv Kush”. Nayantara has the Southern actor Balakrishna opposite her as the legendary figure of Lord Rama.

“12” husbands may be enough for Katie Price

British television actor and glamour model Katie Price has said that she would like to have more marital relationships in future and expects the count of her husbands to rise to 12. The 33 year old model, who is already divorced twice, believes that she is destined for many more spouses in the future and also expressed her desire to go nude for a Playboy shoot once again.

Katie has tied the nuptial knot twice so far, first with Peter Andre, with whom she has a relatively longer relationship and two children named Junior and Princess Tiaamii aged six and four respectively. Her second husband was Alex Reid, whom she divorced this year in the month of February. The second marriage lasted for only one year. She also has a son from a previous relationship named Harvey who is 9 years old now.

“I’ll have more kids, more horses and probably more husbands, about 12, I expect!” Katie was quoted as saying. She said she is interested in doing another Playboy shoot because she loves doing it. Katie did her first Playboy photo shoot in the year 2002 catapulting her to fame.

Abhay-Deol and Preeti-Desai Marriage Wedding news

Abhay Deol is performing well and his name is spreading just like a ball of fire in the Bollywood movie industry. However, there is surprising news for fans and admirers of this dashing dude. He has fallen in love with Preeti Desai.

On being asked, this sexy actress has told media associates that it doesn’t matter whether she will lock her life with Abhay Deol. The fact is that she has planted a red rose in her garden. One fine morning, she felt that the tiny rose bloomed into maturity with the sole purpose of welcoming Preeti for making love. The same way she has strong wish to nestle her hidden love for this dashing dude. Their relationship has been strengthened and reinforced.

In an intimate close-up, Preeti has admitted that everyday her love flourishes just like a small red rose in her backyard. However, both celebrities are not sure to define their relationship. They have told reporters that in due course of time, they will make declaration about the final outcome of such sweet companionship and camaraderie. On the other hand, movie viewers have expressed their deep satisfaction on hearing such wonderful news as they want to watch both celebrities spending their lives together under one umbrella.

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