Scientific Causes of Love

Love reinforces the personal relationship. It is a part of biological process to keep the human chains intact from being destroyed. Love has many color shades. You will have to define love properly. To be frank, materialistic love enhances the union of two opposite souls. A matured lady and a dashing dude feel a strange aching joy at first sight. Poets call it true love.

Find Reasons of Being Loved

Now scientists have been trying to surface causes of love. Is there any special reason which can force a young boy to start dreaming of a sexy cute girl. Scientists and psychologists have done extensive researches to collect secrets about love. According to a group of scientists, serotonin is one of the most important hormones to play a vital role in causing love. If the level of serotonin is low, a futile lover suffers from obsession stress and fatigue. So he feels crazy to get a lady but due to the low level of this hormone in the body, he can also be affected by pain and discomfiture. However, obsessive compulsive disorder is also a main factor to decrease the amount of serotonin in the blood stream.

A lady can fall in love hundred times and more. Scientists claim that women have deep urges to love multiple boys. Though one can’t definitely predict when he or she will suffer from romantic fever. On the other hand, researchers have also found that love is a mental state in which a guy feels soothed to communicate a person of an opposite sex. Now when love breaks, brain and mind are affected severely. One can’t deny the psychological impact on futile love affair which weakens a person. Doctors advise persons to have patience to think positively. The seriousness of romance is directly and indirectly manipulated by few special hormones. In severe condition, doctors recommend good medications to revive the energy and stamina.

Love Heals up Injured Heart

Love is powerful tool to heal someone. However, one should value the value of romance. Modern people are leading fast lifestyles. They are no longer emulating the conventional beliefs. This type of rapid change enhances the prominent switchover in mindsets and conceptions. 100 years back, women were not allowed to express her love openly. Days are passing just like a forceful stream. Now-a-days, the influence of sophisticated technology brings lot of changes to human relationship. According to scientists, within the new social framework, love is being molded in a new cauldron. A girl is permitted to love hundred boys. However, there is a powerful law to harness unusual passions of humans. Love is not a crime but one can’t misuse this beautiful device to dampen the progression of the society. In this connection, scientists claim that without flesh, love has no existence. Philosophers, cosmopolitans and spiritual leaders explain love in different context. Love means sacrifice, isolation from earthly comforts and wild instincts.

However, scientists have refuted all conventional legacies and prioritize the role of sexual drive to make love more colorful and deep. A girl feels hot to touch or kiss a boy. This type of hidden pleasure is completely based on biological, psychological and physical attractions. Sex is required to keep love alive. However at the same time, social obligations, moral high ground and spirituality also reshape the abstract form of love. Now, it is up to a person how to control his emotions when he comes into contact with a bevy of ladies. He must feel free to have discussions with experts in this regard. Still love will be in the heart of man to make life more colorful and dynamic. Love will not be destroyed. It keeps glowing like an evening star.

Ways to motivate a child to study

A child is often seen not showing much interest towards his or her studies. Here in this article we discuss some of the ways which help in motivating a child to study so that they show interest to their studies. Parents want that their children should achieve success in life and know that success comes with proper knowledge. This is reason why parents admit their kids in good educational institutes so that they can be prepared for life. The duty of a parent does not end in just admitting a child in a good school for proper education, but their duty is to encourage them so that their interest in learning stays on. Some kids are self-driven to face challenges and some are also self motivated to learning. They strive hard to achieve their goal.

On the contrary there are others who do not show any interest in studies. They are not self motivated and tend to take easy tasks which do not require much effort. Parents of such type of kids need to give extra effort to encourage their child. A systematic approach is needed to inculcate interest in these children. In such a case it is always good to know the ways to motivate the child to study so that he can achieve success in every field of life. So here are some ways to motivate a child to study.

A good environment for study is very important for proper learning. It is often seen that noise and distractions disturb the concentration of the child and causes difficulty in learning. A quiet room with less noise and adequate light should be provided to the child. Parents must take good care and should try to provide such an environment for the child to study.

One can help a child to set goals that are achievable. This will not only give a clear view to the child about what must be accomplished in a given time but will also help in measuring success. The realisation to meet such targets will install confidence in the child and will indirectly motive to strive for new goals.

Many parents set unreasonable expectations from their kids which results in undue pressure in the mind of the child and causes depression when he or she fails to achieve the goal. So parents should understand the ability of the child and set reasonable goals. If the child is able to meet the expectation of the parent he will be satisfied and will try to do better.

Children who lack interest do not know the importance of learning in life. So they consider it secondary and those with this mentality should be given lessons on the value of studies. If interesting techniques can be used for learning it can be of much help. Children are often seen to get bored with their routine study and this boredom can be minimised by using games and fun activities which will also bring back their interests.

Each and every child has a specific area of interest. Parents should be able to identify these areas and should start with that subject so that the kid sits to study. In between the interesting topics small chapters of less interesting topics can be included so that the children acquire knowledge on that topic as well. If a child has failed to achieve the target, parents should try to encourage rather than complain. Parents should accompany their kids during study hours so that they can help them out when required. Appreciation works wonder in the path of success.

Parents and teachers play a vital role in motivating a child. A little encouragement and attention can help a child move forward to success.

How to remove Birth Marks naturally?

The reasons behind birth marks are not very clear. It is suggested that reason behind this could be the food taken by expecting mothers which can cause such marks. Even some of her actions during the period of pregnancy may lead to these marks. However, these facts are just suggested and are not proven scientifically. These marks can be reduced by many ways and home remedies are one such way.

Ice packs

Ice packs tighten the pores of the skin and help to reduce these marks. Two or three ice cubes in a piece of cloth can be used and rubbed gently on the area which is affected for about 5 minutes. If repeated it give good results. These cubes help in tightening of the skin and help to remove the birth mark.

Olive oil

It moisturises the skin and also soften the texture of the skin which in turn reduce marks. Marks can be lightened but it is quite difficult to remove it. So massaging the area with olive oil for 10 minutes everyday might be useful. The outcome is positive and helps in lightening of the marks in the body.

Vitamin E

It has anti oxidising quality and helps with birth mark. It helps to treat free radical damage to the body cells. Vitamin E oil or orange oil can be used. Consumption of vitamin E rich food can help.


Lemon is known as natural bleaching agent. It is used in many creams for lightening of skin. If lemon juice is applied on the affected area and washed after some time it helps lighten the marks.

Tomato juice

Anti oxidising quality of tomato help in minimising the cell damage of the skin. It helps to reduce birth marks.

Vitamin A and C

Vitamins help in curing birth marks. So vitamin rich food should be taken to get rid of these marks. A paste can be made using the food rich in vitamins like apricot, kiwi and oranges and then applied to the body.

These are some ways to cure birth marks and are very effective.

Prostaglandin D2 protein is the cause of baldness or hair loss

A bald headed gentleman looks absolutely dull and unsmart. Now if you think that you are suffering from speedy hair falls and split-ups, you need to go to doctors for special treatment. Hair care treatment should be conducted to let the strands of hair grow naturally to cover the scalp. That’s why; scientists have been doing their best to invent the more powerful and result-oriented hair care treatment to serve the main purpose.

To find the reason of rapid hair fall, scientists have detected a type of prostaglandin which is commonly known as PGD2 is responsible to lower the hair growth rate. It slows down the nourishment of hair follicles. However at the same time 15-dPGJ2, a sub-category of PGD2 is severe to decrease the speed of hair growth and proper nourishment of hair tuft to cover the scalp. According to experts, it is seen that out of 10 men, 8 male persons are affected by baldness and improper growth of hair strands due to the improper functionality of PGD2 and its sub-category. Scientists have revealed more interesting facts in this regard. If a person has the defective PGD2, the hair will grow in short height but the scalp will be dotted with small mass of short hair strands. It makes a person ugly and an idiot. However, the negative impact of 15-dPGJ2 is severe as there will be little scope of hair growth. Hair will not grow at all. In that case, an efficient hair care specialist should be contacted to take his feedback about the convenient ways to enhance the rapid growth of hair strands.

On the other hand, after doing an extensive and result oriented research, a team of experts have discovered two interesting facts in this regard. F2alpha is the positive prostaglandin which performs very competently to boost up the hair follicles to enhance the speedy production of new hair strands. Secondly, PGD2 performs the villainous role to minimize the chance of hair nourishment and natural growth. Now, it is up to the medical experts to do havoc research and experiments to revitalize F2alpha for removing baldness forever.

How Parents Should Handle with Teen Flirting?

Everyday can’t be same. You will have to do a comparison, analysis and classification properly to understand the constant change in the society. The same thing is also applicable to the evaluation of a man. You need to welcome the sweet breeze of modern times. You must be liberal to accept the words of teens. At the same time, it is necessary to restructure your principles, ideals and moral values on the strong foundation of ethics.

Modern teens are becoming sophisticated. They are imitating and emulating the European culture. If you are parents, you will have to guide your children properly. However, it doesn’t mean that you will ride rough shod over their childish sentiments and their feelings. They are human beings. Now-a-days, dating is given a special focus by teens. Those who are college goers like to spend their leisure time by talking to their mates. They like to enhance the sexual exploration. It is a good idea that one should be modern and liberal to accept different principles and etiquettes. Love is not a crime. Nor is it justified to tamper with personal affairs forcefully. Therefore, it is up to parents how to proceed to train their kids so that both will be in comfortable conditions.

Romance, intimate close-ups, sacrifice and freedom are some of the special areas of interests and teens must be given chances to enjoy these colorful emotions to get fun. However, social obligation, moral high ground and justice must be prioritized to make the society cleaner and more acceptable to people.

Teenage dating is good but it must be controlled. Excessive freedom can snowball into obscenity to do harm to the society. Therefore, you will have to take few special measures to regulate adolescent boys and girls efficiently to prevent destruction.

First of all, to stop flirting, parents must be attentive to take care of their children properly. They must be frank to their sons to discuss openly about the bad effect of flirting if it is not harnessed in a proper way. The fact is that teens like fantasy and infatuation. They like to mingle with others for fun. Adolescence period is also called strife and stormy age. You must advise your kids how to lead life peacefully.

Massive flirting is not good. If a cute school girl likes to have sexual pleasure without taking preventive measures, she will be pregnant in severe case. She will have to face the caustic criticism and bad treatment from their parents. Social status will be down at the same time. For this reason, you need to teach your daughters about the ill impact of unprotected sexual desire. On the other hand, at teenage, if a boy or a girl likes romance and dating, their studies can be hampered. The strong emotional outbursts and love will obstruct the progression. In this connection, parents must try to understand the needs of their kids. They must listen to their demands. Now it is the role of a mother to give her own opinions, and feedbacks to convince her sons/daughters. She should encourage them to do other activities, games, reading books, recitation, and participation into other cultural programs. The vital tips and education can inspire children to perform brilliantly discarding hallucination and passive emotional outbursts. Love can’t be a cheap game. Under-matured teens should be given guidance so that they won’t get out of the track.

Teens should be taught scientifically. If they are not satisfied to get their answers, they can be misguided. Modern education always puts emphasis on the logistic aptitude, good reference, easy explanation, examples and discussion. Face to face communication and open discussion will definitely help parents to get solutions more quickly.

Hair colours and styles for men during summer

Irrespective of your purpose and needs, you may prefer having your hair styled in an interestingly unique way. One such way revolves around the use of hair color. Having developed over the years, the trendy prospect of hair coloring is as popular amongst men as women. Having your hairdo to suit a color of a particular kind is one of the trendy options. Amongst the existing array of hair colors, it is desirable choosing the one most relevant to your style and purpose.

§ If you choose to covering the occasional strands of grey, it is preferable falling back on hair colors with partially- permanent base. In fact, these colors are as long lasting as hair dyes. You can add to the dashing dose of style by having it to match your skin complexion. The fair complexioned ones can pick on colors having a blondish base, whereas the relatively darker ones can go for those on the brownish side including burgundy. As far as the trend of summer is concerned, it is guided by the statements of red, ginger and yellowish brown.

§ One of the style inputs pertains to selecting a shade slightly on the lighter side of your skin tone.

§ Partially permanent base with respect of hair color is always preferable over the ones with permanent base. Besides serving to affect the hair quality with its fare content of ammonia, hair colors with permanent base are difficult to get rid of.

§ Those with hair spikes can go for highlighting. Spiked hair is one of the raving trends of summer. So, to add to the summer chill, go for the most preferred way of highlighting. Usually the chosen shades of hair highlighters revolve around mahogany, chestnuts and brown. Brown with a tinge of hazel is another option for highlighting. Besides the scheme of partial highlighting, gelling can be another cool and sleek option.

How Body Odor Works? – Check Review

Those who have changed their lifestyles to earn money know all about the bad experiences of perspiration and excessive sweating. When then find themselves in the midst of crowd of the buses and trains, they inhale odor which oozes out from bodies of passengers and commuters. However, the recent study has confirmed different sources of perspiration. If you suffer from anxiety and nervousness, apocrine glands generate hot sweat droplets to drench the armpits, neckline, sweetheart lines and buttocks of guys. Apocrine glands must be treated well to check over perspiration. Eccrine glands also channelize sweat which is loaded with minuscule electrolytes and water.

To be frank, to flush out excess salt from the body, one will have to perspire. However, excessive perspiration is definitely detrimental to the body. That’s why you will have to take lot of fresh hygienic water on regular basis. You will have to bring changes to the format of your lifestyle. Secondly, you are compelled to keep the balance of hormones and other ingredients in your body.

The American research center has published few interesting topics regarding the proper application of body odor to identify different humans. Sweet smelling of mom is surely a plus point for a minor boy to establish a strong rapport. Body odor is also user-friendly to animals for enhancing mating and intimacy. The American research institutes have done extensive studies to find more vital information regarding causes and remedies of bad odor. The micrococci and staphylococci are bacteria which grow speedily in different parts of the body due to deposition of sweat droplets. Proper medication, odor repellant sprays and anti-biotic are needed remove the stinking odor from the body. Regular intake of fresh hygienic drinkable water is also effective to control over sweating. Doctors need to be contacted if your sympathetic hormone glands located in the armpits are severely mal-functional and damaged to produce huge volume of sweat.

What girl love from a boy

You will have to understand the basics of love. A red rose blooms with the sole purpose of welcoming young hearts to express their strong passion to date. Same way, a woman is born for a man. If you are a boy, you need to know how to smarten up your personality to entice a bevy of high profile school girls who are found gamboling in the streets, at the corners of kiosks or making fun in a cafeteria.

Instead of wallowing in deep labyrinth of confusion and frustration, be confident and try to decorate your body to attract young cute and sexy gals. Your sweetheart should feel a jazz in her mind when she meets you face to face. The outward appearance must have new dimensional change. It doesn’t matter how powerful you are. Nor is it so important how lanky you are to hold the sky in your hand. Maybe you can be short in height but if you have stamina, confidence and jovial manner, god knows how to discard Rose to come close to you. You will have to keep in touch with changeable times. Modern society is sophisticated and glossy. You can’t resist the impact of ultra-light effect of romance, beauty and sophistication in style.

Be stylist, fashionable and more optimistic. Never say you are alone. Nor is it apropos to admit your deficiency. You must be presentable to your sweetheart. You will have to be more dynamic in spirit. Add more gloss to your physical aesthete. Tip top dresses are attractive. Unlike reticent women hundred years back, modern ladies are much more sophisticated and sexier. They feel the warmth in enjoying sex. Therefore, your erotic appeal in right combination with proper decorum can spark a flash in the heart of your sweetheart.

A mantle like face is dull to look. You will lose your popularity among gals. You will try to be in rollick mood. You need to use pyrotechnique of words. Bring lucidity in tone. Be humorous and intelligent. Your logistic eloquence can revive the lost luster of romance and adventure.

Your costumes must be well tailored. Instead of wearing dare devil dresses, you must wear properly designed uniforms, shirts and leg ware. Proper dress code always reflects someone’s beauty, smartness and politeness. If you are a gentleman you need to emulsify your body by choosing the right apparels to appear more glamorous and colorful.

A woman feels hot to touch a smart and dashing dude. She feels pain in sitting close to a fashionable guy. Therefore, you must learn how to enhance physical wellness and beautification. In this connection, it will be more beneficial to read reviews, e-journals and other research materials to collect more updated information about the latest fashion and trends in female dome.

You should not be over exaggerated. Time is running like a flash of light. You will have to get out of the conventional legacies. Instead of being a superhuman, Hercules or Tejab, you need to be more gentle, polite and well mannered. You must have power to convince anyone using examples, and facts which are testimonial to the clarity of your character.

Calmness wins the heart of a girl who is very naughty and frivolous. Your cool temperament will certainly soothes the mind of a woman who likes softness in tone and touch of politeness. Women like dudes who take care of themselves. Therefore be more conscious of latest fashion to enhance the beauty and luster of your body.

There is no shortcut to achievement. Nor is it easy to outperform others playing sophistry. Be honest in making deal. Though you are a simple man, you will have high ambition to bring success to your feet. Women like all these salient traits which must be present in dudes.

Insurance and Different types of Insurance available

Considering life and its impending hazards; you never know when you will be in the throes of unforeseen calamities. Despite your best possible guard to save yourself from the same; natural or manmade disasters are there to catch you completely off guard and unwarranted. It is here that insurance or rather schemes pertaining to the same can come in handy. They serve to offer their shields of protection against unwarranted or uncalled for dangers. But in order to come under its protective coverage; you need to purchase its policy in addition to the due payment of premiums.

By purchasing the service of insurance provider and payment of premiums; you are essentially providing the service provider with the necessary inputs. This in turn will facilitate him to have you under its coverage to cater cases of emergency.

Different kinds of insurance

Bearing in mind, the different facets of risks or hazard possibilities; you can avail of different varieties of insurance. First and foremost, is the life insurance. As far as life insurance is concerned; the policy holder derives benefits of the same with his death or demise. The parties or names specified in the concerned policy obviously avail of its benefits. Besides death related eventuality, policy holder is subject to its payment with the attainment of maturity.

To safeguard your moveable as well as immovable property from the hazards of theft, fire and different forms of natural and manmade disasters; you can avail of property insurance. As you transact with your concerned service provider in respect of property insurance; do bear in mind its respective clauses; because with the availability of different varieties of policies gearing to property insurance; there are marked differences in respect of their areas of coverage, terms of payment and rates to be paid as premiums. Consequently, the benefits are similarly different.

Auto insurance comes to your rescue in events of accidents caused by automobiles. Loss accrued on your part owing to a vehicle triggered injury or accident; you can avail of its benefits. So in order to prevent yourself from losses suffered on account of automobiles; you need to bring your vehicles under the domain of auto insurance.

Consisting of a series of packaged benefits; health insurance plays its requisite role when you look forward to retrieving a lion’s share spent on health related issues. Medical and dental insurances are some of the leading kinds of health insurance. Accidents suffered during working hour and events of dire emergency such as sudden need for operation are generally included in its protective domain.

With gradual interconnectivity leading to frequent travels and inter communications between regions, countries and continents; travel insurance has gained in significance. By means of travel insurance; you can embark on hassle free travelling with insurance provider looking after its hazardous prospects including losses, delays, accidents and even health related emergencies. It is particularly beneficial for those who need to travel frequently on account of professional reasons.

As you choose to travel for fun and pleasure; there may be direct or indirect circumstances holding you responsible for the damage of amusement features. By means of a unique kind of insurance with the name of insurance of points of amusement– you can avail of the much needed relief. Thus in case of a boat ride; you may be called in to pay an additional bit of money as insurance against its possible damage.

By means of credit insurance; the service provider caters to the needs for repayment of loan in addition to its interests; incase the beneficiary meets with death, acute financial loss or loss of livelihood.

There are other minor kinds of insurances as well. One of them happens to be third party insurance. In case you bring about damages to others either directly or indirectly; the service provider is supposed to cater to you.

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