Daniel Craig-Latest James Bond Expresses His Wish to Meet Indian Women

Daniel Craig is always dynamic in spirit. Specially, in the case of dating, making love and romance, he is in the commanding position. He knows how to make the life more glamorous. Few days back, this celebrity has admitted his intimate close-up with sexy Rachel. They are happy to spend days in talking, chatting and doing something spicy. There seems to be no ending process in his life. Craig is James Bond and his appearance in Cowboys And Aliens is a matter of enticement to his admirers.

The more surprising story is in the blanket. He has expressed his ardent desire to perform in Indian films. That means Indian culture; heritage and enriched art have produced the synergistic impact on him. Indian women are getting popularity due to maximum sexy image, erotic presentation, libido and hot angles done by hot babies in recent movies. Craig has appreciated much regarding Indian women. Maybe, in upcoming films, this dashing dude will be seen flipping and tossing with Mallika Sherawat or Bipasha Basu.

To be brief, Hollywood and Bollywood are performing excellently to electrify teens to have wild fun and pleasure. Craig will visit India to meet sexy female celebrities. Everyone is waiting for his arrival to India.

Shake me up- Mallika Decided to Settle Permanently by Marrying Someone Special

Mallika Sherawat’s sexy image is unbelievable, unforgettable and unbeaten. She doesn’t know how to cover her juicy and hot body wearing clothes. She is the symbol of natural beauty, elegance and charisma. Her dare devil eyes always sparkle just like a ball of fire. She knows how to heat up a dude in bed. Her wild sexual drive is the powerful weapon to make a youngster hot, wild, and untamed in intoxicated excitement.

To her, sex is nothing but a game and she loves to showcase her hot G-spots, different close angles and hotspots in her body. She knows how to spread her dominance over the male dome only using her erotic gestures and different snapshots of foreplays with sexual antics. To be brief, she is irresistible and invincible. However, this sexy baby has finally decided to invite someone in her life to lead a fantastic conjugal life which will be bright just like a sunny morning.

Sex is so sweet to taste and it will be sweeter when two souls will be merged to form a single entity. Marriage is always appreciable and it allows two young hearts to live together for ever. Mallika is searching for a handsome, sexy, dashing and hot guy who will be liberal, jovial, and to top it all very hot. The fact is that Mallika will have to struggle a lot to find her favorite dude who will give complete satisfaction to her. God knows whether Mallika will be able to lock her life with such a guy who will bring the heaven to her feet.

Cruise’s Mission Impossible – to Hit Box Office

Hollywood block blusters are known for their outstanding performance in the entertainment industry. They love acting. They like to mesmerize their fans and movie lovers through excellent presentation. Mission Impossible is a movie which is starred by Tom Cruise.

In a press brief it has been stated that the movie will hit the market during upcoming Christmas vacation. Preparation is going on and all the actors and other associates are taking special plans to bring more glamour to the film. The release date of this movie has not been finalized till now.

On the other hand, One Shot is also a good film and the director has pre-fixed a date for celebrating the premiership of this movie by the end of 2013. Star Trek 2 is also under process. A team of experts have been doing wonderful job by making the movie more presentable to teens. Chris McQuarrie will direct One Shot. The movie will be more vibrant, and tension packed. The soundtrack will be free of distortion. The sightseeing in the movie will be dynamic and more colorful. David Fincher is the director who has won million hearts in twinkling of an eye by gifting superb Hollywood movie. Right now he is chalking out plans to release the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo during Christmas season.

‘Endhukante Premanta’ Shooting Will Be Done in France

‘Endhukante Premanta’ is the movie which is incomplete and this upcoming movie will hit the box office soon after the completion of shooting. Karunakaran is a talented director and he always likes to punch more spices and flavorful ingredients in the film to increase the level of attraction. ‘

In a press release, this well known director has admitted that she has chosen France as the perfect location for shooting. He has hired a team of talented actors, actresses and music directors to make ‘Endhukante Premanta’ more popular and beautiful. France is famous for natural aesthete, culture and enriched art. Keeping in mind, he has planned extensively; he has decided to go to France for giving the finishing touch to the movie. November has been selected for undergoing venture to France. Earlier, his movie named Darling was completed in Switzedland.

Sexy Tamannah and handsome Ram will be seen in the movie working together. Sravanthi Ravi Kishore is supposed to finance the movie as he is the producer. Kona Venkat is the famous writer who has showcased his talent to write several write-ups and articles. He will be seen in this movie as a villain. Ram and Tamannah are doing plans to showcase their razor sharp talent in acting in this movie.

Salman Khan Decided to Accelerate His Fare up to Rs.50 Crore Rupees

Bollywood is the place where one will have to struggle for survival. If you have talent, you will have massive opportunity to shoot up high to hold sky in your grips. The same way Salman Khan has done a fantastic job to showcase his acting talent and physical charisma.

Recently, he has re-valued his acting career by heightening rate to perform in movie. 50 crore rupees will be charged by this dashing dude for his contribution to films to come. He wants to glow just like other superstars such as Aamir Khan.

In an interview, Salman Khan has been asked by reporters in relation to his decision. He has told media associates that there is nothing wrong in the acceleration of his value in the entertainment industry. He is handsome, genius and talented in performing leading roles. If he is an actor, he knows how to satisfy his fans for showcasing his attractive figure, body language and beautiful wordplay. He has done lot of trials, experiments and research to add color to the movie. Sonakshi Sinha has been invited by Salman to support him for his updated kick. Zarine Khan is given the same offer for consideration. However it has not been finalized so far about the fixation of the kick charged by prince, Khan.


Think of 2011 Cricket World Cup and you will be reminded of the model Poona Pandey who claimed to fame overnight by promising to strip if India wins the Cup that Cheers. But alas, all were disappointed when she just wore a bikini and fooled everyone. But all these over hyped gossips, helped Poona to claim all fame she might have pined for. The media, the press and Bollywood and not to forget the MMS section, just went gag a after her for the stripping performance.

Model Poonam is such a famous face, that to grab TRP the Big Boss 5 makers have decided to offer her an amount of Rs 5 crores to strip in the show that will be telecasted on the national television. But, Poonam has now refused the offer, stating that 5 crores is not good enough to strip on the national television.

When Poonam was contacted for reaction, she said that she is very happy with her popularity. And she is now the most favourite among the models, and her images were heavily downloaded by her fans. She even shared her Bollowood plans, and talked about her début venture, that will go on floors very soon.

Mr. India Cast by Sridevi and Anil Kapoor – Will Be remake in 3D Format

Mr. India is the old popular movie which is packed with a number of superstars like Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and other megastars. This movie was released way back to 1987. However, according to experts, after a long hiatus of several decades, the director has decided to reproduce the movie in the shape of three dimensional formats. The movie will be more gorgeous and glamorous.

The movie director, producer and other associates have contributed well to make this film success. This time Mr. India will be shown in 3d. The color combination, sound track and background music in this movie will be excellent and up to the mark.

According to experts and movie critics, the Mr.India-2 will hit the box offices by 2012. People will be excited to watch this movie to get maximum fun. In this remake, Anil Kapoor and Sridevi will act again to revive their old talent. Shekhar Kapoor is the director who will shoot the picture in differ rent locations. Salman will play in the role of negative villain. The music director, composers and script writers will be screened before pressing them into service to complete the movie. Everyone is expecting the good outcome after the release of this movie.

Malayalam Movie 2011 Onam and Ramzan releases

The two festivals, Ramzan and Onam, being the biggest and most celebrated events in the region, see a good chunk of populations enjoying a reasonably long holiday season. Related to this is the number of people that are drawn to the movie theatres during this time.

After a wait of 5 long years, this year i.e. 2011, Ramzan will come before Onam. Going by the dates, this year Ramzan will fall on August 31, a Wednesday and following it after 9 days is Onam, which is falling on 8th September. So, looking at the holiday calendar, there is a stretch of 11 holidays combined during this period, which will result in a great impetus for the Malayalam film industry.

Trade experts say that any big banner movie that releases during this period is bound to attract a 15-20% more audience thereby stretching the profit margin for the producer. Following are the Malayalam movies and the tentative release dates during this period.

Teja Bhai and Family and Kuttichatan on August 26

Doctor Love on Auguest 27

Ulagam Sutram Valiban and Sevens on August 31

Pranayam on September 8

Mr. Marumagan on September 9.

Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One bollywood movie first look

Shah Rukh Khan is a well known actor. His fame has spread all over the world. However, Shah Rukh Khan wants to act in films as long as he will live in the world. Recently, this evergreen Bollywood supremo has completed Ra.One bike related shooting which has earned caboodle of rewards and appreciation from movie viewers.

The special feature of this new movie is a beautiful street hawk which has been designed by Sabu Cyril. He is confident of increasing the popularity of the movie. Shah Rukh Khan will be tracked riding this bike in the movie. This middle aged actor has acted in numerous movies. He has bagged national and international accolades for his terrific performance records. However, he is still searching for more rewards, citation and appreciation.

According to him, he has applied his innovative ideas and talent to punch the flavor in this movie. Other actors and actresses who have played in this movie are Kareena Kapoor, Rampal, Priyanka Chopra and Sanju Baba(Sanjay Dutt). This Bollywood movie has been directed with care to heighten up the glamour and color of the film. The director is happy to admit that after hitting the box offices in different parts of the country, this movie will bring more appreciation and reward.

Mohanlal and Suresh Gopi in Rajavinte Makan Remake

Mohanlal is a genius and his contribution to Mollywood is appreciable and excellent. His advent in Rajavinte Makan has heightened up the spirit and glamour of the movie. As a part of final outcome of the release of the movie, he got clapping, appreciation, reward and fame within short span of time. He became a famous actor overnight.

Now, Mohanlal has been invited to participate into the remake of Rajavinte Makan. This movie will be presented in different way though the theme of the movie will be unchanged. Rajavinte Makan could win million hearts overnight due to attractive presentation of actors, mind blowing dialogues, sweet screenshots, colorful sightseeing, excellent sound track and meaning scripts.

Mohanlal was seen in the movie in the villainous role of Vincent Gomez in the popular movie. The supremo in the movie has done wonderful job by showcasing her artistic talent and marvelous performance.

The original movie was also dominated by the high graded superstars and celebrities. Movie producer wants to do remake once again so that Mohanlal can prove his potentiality and razor sharp acting capability by playing the role of the villain in this movie. The preparation is under process to shoot the movie. Let’s hope that the movie will get victory once again outperforming its rivals.

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