Far Cry 3’s reveals its characters

Gaming has been ruling the roost for quite some time now. It will take some time,(December 4th, 2012) before the gamers will be able to get the video game Far Cry 3 on their gaming console Xbox 360.

Developer Ubisoft has come up with a new trailer that showcases two characters with the names Citra and Dennis. This video has been provided with a title named ‘The Tribe’.

Dennis’ character is the guide to the Rook Island and is the only character through whom the Rakyat tribe can be reached. Citra is the warrior priestess, goddess and the queen of the Rakyat Jungle.

This newest edition of the game has some exciting features. Gamers can modify their skills, weapons and their approaches for every mission that they embark on.

The other options are:

  • Long-range sniping
  • Furtive close-up takedowns
  • Run-and-Gun action

The island has been given close to life features such as grasslands and mountains. Thus gamers can also get engaged in other activities such as-

  • Discovering relics
  • Hunting animals

The fights will take place in a gradual systematic manner traversing through towns, temples and more.

There is also a multiplayer feature where gamers will be required to co-work. Adding to the gaming experience are amazing maps that can be made by players.