Pooja Gandhi Trying to Be Costly to Kannada Movie Makers

Pooja Gandhi is a beautiful actress and her performance graph is really appreciable. Recently, her decision to showcase her well nurtured acting potentiality in Kannada movies is the turning point in her life. She has become popular. She has accelerated her charges as well . Her value in the Kannada movie is approximately 20 lacs in Indian currencies. She is trying to flourish herself in more elegant way so that she can reach the acme of success within few days.

However, life is not a bed of roses. Every morning can’t be beautiful to someone who will have to shove his way through the hurdles, twists and turns in life. Pooja Gandhi is a talented actress but due to lack of proper guidance and plans, she has lost chances to overtake her rivals. She is now busy of performing in only one film Pagal. Maybe Hare Rama Hare Krishna will hit box office after few months. However, overall achievement record is not prominent as she is not able to have ties up with several movies in Kannada.

There is another rumor which is bobbing up and down in the film industry that she is supposed to marry someone who lives in Karnataka. However, love, death and re-incarnation can’t be predicted with accuracy. Pooja Gandhi will have to prove that she has something special to bring the sky down to her feet.

Nayanthara Converted to Hinduism :-Initiated Herself into Hindu Religion

Hindu religion has been spread all over the world. There are a number of world famous Hindu religious leaders who have guided their disciples coming from various walks of lives. Hinduism is better known for passion, forbearance, tolerance and philanthropic love. Hindu religion is the symbol of non-violence, love and holistic grandeur. Nayantara has realized the importance of Hindu religion.

Diana Mariam Kurian is the original name an she is a Christian female by birth. However, she loves Hindu religion. In Chennai, she was initiated into Hindu religion by priests at Arya Samaj Temple. Her presence in the shrine made devotees and other persons happy. They were pleased to watch her paying floral orison to god. She was charismatic and she loved to distribute sweets among children. It is a unique occasion as Nayantara has showcased her interest in the conversion of religion. It is really wonderful day for Nayantara.

In a press release, she has confessed that she has no ill intention to dampen her own religion. However, she has unconditional faith in Hindu god. For this reason her decision is justified and to the context. She enjoyed a lot by lighting candle sticks, and frankincense. She sprinkled holy water on the premises of the temple.

Angelina Jolie Given Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award

Angelina Jolie is a world famous celebrity and her achievement is massive. Now this Hollywood beauty doesn’t want to spend days idly. She has had several growth oriented philanthropic projects to upgrade her society. She has extended her helping hands towards the underprivileged community. She has reached the grass root level to shake hands with street boys and girls.

Recently, she has been given the prestigious honor. She has received Honorary Heart of Sarajevo award for her excellent contribution to the nation building activities and the enrichment of cinematic field. She has played in a number of world famous romantic movies. She was entertained at Bosnia where this female celebrity got appreciation, accolades and applause from different quarters of the society. Her first movie under the title of The Land of Blood and Honey was shot and screened in Bosnia.

She has admitted that Bosnia is a very good country. Here people live peacefully without pampering violence and infighting. According to her, she has learnt many secrets about the humanity, integration and brotherhood. Angelina Jolie should be remembered for her brilliant contribution to the silver screen. She is also a mentor, social reformer and a philanthropist to a great extent. She must be honored for her beautiful mind, leniency and sense of humanity.

Deepika padukone wedding marriage latest news

Deepika sweetie is always cute just like a red rose. Her sex appeal is so charming that even an old guy will be overheated to watch the hot snapshots of her body which dances in wild excitement. This female lady is in love with Siddharth. Rumors are spinning at her doorsteps. However, she has swept away the dunes of false claims and rumors. She has intimacy with Siddharth but it doesn’t mean that she has love affair.

She is a cute lady. She has a beautiful future career. She wants to proceed further in life. However, there is nothing wrong to love someone who is so dear to anyone. Let her mind speak gently that she has a bright dream to come true. However, she has not take decision to love this sweet boy. Maybe she likes her. Or maybe she loves him from an angle of her heart. However, she is not revealing or admitting that her whole heart is meant for him.

Sun will pop up in the sky tomorrow. The rose will dart its tiny head in sweet breeze. Deepika cutie will fly in the sky and hug flappy clouds so intimately that even Philomel will be defeated by her. She is a nice looking lady. She wants to walk in dream land. Now time is only testimonial to her intimacy and love.

Vidya Balan Marriage wedding news

Bollywood movie industry is the main sources of getting raw fun, excitement and spices of gossips. However, this time more surprising news is waiting for exposure. It is true that Bollywood stardom is packed with male and female celebrities. Recently the marriage of Vidya Balan is a stunt. She is a cute and sexy lady whose charisma is dazzling just like a shooting star.

However, there is nothing new in it as her funs have already got hints few months back that she was dating with Siddharth Roy Kapur who holds prestigious portfolio in UTV. Now they are making plans how to lead their lives more comfortably.

On the other hand, there are sad news items for movie fans. Bipasha has had separation from John. Lara is expecting new born babies and there is also the possible romance brewing between Katrina and Ranbir. They are happy to make love. With times proceeding, Bolllywood actors and actresses are becoming more liberal, dynamic and intimate with general folks. Aishwarya Rai is counting her days for becoming pregnant. The traumatic story of Bipasha can’t be mugged up. Maybe there will be a compromising between two stars. Rai will be the happiest when her baby will smile just like a red rose.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Wants Special Care, Honor and Status to Nurture Classical Music

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is a genius and music maestro. He is a Sarod player. His contribution to the music world is undoubtedly exceptional. This septuagenarian musician has done another eye-catching job. He has told reporters that he has strong wish to help other musicians to get fame. However, he has put stress on classical music. He thinks that comparing to other fields, classical music is neglected. Classical singers, musicians and composers should get accolades, recognition and fame.

Khan is a prince in classical music. He wants that government must do something special to provide recognition and accolades classical musicians. Usually, national awards are conferred on classical musicians late in their musical careers. This type of slow process in identifying talent in classical music area is not healthy and good. A talented musician should be given proper status and reward as early as possible. At the same time, he claims that mother of a classical musician must be honored equally. They are given equal recognition as they have reared up their loyal sons to achieve success.

Sarod specialist Ustadji is also a spiritual leader who teaches his disciples to gain holistic grandeur through music. Classical music refines and enriches a human soul. It guides a musician to commune with god. Khan is always a superman and a maestro in classical music. His feedbacks must be honored by next generation to reach the acme of success.

Kajal Agarwal – Avoids close kisses and bikini

Kajal Aggarwal is not only a newcomer in Bollywood film industry but also she is preparing herself to keep decency in her first movie Singham in which she will be seen as a protagonist. She is cute and highly fashionable lady. Kajal is a young actress who has the brilliant eye-catching figure. Her eyes flash just like stars. Her rosy cheek makes a dude wild and untamed. Her beautiful body dances to the tune of sweet musical tune.

Kajal is young sweetheart to teens who like to watch her movement in more dynamic way. However, Kajal is not wild in taste. Her declaration is painful to young boys who want to see her in little clothes. She doesn’t prefer bikini waxing. Nor does she like to undress her juicy young body in public. She is reticent, reserved and more attractive. Her inner beauty is marvelous. She is the pinnacle of attraction.

However, there is nothing wrong in nudity as many female celebrities claim. For the sake of script, an actress can appear nude and erotic. Kajal is on the different track. She has told reporters that her parents are very optimistic and they depend on her to keep the family prestige intact. She will play the leading role in Singham. Maybe she will have to wear sophisticated dresses. However, that doesn’t mean, she will be dare devil in wearing bikini.

Lara Dutta Gives Birth to a New Baby to Watch Sunny Days to Come

Lara Dutta is always in the van of activities. However, she is more than usual as she is sexy, hot and cute. Her massive popularity is due to her erotic gestures, mind blowing smiles, rosy cheeks and very soft but hot figure. All these features have produced synergistic effect on movie enthusiasts who like to dream of tossing in beds to satisfy her.

However, news is totally different now. She is married and she is expecting newcomer soon. She has wedded tennis superstar Mahesh Bhupathi. They were close to give scope to someone to watch the new sunrise. Lara Dutta may be pregnant as she was spotted to go to bathroom several times and she was not in her mood for shooting Don 2 excellently. She was dejected and tired. Perhaps she felt uneasiness due to early pregnancy. Lara was married this year.

If she is pregnant, for few months, she will not be seen in movie industry. However, nothing can be said specifically about her upcoming decision in this regard. On the other hand few persons are not ready to believe about the early pregnancy as she celebrated her nuptial ceremony in February this year. Challo Dilli was a success story for Lara as she was seen in the movie to play the leading role. However after participating in Challo Dilli, she didn’t sign up the contract with movie producers.

Pooja Gandhi Likes a Bangalore Boy for Marriage

The cute celebrity Pooja Gandhi is not willing to marry right now. There are lot of hot discussions done by the movie lovers and her fans in relation to her marriage proposal. Pooja Gandhi is the talented actress and she is not eager to lock her life with a guy right now. According to her the rumors are baseless and there is no plan regarding the marriage.

However in a press release, she has admitted that her favorite sweetheart must be reared up in Bangalore. She will wed a boy whose family background is deeply rooted in the soil of Bangalore. At the same time, she has confessed that she will not think of her marriage for at least three years. She is a very busy actress and she wants to improve her acting career. She has no time to ponder over her love affair.

There is surprising news. She prefers arranged marriage instead of opting for dating. She will seek for the talented boy in Bangalore and she will decide whether that dashing dude will love her from the bottom of her heart. Whatever it may be, this cute young actress will gift excellent movies to her fans. She will be seen in upcoming movies namely Hare Rama Hare Krishna and Paagal.

Kajal Likes to Drink Wine to Walk Down the Memory Lane

Kajal is the black beauty as her fans claim. Her dark complexion seems to be more impressive and powerful to heat up dashing dudes. She is sexy and fashionable. However, her wild passion for strong beverage items can end up her life in frustration and failure. Maybe, she will be groping for a flash of light or resurrection once again.

The fact is that she is addicted to alcohol. Her addiction is so acute that even she fails to control her movement sometimes. She slips into the coma after over consumption of powerful wine and liquor. According to he mates and co-workers, she is often lifted on the shoulders to let her rest on the duvet in her private chamber. She is also given lot of advices and tips to get out of uncomfortable position. However Kajal always likes to break up stereotyped conventional legacies. In past, there are many female celebrities like Silk Smith, Divya Bharati and other actresses who liked to fill up their stomachs by drinking red wine, scotch and other powerful intoxicated beverage products.

Kajal is not available to make any comment on her choice. She is happy to have goblets of warm intoxicated liquor. However, it is true that one stitch in time saves nine. If she is not able to take preventive measures to protect herself from the danger, she will have to pay penalty in sacrificing her life.

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