Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One bollywood movie first look

Shah Rukh Khan is a well known actor. His fame has spread all over the world. However, Shah Rukh Khan wants to act in films as long as he will live in the world. Recently, this evergreen Bollywood supremo has completed Ra.One bike related shooting which has earned caboodle of rewards and appreciation from movie viewers.

The special feature of this new movie is a beautiful street hawk which has been designed by Sabu Cyril. He is confident of increasing the popularity of the movie. Shah Rukh Khan will be tracked riding this bike in the movie. This middle aged actor has acted in numerous movies. He has bagged national and international accolades for his terrific performance records. However, he is still searching for more rewards, citation and appreciation.

According to him, he has applied his innovative ideas and talent to punch the flavor in this movie. Other actors and actresses who have played in this movie are Kareena Kapoor, Rampal, Priyanka Chopra and Sanju Baba(Sanjay Dutt). This Bollywood movie has been directed with care to heighten up the glamour and color of the film. The director is happy to admit that after hitting the box offices in different parts of the country, this movie will bring more appreciation and reward.

Mohanlal and Suresh Gopi in Rajavinte Makan Remake

Mohanlal is a genius and his contribution to Mollywood is appreciable and excellent. His advent in Rajavinte Makan has heightened up the spirit and glamour of the movie. As a part of final outcome of the release of the movie, he got clapping, appreciation, reward and fame within short span of time. He became a famous actor overnight.

Now, Mohanlal has been invited to participate into the remake of Rajavinte Makan. This movie will be presented in different way though the theme of the movie will be unchanged. Rajavinte Makan could win million hearts overnight due to attractive presentation of actors, mind blowing dialogues, sweet screenshots, colorful sightseeing, excellent sound track and meaning scripts.

Mohanlal was seen in the movie in the villainous role of Vincent Gomez in the popular movie. The supremo in the movie has done wonderful job by showcasing her artistic talent and marvelous performance.

The original movie was also dominated by the high graded superstars and celebrities. Movie producer wants to do remake once again so that Mohanlal can prove his potentiality and razor sharp acting capability by playing the role of the villain in this movie. The preparation is under process to shoot the movie. Let’s hope that the movie will get victory once again outperforming its rivals.


Renowned Film distributors T.S Selvaraj and Shanmugavelu from the Tamil film industry have shocked everyone by suddenly filing a case against the chief operating officer W Hansraj Saxena of Sun Pictures for cheating them. Now after all these hue and cry, the distributors have suddenly decided to withdraw the case from against Sun Pictures.

Close sources have confirmed that the distributors have decided to solve the issue amicably. On Tuesday, the distributors T S Selvaraj and Shanmugavelu who had made allegations against Sun Pictures for cheating them over some issue have now filed appeal at the Madras High Court and remove their complaints.

Though this particular issue has been solved outside the case, Sun Pictures’s Saxena is still facing problems with three other cases filed against him. KK Nagar police had arrested Saxena and the producer Ayyappan on July 3 against an allegation of forging Rs 82.53 lakh. According to the T S Selvaraj and Shanmugavelu , they have given the distribution rights of the film ‘Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai’ the Sun producers who have promised to pay Rs.1.25 crore in return. But since the producer failed in keeping his premises the distributors were forced to move to court to seek justice.

Kareena Kapoor Wants to Play in Arundhati

Kareena Kapoor is a cute rose which has been planted in Bollywood stardom only for perfuming the air showing her artistic beauty, physical charisma and mind blowing smile.  Her acting style is very attractive and impressive. She can heal injured heart by backfiring sweet smacks.  She can heat up an oldie by displaying her erotic gestures. However, this time this sexy baby is putting much emphasis on the remake movie, Arundhati which was screened in South Indian version.

Right now, Kareena Kapoor is doing lot of trials, and experiments to sharpen her skill for performing in Arundhati. Anushka Shetty is the actress whose   sexual appeal is wild in nature. Her hidden acting talent was proved in this Telugu movie. Anurag Basu will direct the Arundhati in Hindi version.  However, nothing can be predicted beforehand as the final verdict has not been given concrete shape by the management committee to shortlist the names of actors and actresses for the movie.

Maybe, apart from Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee, Vidya Balan, and Kajol can be invited to face the screening tests for performing in the upcoming movie.  Kareena is a cute lady. She is sexy, elegant and capable of adding gloss to her character with pin point accuracy.   Let the sun shine bright to welcome Kareena to gift her best posture for enticing teenage community.

Tamil movie Yohan’s first look

There are numerous instances in the recent past where we see the styles, action sequences as well as the entire story lineup of a foreign film being copied and formed into an Indian movie with little modifications. Many of the Bollywood movies, which today have an international acclaim, too are inspired by movies of Hollywood or other parts of the world, the most recent being the Shahrukh Khan produced RA-One which is slated to release later this year. The movie is believed to be a modified version of Tron Legacy Bike.

Not far behind is the tamil film industry which has released the first look of the movie Yohan , with Vijay as the male lead. The first look which shown the male protagonist standing in a particular style with the background of high rise buildings, pose a striking similarity with the first look of the French movie Largo Winch.

A viewer can easily capture the resemblances between the two movie posters, with the actors’ standing styles, backgrounds and camera angles. The only difference being the knife held by French actor Tomer Sisley is replaced by a hand gesture of Vijay in the Tamil version.


Film: Orma Maathram

Director : Madhu Kaithapram

Music : Kaithapram Viswanathan

Starring : Dileep, Priyanka Nair

Film Rating – 1.5 / 5

National Award winning Director, Madhu Kaithapram is back with Dileep and Priyanka in Orma Mathram. The story is set against a domestic crisis which finally evolves and is depicted in a larger society. The film opens with a loss of a child, and how his parents learn enduring the pain of life. This film tries to tell a tale of how people met with loss adjust to reality.

The film is symbolic and deals with poignant social issues like abortion, guilt, inter religious wedding, child labor etc. The treatment of this film Orma Maathram reminds us of art films of earlier times. The film has all the required materials to participate in any award categories, but it lacks in creating any impact on the audience. All in all a perfectly packaged art film imbibe with all classic touches. But what it lacks is a story, a good story teller and a plot good enough to worth watching.

Ajayan ( Dileep) is a simple clerk, lives with his wife Safia (Priyanka) and son. Ajayan works hard to meet all needs of his family. Once they find out that Safia is expecting second time, they decide to get abortion. According to the parents, they believe that a second child might divide their love amidst the children. Later in the film Ajayan comes to know that he is suffering from a vision disorder which is not curable and could make him blind. To add fuel to the fire, and to make the story even sterner, the couple looses their only son. Now the script is torn between, the parents grief for lost son and their faith in religion.

The director now starts pouring in events and issues and confuses his audience. It is not clear which message he wants to convey in detail.

Sanjay Dutt’s Most Awaited Look in Agneepath bollywood movie

The immensely talented Sanjay Dutt is once again back with a role that is surely going to give us shivers , as it appears from the first look. This time we are talking about the horrendous villainous character of “Kancha” that Sanjay is about to play on screen for a Karan Malhotra’s movie named Agneepath.

The movie also featuring superstar Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra as the male and female leads respectively is slated to be released on Jan 13, 2012. With such a star studded cast and being a remake of the hugely popular movie of the same name of the 90’s this upcoming flick is already generating a lot of excitement.

With the entire buzz already in place, Sanjay Dutt is adding a new zing to the movie with a villainous character which seems to be inspired by the likes of Mogambo and Shakal from the past Bollywood blockbusters. Sanjay sports a bald look in the movie with a conspicuous ear piercing which spices up the negativity of the role. Dutt is seen to be wearing a black outfit in the initial photographs with a shrewd smile on his face , that enhances the dark side of the character.

Bangkok Summer Malayalam movie review – Stuffed with Adventure, Love and Brotherhood

Bangkok Summer has been directed by Pramod-Pappan who has strained his every nerve to make the film a success. This is the movie which is packed with adventure, thrill and romance. Though few movie critics have taken exception to the presentation of characters in the movie, overall success rate is quite appreciable. In this movie, new faces have been shown. The appearances of Jayakrishnan, Rahul and Richa Panai in this movie are a matter of enticement as they are all newcomers.

The theme of the movie is based on money, love and humiliation. The director has tried his best to punch the spices of thrills and revenge in the movie.

The synopsis of the movie is as follows. Shrihari reached Bangkok for finding Madhavan who is believed to be his brother. Shrihari had to bear terrific pain and obstructions in life while spotting his brother. His life seemed to be hell. However, in between movie has got new turn with the arrival of Ganga who is a cute lady. She loves Madhavan and the story has reached the climax. The background music is excellent. Richa Panai is the heroine in this new movie. Her physical charisma will surely entice movie lovers.

The director has told reporters that after vast research he has decided to direct the movie to gain success. According to the director, he has tried to present two worlds to people for making a comparison study. Madhavan has been somehow misguided and entrapped into the hands of criminals. They struggled a lot for survival.

The music composer, director, choreographer, visual mixer and producer have made wonderful job to heighten the quality of the movie. They have claimed that this movie will mainly attract the teens who want max thrills and love. The fantastic sightseeing, sweet lyrics and excellent soundtrack are added advantages to make the film more glamorous.

Kalanjiyam Shows More Inclination towards Sex in Karungali

Command your mind to overstep the barrier to feel the life in more dynamic way. A sudden sparkle across the thunder cloud sky can send million waves to electrocute someone. A forceful river can be your sweetheart. A fresh newly born red rose will refine your body and mind by releasing sweet fragrance. Life is multicolored and it is wrapped in silvery beam of joy. Life is also more shinning and brilliant just like a bright daylight.

Director cum actor Kalanjiyam has brought more color, joy and excitement to his life undergoing experiments. He directed movie under the title Poomani. However, right now his exposure as an actor in Karungali has widened the eyes of viewers. He has acted in negative role. Better to say, his character in this movie is quite typical and of course interesting.

Kalanjiyam has acted in Karungali as a villain with awkward mindset Ravi is the fictitious character in this movie. Ravi is not a gentleman but misguided fellow. His attitude is not healthy. Moreover, he suffers from sexual perversion. He loves to toss with sexy babies in the bed.

Ravi is addicted to girls. His powerful sexual desire has dampened his career to a great extent. However, in the movie Ravi has been sketched as a person with changeable mindset. He has fallen in love with lady doctor whom he rescued and helped to survive after accident. However, parents of lady doctor don’t like Ravi. They forced a cop to advise their daughter to leave Ravi. She was not ready to discard his love. They were married. In between another interesting episode has added more color to the movie. His hidden sexual desire compelled him to commit wrong thing. This movie is loaded with erotic expression, sex and hot discussion. Few critics claim that this movie is overloaded with hot snapshots which can lower down the importance of movie.

Salman Khan and Katrina kaif IN COLLEGE CAMPUS for body gaurd movie

Salman Khan and Katrina after their much talked about break up, will be sharing screen all over again, and this time as college goers in Dublin. Sallu and Kat will be acting together in their upcoming film “ Ek Tha Tiger” , the film will be directed by Sajit khan.

In this film the actors will be seen in playing the roles of college goers. For the shooting purpose, the director has selected, the prestigious Trinity College based in Dublin, Ireland.Sources said that, in order to look perfect in their student roles, the actors have even enrolled their names in some course in the Trinity College. According to them, this will help them perform better as college students.

Both the actors, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are very excited about this role that will bring back memories of their long passed college life. So to be back as students, “will be great fun” said the excited actor.

After long meetings and by promising that the production crew will not disturb the serenity of the campus, the director Sajid Khan has successfully managed in convincing the college authorities for shooing of the film Ek Tha Tiger at their premises.

Before leaving for Dublin, Sajid Khan confirmed that this will be a simple entertaining college story.

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