Howrah Rajdhani Express starts free Wi-Fi service

There is a good news for the passengers who need to regularly use the Delhi Kolkata Rajdhani. The train would now be facilitated with the Wi-Fi connectivity which will allow the passengers to connect to the internet on the go. Many passengers find the need to connect to the internet while traveling, and this will just provide them with some relief. The passengers will be able to access email and browse the web, maximum download speed would be 4Mbps and the maximum upload speed would be 512 Kbps.

The Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal launched the Wi-Fi facility on last Tuesday at the Delhi station. The passengers will be given a login and password for the duration of their journey, which will be based on their tickets and identity cards. However, it remains to be seen whether it will be affected by the technical snags or bad scheduling.

It is a good initiative on the part of the Railways and based on the experience, it will be introduced on 50 other train services as well, including Shatabdi and Duronto. The Wi-Fi facility on the Rajdhani is being used a pilot to see whether it turns out to be a successful venture or not.

Astrologer blame that falling of Indian rupee due to its symbol

Indian economy is in jeopardy and the Government has come under fire for the mercurial rise in prices. According to a Vaastu expert from Guwahati, the problem lies in the symbol of the Rupee. This Vaastu consultant, Mr Rajkumar Jhanjhari, says that the lower horizontal line in the symbol is at the root of all the trouble. “This line has slit the throat of the rupee and the result is showing in the country’s economy”, claims he. This 50-year old “expert” also supplied that the problem could be remedied by removing this horizontal line. He said he had pointed out this problem and its remedy in writing to the Prime Minister in December of last year. In his letter (which he also sent to the Finance Minister and the governor of the RBI), he explained how the symbol which is non-compliant with Vaastu rules is the major factor in the devaluation of the Indian rupee against the likes of the Dollar. He said that the world-wide recession was overridden by India in 2009 because back then, a different symbol was in use. This new symbol, designed by Dharmalingam Udaya Kumar, Assistant Professor of Design at IIT Guwahati, was implemented by the Govt. in 2010. When contacted about this matter, Kumar said that he had nothing to say about this and it was all up to the Government.

Kerala Police introduces online advance queue booking for Sabarimala

It is during this pilgrimage season that the Kerala police have introduced an e-queue system for the Sabarimala darshan. Pilgrims with the online queue coupon will be given preference in the queue for darshan. This however, does not give them full assurance of getting  darshan without waiting. This will help them avoid overcrowding and will help the authorities to control the crowd. This system will actually operate from November 16,2011 . This facility is limited to only the devotees who have come with Irumudikettu to Sabarimala.

The pilgrims who have registered on the Kerala Police @ Sabarimala website are not required to wait in the queue for hours as the online advance queue coupon allows the devotees to join the line at Nadapanthal. After all other formalities the devotees will be allowed to join the line for darshan with those already waiting in the queue. They will also be given a particular time for joining the other pilgrims just to avoid any inconvenience. In order to manage the crowd the Kerala police have offered this free service which means no payment is required for the advance booking.


For Registration  visit :

The only thing that the pilgrims have to do is to select the date which you wish to have darshan ,fill up the form and upload a scanned copy of the passport size photograph which should be less than 30 KB in size. While coming for darshan bring the print out which will be generated after registration and the Identity card are to be given for verification to the police officials.

The Kerala Police has introduced this system in December 2010 which was designed to share information on Sabarimala and in turn to help the pilgrims get police assistance. The website contains all details including number of devotees, movement of those devotees and all other necessary information. This is a multi lingual website containing all information.

India Made One Step Forward in developing Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Capabilities to Cover China

India has made one step further in the case of releasing ICBM or Intercontinental Ballistic Missile which can travel 5000 km to reach the extreme northern part of China. In a news brief, it has been stated by scientists that India has upgraded the Agni V ballistic missile which was launched few years back as a part of defending the country. China is the caustic rival. This Asian country attacked India back to 1960. At that time India had to lose land and property due to bloodshed war. After independence, India had to receive the jolt from Chinese troops.

Right now China has made massive progression in inventing deadly surface to surface ballistic missiles and intercontinental cryogenic based missile which can travel at high speed to cover some of important base points within the territory of India. In retaliation to this threat from China, India has had to improve the quality of defense by upgrading the ballistic missile and other sophisticated weaponry.

India has also got success in the upgradation of Ballistic Missile Defense program. This BMD missile can intercept and inactivate ballistic missiles coming from China. India is now becoming superpower as this Asian country has made an excellent progression and development in reinforcing Indian military and defense

–kreation guru

Narayanamurthy’s son Rohan & Venu Srinivasan’s daughter Lakshmi Venu Wedding

Marriage is a simple bond which is made with love and care but looks like there is a business deal happening between TVS group and Infosys Chief Mentor. Rohan, son of NR Narayana who is the mentor of Infosys has tied the knot with Lakshmi Venu of TVS Group.

Rohan is 28 years old and is a Microsoft fellow who is pursuing his PhD in Computer Science from THE Hardvard University has got married to Lakshmi, 27 who is the daughter of India’s second largest 2 wheeler manufacturer : the TVS group. The event was attended by big shots such as LK Advani, BJP leader, Union Minister – P. Chidambram, Anand Sharma, G K Vasan and Kamal Nath.

Around 150 priests from hilly shrines came to bless the newlyweds. At the hit of 10.15, Rohan knotted the mangalsutra round Lakshmi’s neckline at the ritual held at the household of A Ananthakrishnan Iyer, predecessor of late professional mogul and Rs 7 thousand crores Chairman A Sivasailam.

Rohan was sporting a silk sherwani and Lakshmi looked ravishing in a red saree. Many familiar faces were visible in the event that came to bless the couple. Looks like Rohan and Lakshmi are happy together. And all they need is blessings and love.

–kreation guru

2012 will witness the opening of longest rail tunnel in India

India’s longest tunnel, approximately 11 kilometres will shape up by 2012. The rail link between the Kashmir Valley and the country will be built after this 11 km tunnel is constructed in a year.

The tunnel will be one of the world’s deepest and largest which will perforate through Pir Panjal below the snow line.

The engineering prodigy, called T80, is purposefully significant for the nation as the only path linkage is through the Jawahar Tunnel, which joins both the counties in the boundary state-run, is often gridlocked due to substantial snowfall.

The passageway will deliver an all-weather connectivity sandwiched between the binary regions. The expanse between Banihall and Qazigunnd will be condensed to 16km when the tunnel turns out to be in operation. Railways are expending the state-of-the-art Austrian channelling technique to create T80 that comprises incorporation of nearby soil forms into a ring-like sustenance edifice. Looks like India wants to create history by building this long tunnel. Future looks promising to us for sure. The tunnel will be 11 km long and will leave a mark in Indian History. Hope the T80 has strategized it well and builds something more promising and productive. The creation will be completed by 2012.

–kreation guru

Malaysia Vasudevan Tamil Playback Singer Passed away

Malaysia Vasudevan tamil singer & actor passed away in chennai city hosiptal today . He was admitted two or three days before after he suffered cardaic arrest.

He sung over 8,000 songs in Tamil and over 4,000 songs in the other languages, he also a talented actor and made many secondary roles in more than 85 movies,He was born in Malaysia, then he migrated to india to become a singer, his first song was for the film Delhi to Madras

‘Poongatru Tirumbuma’, vibrant ‘Aagaya Gangai’ or ‘Oru thanga radhathil’, stylish ‘Ennama Kannu Sowkyama’ or the moving ‘Thenkizhakku cheemaiyilae’ are his hit songs

Mobile Number portability service (MNP): How to move towards BSNL network & Offers

Mobile Number portability service (MNP) had launched in India on January 21st ,which a lead a massive competition among mobile companies , MNP offer one can switch between service providers without having change to his existing number and one can do this irrespective of the technology that you use. In other words, if you have a CDMA mobile and want to switch to GSM network,

BSNL had launched mobile number portability (MNP) with special tariff plan for its 2G and 3G prepaid and post paid customers. As an migration to them, bsnl offers following advantages
Special Tariff Offers for Port-in GSM Customers under Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

i) Port-in charges will be waived off.
ii) 32K SIM will be given free of cost. In case of specific demand for other SIMs, actual SIM price will be charged.

iii) Prepaid Connection:-

  • At the time of activation of all port-in customers, additional talk value of Rs.100 will be offered in addition to the normal free talk value available with FRC.
  • All port-in customers will be offered 5 GB GPRS for one month free of charge.

iv) Postpaid Connection:-

  • 50% rebate in the FMC of first month after port in
  • 5GB GPRS will be free of charge for one month. Free GPRS/DATA usage associated with FMC shall not available for one month
  • Freebies attached with the plan will remain same.
  • Where ever, the data usage offered with existing plans is more than the data usage offered, the higher data usages already offered will prevail.

By offering these advantages Gopal Das, chairman and managing director, BSNL mentioned that ”The aim of this initiative is to provide the best value to the customers so that they enjoy the BSNL services spread over the entire country”

How to join with BSNL Network??

What is Makara jyothi & Makara Vilakku in Sabari Mala ? Is it a Scam?

Makara Vilakku   is the light he appears three times  on the hills of sabarimala on makara sankarathi day only,while on other days the light or brightness seems to be disappeared, Many millions of devotes cames to sabarimala believe to be a sort of celestial and godly manifestation

But on other side we have think whether its a really a fact or scam??

Makara Vilakku is not a star  is lighted by devasom authorities and police mens now a days , but earlier times( around30 years sgo) it was lightened by trial peoples living there , They used to a huge fire token of respect to Lord Ayyappa, But now a days the  tribal peoples are not there in that part of the forest, Government officials have taken up the task.

But on the other hand Makara Jyothi is star or celestial light and is confirmed by scientist

Now a days the people misunderstand the makara vilaku is a makara jyothi or  star or lightned by god on makara vilaku day , Millions people is rushing to there to see makara jyothi & its a technique or a scam way to collect billions of rupees from donation by imposing a wrong belief in the name of God.

K Karunakaran Former Kerala Chief Minister died

The greatest Congress leader , Former Chief Minister of Kerala & Union Minister Kannoth Karunakaran died at a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram on dec 23Thursday at 5:30 Pm

K Karunakaran was admitted on hospital on December 10 due to severe breathing problem and fever , His condition worsened yesterday following a stroke and was put on ventilator since then. His son K Muraleedharan and daughter Padmaja Venugopal were present at the hospital.

He was aged 92 years old, He had become four-times chief minister of Kerala.

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