Memory Loss act for Tamanna Bhatia

Tamil actors Tamanna Bhatia and Junior NTR are busy shooting for their upcoming film Oasaravelli. Directed by Surender Reddy, the plot of the film is weaved around strategies and the way the hero solves all plans laid by the evil forces. Hero will be seen in a chameleon attitude, as will shift between plans to fight his enemies. The script demanded powerful actors for special roles. The director has therefore decided to cast Tamanna opposite Junior NTR in a challenging role of a memory loss patient.

The story moved around social issues, raising questions on how innocent people are being regularly victimized by the strong and powerful. Tamanna is one such victim who suffers from memory loss. In his fight against odds, the hero meets the heroine, falls for her and decides to protect her from wicked powers. The hero will evolve as a shrewd character rescuing everyone with the help of his strategies and mind games. He gets very little scope for expressing his muscle power over playing random mind games.

Major part of the film shooting is complete. Now the post production work is scheduled to take place in Hyderabad.

The upcoming film Oosaravelli is diected by Surender Reddy and is produced by BVSN Prasad under Sri Venkateshwara Cine Chitra’s banner. The film is scheduled to release in the moth of September during the Dasara festival.

Tamil movies Mankatha, and Velayutham to Be Released in August

If you probe extensively going through travel guide books, browsing net and mugging research stuff, you will learn that Kerala is meant for natural beauty, autumnal aesthete, majestic charisma of backwaters, brightness of sunny morning and of course spicy movies. Kerala is becoming the main hotspot to movie enthusiasts who like Keralian superstars.

Mankatha, and Velayutham are supposed to hit the silver screen very soon in August to draw the public attention. Box offices will be jam packed as myriad people will flock to the movie halls to renew their tastes by watching the erotic presentation of hot babies. They will be enamored to have colorful snapshots of the movies.

Divya Pictures in located Kozhikode and Thameens in Kochi have been selected for displaying the movies at the premiere show. However, nothing can be pronounced beforehand to what extent it will bake hearts of teens in the furnace of excitement and pleasure. At a tele-conference, the director of Velayutham has told reporters that his movie is stuffed with spices of romance, popovers of sweet intimacy and chilly flavor of hot snapshots. Teens want more color and dynamism. They like to fly in the sky for vying with flappy clouds. They like to swim in the ocean to fight against the water surge. Keeping in mind, the directors of these upcoming movies have pumped raw materials of romance, adventure, thrills and intoxicated eroticism in these movies.

Pooja Gandhi Trying to Be Costly to Kannada Movie Makers

Pooja Gandhi is a beautiful actress and her performance graph is really appreciable. Recently, her decision to showcase her well nurtured acting potentiality in Kannada movies is the turning point in her life. She has become popular. She has accelerated her charges as well . Her value in the Kannada movie is approximately 20 lacs in Indian currencies. She is trying to flourish herself in more elegant way so that she can reach the acme of success within few days.

However, life is not a bed of roses. Every morning can’t be beautiful to someone who will have to shove his way through the hurdles, twists and turns in life. Pooja Gandhi is a talented actress but due to lack of proper guidance and plans, she has lost chances to overtake her rivals. She is now busy of performing in only one film Pagal. Maybe Hare Rama Hare Krishna will hit box office after few months. However, overall achievement record is not prominent as she is not able to have ties up with several movies in Kannada.

There is another rumor which is bobbing up and down in the film industry that she is supposed to marry someone who lives in Karnataka. However, love, death and re-incarnation can’t be predicted with accuracy. Pooja Gandhi will have to prove that she has something special to bring the sky down to her feet.

Vidya Balan’s The Dirty Picture movie releasing date is set to be on Silk Smitha’s birthday

Vidya Balan starrer The Dirty Picture, a biopic about the Southern Actress Silk Smitha, pushed back its release date from November to the 2nd of December, for it commemorates Smitha’s birthday. Born Vijayalakshmi, Smitha turned into an actress when she was discovered in a flour mill. There was no looking back for her since then. Known majorly for her daring roles and dubbed the ‘sex siren’ of her times, her movies mostly belongs to the adult film category. Nevertheless, she is remembered for some of her series roles. The film also stars Naseerudin Shah as an aging Southern actor, Tusshar Kapoor as one of Smitha’s writers and love interest.

Emran Hashmi too stars in the movie. However, the nature of his role has not been specified. The movie is currently filming. There are rumors that Emran Hashmi was recently in Hyderabad shooting a passionate love making scene with Vidya Balan. Producer Ekta Kapoor claims that neither The Dirty Picture nor Ragini MMS were remotely adult films. They were simply daring movies. She also added that this biopic was not made to question nor justify Silk Smitha’s life. It simply traces the journey of the actress’ life. Controversial or not, this movie is surely one of the most awaited of 2011!

Tamil actor vijay’s upcoming projects/movies for 2012

Tamil actor, Vijay, might be playing a cop in his next movie, Gautham Menon’s Yohan: Adhyayam Ondru. Gatham Menon has refused to reveal any information about the character played by Vijay, for he feels it is too early in the day to start giving out spoiler alerts. However, the posters of Yohan, do seem to suggest that Vijay might just be playing a cop. He was last seen playing a khaki clad cop in Pohkiri, which got him a Filmfare nomination for best Tamil actor, and won him the entertainment of the year award, back in 2007.

2011 too seems like a good year for this Tamil star, who had made his debut in 1992 as the lead in Naalaya Theerpu, with a hit like Kaavalan. Reports have it, that Vijay had been previously approached to play cops in other movies. But as he felt that the scripts would not hold his attention, he turned down the offers. Gautam Menon, who has cop movies like Kaakha Kaakha and Vettaiyadu Vilayadu to his credit, has already hired A.R. Rahman to compose the music of Yohan. Whether Vijay will once again be seen in the avatar of a cop would only be confirmed when the movie releases in 2012!

Surya to Own Production House

Surya is a South Indian actor who has completed over 30 movies in different versions. However his popularity is increasing at high speed just like supersonic jetliner. He is not only a talented actor but also he is in possession of some special skills to do business for earning money. He is rich and financially affluent.

Right now he is busy of starting his own business by opening a production house. He has invested money to upgrade the production house for the expansion of business. He is a 36 year old actor who has had made a special announcement at Engeyum Eppodhum. At this conference, he has declared that he will do experiment by doing business. He likes to trade with other clients.

However, he is an artist cum actor. He knows how to bring color to life. He has decided to perform in movies as long as he will be on the globe. The fact is that he will have to reschedule his work in such a way he can operate both his financial career and his acting.

On the other hand, this actor is waiting for the premiere of 7 Aum Arivu which has been directed by AR Murugadoss. He has already got appreciation from people for his excellent contribution to South Indian movies.

Remake on Silk Smitha’s Inaye Thedi – A short Review

Silk Smitha is a sexy and cute actress with brilliant performance record.   Bharath Raj has a clear conception about the contribution of Smitha in the matter of acting in hot movies.   This cute lady was very popular during 1980s when she participated in the movie Inaye thedi.    This film was packed with thrills, romance and few snapshots of bed scenes which attracted teens.  ]]

The picture is now different.  Bharath Raj tries to get back the same spirit and romantic ethos to remake the movie based on Inaye thedi. However movie critics have different opinions in this regard.  They are not sure to what extent the director will be successful to portray the character of Smitha as she was dashing lady who was well fitted to the original movie.

At initial stage, maybe few well known young actresses will be shortlisted for further screening. Silk Smitha was very popular for her hot image. She was sexy and more elegant with a juicy body structure.  Her face seems to be a red rose as her fans are very pleased to watch her in different characters in the movie. She is unbeaten and also very beautiful actress who raised a storm long way back to 1980.  This remake is supposed to be produced by Lewis. He is very optimistic of the future outcome of the movie.

Salman Khan- Always Smart and Dandy – Soon Seen in Bodyguard with Different Appearance

Salman Khan has earned appreciation, accolades and rewards from movie industry and his fans. Recently, his appearance in Bodyguard has surprised his admirers as he looks very smart and handsome. He is still unbeaten. Bodyguard is based on Malayalam movie named Bodyguard. Siddique is the director and he has tried his level best to make the film more attractive. In the Bodyguard, there is proper blend of romance and action. This is very popular movie and it will draw the attention of teens.

On the other hand, Salman Khan’s appearance is really a matter of attraction. His strong musculature seems to outperform the Hollywood heroes. In this movie he wears black colored dress materials. However, at the same time, in Telegu version the remake of this film is under process. Venkatesh and Trisha will be seen in the movie.

At a press conference, the experts have claimed that remake of Bodyguard will surely win million hearts for excellent snapshots of dashing Salman, marvelous music and wonderful sightseeing. Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif will perform in Bodyguard. The movie will be more dynamic and attractive. The shooting programs are being conducted in Hyderabad. This will be one of the best movies in Bollywood industry as movie critics have opined.

Sneham + Ishtam = Amma – Bond of Love and Motherhood

Sneham + Ishtam = Amma is the movie which has highlighted the superb relationship between mother and son. This movie has been directed by Jayachandran who has made many attractive movies in past. Sneham + Ishtam = Amma will be released soon to entertain people. The theme of the movie is based on the sweet rapport between mother and her son.

The movie will be made more glamorous and attractive with the arrival of superstar named Mohanlal who is supposed to do cameo role as a singer in this upcoming movie. He has accepted the offer as he likes Ghazal songs. According to Jayachandran, Revathy and Shaheen will play the leading roles in this sought-after movie. This Malayalam movie will hit the box offices after the premiere show. Amma has been produced by Bharath Samuel.

On the other hand, there is another surprising event which needs to be highlighted. Resul Pookutty has bagged Oscar prize. He has signed the contract for acting in this South Indian movie. Vandana and Namitha are supposed to play in Amma. Preparation is still gong on to complete the movie as soon as possible. Thiruvananthapuram has been chosen as the best shooting site. Film lovers are waiting eagerly for the introduction of Amma to Indians.

First Look of Don – Remake Supposed to Hit Box Offices Soon

In Bollywood industry a new tendency is becoming prominent among movie lovers, directors and producers. They like to walk down memory lane. There are many movies in past which have been sketched once again in different way. Black and white pictures long way back are being given new dimension and color to increase the visual aesthete with superb soundtrack.

The same thing has happened when First Look of Don has been revealed for people. It is the remake of Don which is also a remake itself of the old Don. In 2006, first remake of Don: The Chase Begins Again was completed and gifted to movie lovers. However after a long hiatus of five years, new don will be seen fighting against injustice and social follies. In 1978 original Don was shot. Therefore Don is a popular character.

However, this time, the director has launched special recruitment cell for the absorption of actors and actresses like Lara Dutta, Kunal Kapoor, Om Puri, Boman Irani and Priyanka Chopra. Viewers will be glad to watch sexy Lara Dutta who has earned much popularity and recognition due to superb contribution to the silver screen.

Last but not the least, Hrithik Roshan has been chosen as the cameo role player who will perform for limited period in the movie. Till now lot of discussions have been done by experts and film critics. Om Puri will showcase the artistic elegance and acting which are salient features of his character. Lara Dutta has been chosen from wide range of collection. Her charismatic figure will be seen in the movie.

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