Howrah Rajdhani Express starts free Wi-Fi service

There is a good news for the passengers who need to regularly use the Delhi Kolkata Rajdhani. The train would now be facilitated with the Wi-Fi connectivity which will allow the passengers to connect to the internet on the go. Many passengers find the need to connect to the internet while traveling, and this will just provide them with some relief. The passengers will be able to access email and browse the web, maximum download speed would be 4Mbps and the maximum upload speed would be 512 Kbps.

The Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal launched the Wi-Fi facility on last Tuesday at the Delhi station. The passengers will be given a login and password for the duration of their journey, which will be based on their tickets and identity cards. However, it remains to be seen whether it will be affected by the technical snags or bad scheduling.

It is a good initiative on the part of the Railways and based on the experience, it will be introduced on 50 other train services as well, including Shatabdi and Duronto. The Wi-Fi facility on the Rajdhani is being used a pilot to see whether it turns out to be a successful venture or not.

Yale University Scientists discover a ‘diamond planet’

Scientists working at the Yale University have come up with a new discovery. It has been reported that a super-Earth has been located nearby, that is being termed as the “diamond planet”. This planet has a layer that is made of diamond and graphite.

This planet has been named 55 Cancri e and is situated 40 light years away from the Earth. It revolved around the binary star named 55 Cancri, which is set in the Cancer constellation. This planet was observed for the first time last year. It was then thought to be a water planet, very similar to Earth. But the latest information about this planet has allowed these scientists to deduce that this planet is more of a diamond planet.

55 Cancri e is being denoted as a super-Earth as it is much larger than the Earth. However, it is not as enormous as the other gas giants placed in the Solar System. This new planet’s similarities with Earth are only that much. It has twice of Earth’s radius, eight times more of Earth’ mass. This planet is the innermost compared to the other planets in the 55 Cancri system and therefore its surface’s temperature is 3,900 F (2150 degree Celsius). Also its year lasts for only about 18 hours as compared to the Earth’s 365 days.

This star system primarily comprises of iron, silicon and carbon and through millions of years of compression by heat and pressure, this planet’s carbon covering has slowly got converted into diamond. The Yale University scientists have estimated that one-third of 55 Cancri e’s mass comprises of diamond which is equivalent to three of Earth’s masses. This means there is trillion times more number of diamonds than what has ever been mined on Earth.

Earlier it was expected that all planets had the same make-up as Earth and this discovery has safely broken that myth.

Malayalam Actor Thilakan Passed away

Thilakan who was a national award-winning film actor down south is dead at the age of 77.

He has had a wide range of body of work, where he has acted in 200 films. He also won the national award.

Thilakan was battling several organ failures over the past couple of months. He died around 3.30 am on Monday morning at a private hospital. His body will be kept for his fans at Victoria Jubilee Memorial Town Hall (Thiruvananthapuram) to view him for the last time from around 11 am in the morning. He will be cremated around 4 pm.

Thilakan was born on July 15th, 1938 at Ayroor. His rendezvous with acting began at a very tender age when he was still at school. He worked at the theatres and under the guidance of his mentor P.J. Antony it did not take him much of a time to make his mark on the stage.

He made his first appearance in films in 1972 with the film Periyar, but it was K.G George’s film Kolangal that gave him his recognition. Yavanika followed which was another offering of George, which truly established him as an actor in tinsel town.

He has been part of successful films like Dhwani, Panchagni, Jathakam, and Rithubhedam.

He was a remarkable actor and roles were written for him in films to fit him into the cast. Age never came into his way of acting.

In the new century too he acted in films like “Ekantham” and “Achan” and the more recent Indian Rupee and Ustad Hotel and very effortlessly delivered class performance in each of the movies. In 2007 Ekantham won him a jury award. He won the National award for Rithubhedam in 1988.

He has won State awards for best actor twice-Perunthachan (1990) and Gamanam (1994)- and for the supporting role six times- Yavanika(1982) being his first and Kattathoru Penpoovu(1998) his last.

His death is truly a loss for the film industry.

Astrologer blame that falling of Indian rupee due to its symbol

Indian economy is in jeopardy and the Government has come under fire for the mercurial rise in prices. According to a Vaastu expert from Guwahati, the problem lies in the symbol of the Rupee. This Vaastu consultant, Mr Rajkumar Jhanjhari, says that the lower horizontal line in the symbol is at the root of all the trouble. “This line has slit the throat of the rupee and the result is showing in the country’s economy”, claims he. This 50-year old “expert” also supplied that the problem could be remedied by removing this horizontal line. He said he had pointed out this problem and its remedy in writing to the Prime Minister in December of last year. In his letter (which he also sent to the Finance Minister and the governor of the RBI), he explained how the symbol which is non-compliant with Vaastu rules is the major factor in the devaluation of the Indian rupee against the likes of the Dollar. He said that the world-wide recession was overridden by India in 2009 because back then, a different symbol was in use. This new symbol, designed by Dharmalingam Udaya Kumar, Assistant Professor of Design at IIT Guwahati, was implemented by the Govt. in 2010. When contacted about this matter, Kumar said that he had nothing to say about this and it was all up to the Government.

Two double decker AC trains to come soon in India

Dinesh Trivedi, the Railway minister has announced one Shatabdi train and two decker trains in the Rail Budget of 2012 and 2013. While making the presentation for the Rail Budget, the Railway minister has declared new trains which include Howrah New Jalpaiguri Shatabdi Express, Chennai Bangalore AC double decker Express and Habibganj Indore AC double decker Express. He has also announced Kamakhya Tezpur Intercity Express, Kamakhya Lokmanya Tilak AC express and Dibrugarh Kolkata Express for the northeast zone.

Trivedi has further added 75 Express trains in Mumbai suburban rail network, 21 passenger trains, and 50 new trains are to be introduced for Kolkata Metro. So in the coming time these new trains are to make the journey much more comfortable. Let us see when this comes up in reality and we will wait to see how these trains perform in the near future. Nothing can be said more rather than just having a patient look forward. We can just wait and assume that all will be well in the future and we will have a happy and comfortable journey in the near future. Let’s see what is presented next.

Actor Jagathy Sreekumar injured in a car accident

Update 11-03-12 , 7:40 am

As per the current medical bulletin doctors stated that the condition of actor Jagathy Sreekumar who had seriously injured by an accident yesterday morning has improved but he is currently suffering from kidney trouble . His blood pressure came to normal and treatment is done by 10 experienced doctors


Actor Jagathy Sreekumar was seriously injured in a road mishap that occurred near Thenjippalam early morning on Saturday. The accident happened at 5.50 a.m. after his car overturned when it hit the road divider. He is admitted in the KIMS hospital and Undergoing a Head Surgery. All Malayalam Film industry and all Fans of Jagathi is praying for him.

Doctors said, he has put on ventilator care may have to undergo surgery. The driver of the car, Anil Kumar also suffer serious injuries. Those were brought to the hospital from the accident site in another car. He was conscious at that time but soon his condition worsened. Jagathy was on his way to the location of ‘Edavapathi’ directed by Lenin Rejendran in Kudagu.

New House of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, the legend of cricket has moved to a new house that is located in Perry Cross Road in Bandra. While the first basement comprises of master surveillance, kitchen and servant quarters and the second basement can hold 45 to 50 cars at a time. The ground floor consists of a huge drawing room with a dining space and a temple of Lord Ganesha. This floor will also have a display area where all the medals and trophies of the master blaster will be kept.

According to the prediction of Bejan Daruwalla, this house will be lucky for Sachin. He further stated that it is a very auspicious day as it is the first day of Navratri. In his birth chart, Sachin Tendulkar has ‘Kumar Yoga’ and ‘Raj Yoga’. Very few people like Narendra Modi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mukesh Ambani, Barack Obama have these yogas in their horoscope. Sachin has won popularity as the sign of earth is present in his birth chart. He is stable like the earth. If he would have sign of water in his birth chart, his future would not have been stable. He along with his family was excited to move to their house in Bandra. The cricketer was spotted shifting to his five storey mansion during the festival of Navratri. They were keen to move to their new house in Navratri.

The bungalow was brought at 39 crores and externally looked like triple storied while it is a five storied house where one and half floors lay underground. The house has been made focusing on vastu giving emphasis to kid’s area. This is like a dream house for everyone and the couple is happy staying there. We hope they are enjoying their stay there in their five storied mansion.

Kerala Police introduces online advance queue booking for Sabarimala

It is during this pilgrimage season that the Kerala police have introduced an e-queue system for the Sabarimala darshan. Pilgrims with the online queue coupon will be given preference in the queue for darshan. This however, does not give them full assurance of getting  darshan without waiting. This will help them avoid overcrowding and will help the authorities to control the crowd. This system will actually operate from November 16,2011 . This facility is limited to only the devotees who have come with Irumudikettu to Sabarimala.

The pilgrims who have registered on the Kerala Police @ Sabarimala website are not required to wait in the queue for hours as the online advance queue coupon allows the devotees to join the line at Nadapanthal. After all other formalities the devotees will be allowed to join the line for darshan with those already waiting in the queue. They will also be given a particular time for joining the other pilgrims just to avoid any inconvenience. In order to manage the crowd the Kerala police have offered this free service which means no payment is required for the advance booking.


For Registration  visit :

The only thing that the pilgrims have to do is to select the date which you wish to have darshan ,fill up the form and upload a scanned copy of the passport size photograph which should be less than 30 KB in size. While coming for darshan bring the print out which will be generated after registration and the Identity card are to be given for verification to the police officials.

The Kerala Police has introduced this system in December 2010 which was designed to share information on Sabarimala and in turn to help the pilgrims get police assistance. The website contains all details including number of devotees, movement of those devotees and all other necessary information. This is a multi lingual website containing all information.

How to Calculate PMI Mortgage Insurance for a FHA Loan?

As a matter of fact, premium to be paid as part of mortgage insurance, on loans catered to by Federal Housing Administration, or FHA is substantially higher than those provided by as part of a conventional transaction. While, the premium happens to be 1.50% of the sales price; renewal premium to be paid subsequently is .500%. In the event of defaulting; the premium seeks to protect the interest of lenders. The department catering to housing & metropolitan development in United States- charges premium to the tune of 2.25%. Charged on the entire loan amount; it is to be paid on a monthly basis until 20%of the equity is achieved. For calculation of the average outstanding balance; the following point may come in handy.

  • The amount availed of as loan is to be multiplied by its rate of interest. The obtained amount should be rounded off as one whole number, without involving any decimal.
  • The whole number obtained should be divided by 1,200
  • Number obtained by way of division should then be added to the amount taken as loan
  • Now you can obtain the outstanding balance, if you deduct the monthly principle in addition to its interest from the amount arrived at previously in point 3.
  • Next you ought to repeat the mentioned process taking the amount arrived at as outstanding balance. You have to keep repeating the calculation for the entire phase of eleven months.
  • Keep adding the left over outstanding balance of every month to the amount availed of initially as loan. This will help you to arrive at the yearly figure of outstanding balance.
  • If you divide the obtained figure by twelve you can settle on the average amount.

For calculating the monthly ‘private mortgage insurance’; you have to

  • Have the figure obtained as average amount divided by.005
  • Then have the total arrived at in point 1 divided by 1.0225
  • Yearly PMI arrived at in point 2 should be divided by 12 to arrive at the charge of monthly PMI


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