Why should you marry your best friend?

You may sometimes hear that friendship and a romantic interest cannot go hand in hand. However, discovering the romantic side of a person whom you know and actually like can be just as exciting an adventure as the greatest romances. It is like discovering a new and wonderful meaning out of a favorite old book.

There are several benefits of marrying your best friend. The greatest one is probably the fact that you will be married to a person whom you not only love, but actually like, because the two does not always go hand in hand. This is a person with whom you can share everything. You have shown your best and your worst side to your best friend. He knows you when you have been angry and sad. He probably has seen you display those emotions that you had rather nobody witnessed. You too have seen your best friend at his best and his worst. The result is that, there is no need for pretences. Because when you love another person, you tend to put on your best face and your best behavior, even though you may be feeling something else entirely. With your best friend, there is no need to pretend. This makes for a level of honesty and openness in your relationship that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

When you marry someone whom you have known perhaps for a few months, it takes time to find the comfort zone. In addition to the heady feeling of excitement, there is also a tinge of wariness because, after all, the person is an unknown quantity for you. When your best friend becomes your life partner, there is no apprehension or discomfort. There is only a deep feeling of security and a sense of completeness to help you embark on your romantic adventure.

Healthy Properties of Clove

Clove is a very popular spice that is added to increase the aroma of the dishes. Clove is a flower which is not opened properly and then dried to give rise to a great aromatic spice. Apart from being an aromatic substance for the food the spice also has various healthy advantages. In Ayurveda, a medical science, it has been found that clove has several properties of healing. Generally people can chew a piece of clove daily to relive themselves of cough, cold or throat irritation. Certain common properties of clove are that it helps to cure cold, acts as a mouth freshener without any side effects, helps to relive a person from nausea, helps to cure ulcers in the mouth, helps to treat ailments like diarrhea, cures tooth and gum problems, maintains the level of cholesterol in a person’s blood and increases the circulation of blood in a person’s body. Other medical advantages of clove are as follows:

Acts as a great antiseptic

Clove paste is many a times applied on the skin to cure minor cuts and burns. Sore skins are also cures from this paste. Researches in Ayurveda have seen that clove has certain anti fungal and germicidal properties that help to kill bacteria.

Cure from Arthritis

People suffering from arthritic pain can relive themselves of severe discomfort by chewing a piece of clove every day. The patient can also apply a clove paste on the affected areas to cure the pain. This natural treatment to relieve pain has been used since ages and is a great natural way.

Acts as an Aphrodisiac

Clove falls under an aphrodisiac food group. It helps to increase the sensual mood of any person. This proves useful a lot of times.

Thus, apart from being an ordinary spice, clove has many good values to help a person any time.

How to Avoid Tension?

Tension always weakens mind of a person. You will have to ensure totally tension free lifestyle. Now, you must be aware of the negative factors which bring speed to the spread of tension among people. At the same, a person must know how to over come tension.

You will have to have unconditional faith in the declaration of certain feedbacks or maxims pronounced by great forefathers. One stitch in time saves nine. Or prevention is much better than cure. So you need to detect the cause of tension to attack people. After detection, you will have to be more careful about the treatment to remove tension. If you are able to recognize the enemy beforehand, the whole format of battle will be much easier for overpowering rivals. Let your morning start with good wishes, bright expectation and positive mindsets. Go to backyard to have breathable air for inhalation. Walking under the open sky is always fruitful and conducive to the betterment of the health. Apart from free hand exercises, be liberal to drench your throat in medicated water and liquid to minimize the level of tension. Mental stress has the close proximity with tension. So feel free to take fresh water, inhale cool air and take supplements to energize body. Anti-anxiety tablets come handy to bring down the level of tension.

A singing bird soothes human ears by whistling so sweetly that anyone can be mesmerized to filter ears in sweet tunes. Now, for a city pent dweller, it is often difficult to expect such a wonderful experience. For this reason, he can fill up the heart by listening to his favorite musical albums to sweeten up life. Music is the ensemble of energy, essence of love and purity of heart. Be an audiophile and begin your daylight by renewing life in streams of heart throbbing music. Finally, go to some unreachable places to collect pebbles and gems to decorate your life. An explorer always appears adventurous and romantic. To avoid tension, travel is one of the easiest ways to opt for.

Why do womens live longer than men ?

Women live longer than men. In most cases they almost live about 5to 10 years longer than men. Often people say that men remain young while the women ages quickly. But a recent study confirms that people who have crossed100 years on earth are mostly women and not men. Research says that male hormone testosterone provoke men to live a very active young life, at the same age, women remains meek and lead a sober life.

How can a woman live longer?

To find out the answer to the question, just read the below mentioned points:

· Often it has been found that due to violent and rough lifestyle and behavior, men often die young and mostly between the age of 12 to 30 yrs.

· Men are prone to indulge in uncouth lifestyle. They get addicted in drugs, smoke and alcohol. Such kind of habit is less common with women. Therefore due to such unhealthy habit those products leave a bad effect on their health. Thus at a later age they fall victim to various life threatening disease.

· Men eat more than the women of his age. Over consumption of meat and rich foods provoke the rise of cholesterol levels in men. Hence at a later stage most men suffer from cardiovascular problems due to this reason.

· As per scientist’s opinion, a woman gets an added protection from the nature. At a certain age the sex hormones are controlled and women experiences menopause. The secretion of estrogen declines. But in men, testosterone continues to produce in same level. After a certain age, this over production of testosterone affects the health and in old age it is considered unhealthy.

Nature has created women more strong than men. Women give birth to child hence they can suffer extreme conditions and remain healthy. Thus in mammals female have tendency to live longer.

Emotions of women and its detailed discussion

Most women are emotional. Their strong emotional nature can hardly be changed or modified. In most cases men act strange when they come across emotional women and often try to modify their women. Men needs simple ways to explain themselves but women demands detail explanation of themselves. But ironically things never changes, the woman lives the way she is comfortable with and in short she can never be changed. There are so many changes that one should respect each other without trying to change the nature of women.

Let’s now discuss why women are very emotional, expressive and talkative

The Left and the Right Brain

God has created men and women differently, and hence their brain and its functions are also different from each other. Women commonly use the left and the right side of their brain and men uses the left side majorly. The left side helps in logical reasoning and problem solving skills, and the right side helps in performing prosodic language functions, creativity, facial perception, and for generating emotions. Therefore it can be said, that the left side of the brain is responsible for our IQ and the right side is responsible for our EQ. Thus, as men use the left side of the brain prominently, they are more efficient in dealing with situations by applying logical reasoning, and rationality. But women uses both sides of their brain and therefore deal with problems and issues with creativity and are often more concerned about the feelings associated with it. Apart from these the right side of the brain also helps us in expressing our feelings, thoughts, and language grasping. All these inborn qualities help women to learn new languages and also make them creative.

Women are better at Expressing their emotions

With the help of prominent limbic system, women can express their feeling clearly. This limbic system helps in proper behavior, emotions and memory. But this limbic system causes depression at the times of hormonal changes during menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Hence most women are seriously emotional or moody during this phase.

Handling the Stress

Women deal with their stress in a very different manner than men of the same age. The hormone Oxytocin is released when one is in stress. These hormones work differently in the body of men and women. When men are in stress, the testosterone in them reduces the effect of oxytocin, this effect makes the aggressive and angry. But women releases estrogen in stress which enhances the oxytocin hormone, this combination of hormonal secretion makes the women very calm and nurturing while in absolute stress. Men cannot express their feeling and emotions properly. They often react angrily or aggressively while expressing their feelings. Men can hardly talk about a situation and solve a problem, they have a tendency to pick up fight at any given issue. Women on the other end, tend to deal with stress using the ‘Tend to befriend’ strategy. In this, women when in stress tend to talk it out or discuss it with others and feel better once they have expressed themselves.

Women Feel More Pain

Amygdala is also a part of the limbic system which gets activated in pain, but deals more with emotions related to pain. This is present in both men and women but it affects both of them differently. Women feel more pain than men and are also more vocal about the pain.

Men and Women are Different

Women’s body experiences many changes, and especially during pregnancy, hence they often express themselves in very different manner. They become more emotional while expressing their pain or stress but men hardly suffers such changes and they do not go through such intense emotional changes. Hence they don’t get emotionally moved easily. That’s the way they are created. Hence, from a man’s point of view, women appear to be more emotional.

Tips to Make Wife Feel Happy

Love sweetens up life. It brings color, joy and dynamism to human life. Love is a part of humanity as well. Now when you date with your sweetheart, you will have to be more conscious of the demands of your lover. If your fiancé doesn’t feel ok to date with you, it will be very difficult to enjoy bliss of romance and glamour of marriage. To make your life more colorful, you will have to satisfy your sweetheart.

Be Confident/Optimistic and Friendly

Feel what she feels. Think properly to win her heart. If you are a young boy, you must not be static in doing your duty. Nor will you be required to crash earth by kicking the dust in air. You must be smart, attractive and polite in nature. If you are married, you must take decision properly so that both of you will be happy. If you want to see the smiling face of your sweetheart round the clock, you will have to understand her requirements. Friendship solves many complicated matters. It can energize a human soul as well. Try to maintain the intimate close-up with your wife to feel more pleasant.

Be Passionate with Understandable Mindset

Be confident and proceed for solving problems through mutual settlement, fruitful discussion and proper analysis. However, please understand the need of the hour. If you are economical, try to convince your wife to lead life within the limited budget as much as she can. However, it doesn’t mean that you will force your sweetheart to undergo fast. You will have to keep balance between your requirement and the capability. When you find the convenient way to resolve intricate issues, it will be very easy to lead a comfortable romantic lifestyle.

Expand your mind and be more compassionate. You must think positively to keep interests of your wife intact. If you are unable to realize the problems of your wife, you will have to go to experts for getting feedbacks so that you can prevent the speedy downfall in relationship.

How to prepare a Lychee Squash ?

Despite the nagging humidity and bouts of heat blasts; summer with its fruity abundance is worth looking forward to. Besides adding to your platter, the refreshingly soothing summer drinks can serve to beat the heat. In fact, cool and soothing lychee juice with dashes of crushed ice can be one of the most sought after options of a nice and breezy summer evening. The following concoction blended out of lychee pulp, lemon squeeze, sugar and water can fall into the rhythmic breeze of a summer evening.

  • Easily to store and preserve, lychee squash involves the use of a cup full of lychee pulp, sugar and water. A table spoon of lemon juice is one of the inputs.
  • Having deseeded the lychee, you need to blend the pulp in a mixer/blender.
  • The resulting pulp should be strained to extract the juicy content.
  • The cup full of sugar needs to be boiled in water of equal measure.
  • Wait until the sugar dissolves in the boiling water.
  • Dissolution of sugar needs to be followed up by the addition of lemon juice.
  • The resulting solution is to be boiled for a minute or two. Thereafter, you may have it removed from flame.
  • Wait until the syrup is sufficiently cool. The process of cooling should be followed by the addition of lychee blend.
  • The resulting concoction of lychee squash is ready to be a part of the summer chill. But before having or serving, make sure that it is refrigerated.
  • In fact, you can store the drink in a bottle for the purpose of refrigeration.
  • Before having a taste of it, or before serving it to your guests and friends, do remember the final touch up by adding to the same crushed ice in needful measures.

Flirting language of a woman

Flirting can be great fun despite of one being single or committed in a relationship. There is a time when one cannot resist but flirt. Some hints are discussed in this article which will help one to read the signs of a woman, if she is interested in the guy. When a woman flirts she will always play with her hands and hair. If you stare at her, she will be busy chatting. A woman shows off more when it is known that someone is staring at her. If interested, she will respond using her hand.

Her eyes will show her expression. If a girl is interested she will look back at you. Eye contact is clear indication which shows that the girl is flirting. Turning her head and playing with hair are two more indications to show that she is trying to grab your attention. In general when a woman flirts, she smiles and looks at you. Her lips can be used in a number of ways. She can show her interest by smiling or by making sensual spots. If a woman sits with her legs crossed and swings them, it indicates that she is attracted and as soon as you reach her the flirting will end. Changing her position also indicate that she is flirting.

These are some of the changes that can be seen in the body language of a woman if she is interested or is flirting with you. A guy can look for these signs in a girl and if the situation matches, the guy can hit on her and be sure that she is interested in him. These tips can be helpful for a guy who is trying to understand the feelings of a girl.

Is It Permissible to Allow Woman to Propose First?

It seems to appear odd, if a woman proceeds in advance to express her affection towards a dude. She will have to gather courage and do her job to propose a man boldly. In past, it was quite absurd for a lady to feel crazy for a dude. She expressed her love only after taking consent from the male partner. This type of social binding was a custom in the society. Though it doesn’t mean that a lady is not allowed to propose in public but better to say this type of liberty is restricted due to the tradition and aesthete. However, time is changing fast overtaking obstacles and barriers. It is advancing just like a forceful stream. In the human society, status of a woman is accelerated to equate with males. In that case, it is obvious that this type of switchover from the conventional legacy must influence the personal relationship to a great extent.

So far so good, a lady is permitted to choose her partner for marriage. She is given the emancipation to hold hands of her sweetheart in public. In many cases, it is also seen that celebrities exchange kisses under open sky as a token of love. Now, there are many critics and zealots who are not taking it lightly. They take the strong exception to such a severe exposure. On the other hand, women are becoming bold to demand their basic rights. A lady has the right to propose. However, if you read the psychology of males, you must understand that a dude whether he is a rustic youth or an executive working in a MNC feels hesitated to take the love proposal from a woman. A male suffers from personal ego and social compulsion/reservation. He doesn’t feel proud of accepting proposal of love from a lady. It has become a social law that a man proposes and a girl accepts.

On being asked to give personal comments about the extension of the liberty enjoyed by women to backfire a message of love to a male independently, many dudes quipped by saying that in that case, they would certainly loss a chance to propose someone special in the event of snatching that freedom from male partners. Now, it is a big question tag whether only man should be in the decision making situation outperforming females. Within a social framework, one can’t ignore the equal status irrespective of gender and religion. To be frank, few aestheticians try to tackle this odd situation by prioritizing the issue of aesthetic appeal. According to them, if a woman likes to propose a man beforehand, it will break the so-called system or natural law. Though some men don’t care but others nod their heads in negation. So it is quite difficult to say who will be a good decision maker.

To speak the truth, the clash between the so-called conventional belief and the ultra-modern concepts is palpable. Is it a real problem? Experts are trying to put emphasis on the mutual understanding and point of the acceptability. With times proceeding, a woman will be more sophisticated, liberal and dashing. However, it is also true that a male’s attitude, tastes and his involvement to support a female’s right to propose love should be modified. They must change their conceptions and mindsets about females. It stands to reason; a woman must wait for a century to get back her right to propose independently. An eminent psychologist has claimed that it is still a questionable issue whether a lady must be bold, dashing and more aggressive in nature, tastes and behavior.

This sort of desperation may cause a lack of communication between males and females. To a guy, a woman is a work of art. She is the symbol of love, affection, beauty and tranquility. So, allowing women to appear more resolute and desperate can topple them from the prestigious berth given by male dominated society. However, it can’t be predicted right now. Time will be the most reliable eye-witness to dictate the changeable format of human relationship in near future.

Benefits of having a Love Marriage

People have discussed extensively so far about the value of marriage in human life. Frankly speaking, marriage is the legal contract or a bond between a matured man and a woman who swear to stay together under a one roof. They will glorify their family traditions by giving rise to healthy children.

Now, with times changing, the pattern of the marriage is being modified. It is obvious that wedding ceremony is not only a wonderful incident but also it must be required to keep the human chain intact. Now, there are two types of wedding such as arranged and love marriages. You will have to check whether love marriage is more beneficial and healthy to keep the conjugal life vibrant and flexible in future.

After doing an extensive survey, experts have concluded that comparing to arranged wedding; the love marriage is more beneficial. Basically, time is changing and personal relationship is also being modified. To be frank, in the case of love marriage, the couple gets enough scope for discussion and liberty to select partners. In the conventional social framework, arranged marriage is a custom. Parents choose life partners for their sons and daughters. Their decision is given the utmost priority. Now, it is seen that modern society is trying to rescue children from such motherly fixation. Today, a matured boy and a girl must think independently to select his or her soul mate. A lady has the freedom to handpick the best life partner who is reliable, honest and responsible. Marriage is not a game. Nor is it a gambling. Therefore, if the couple wants to lead peaceful life, both of them must be friendly with sacrificial mind. On the contrary, in the matter of arranged marriage, there is the little possibility to know clearly about the stranger who is selected by guardians of the family. Therefore, love marriage is really more charming and exciting. You must be duty bound to take care of your sweetheart. Love is the essence of marriage and one should value the importance of romance.