Malayalam Superstars-Interrogated for Nexus for Illegal Possession of Financial Resources

The parameter of social justice depends on the efficiency of the judicial machinery, the clarity of mindsets of common persons and overall ambience in the society. There are other factors which are also responsible to enhance the good governance for the betterment of human society. There are many persons who are not aware of the limits of power. The same way, it is also true that when celebrities and moral guardians of the society start committing wrongdoings, the society becomes a sensitive area where injustice sits comfortably to dampen the steady progression of the nation.

Few days back, two important VIPs have been caught red handed by police. Mammootty and Mohanlal are two eminent superstars in Kochi who have been interrogated by police personnel. The secrets of becoming rich are coming out in public. A combing operation was launched by police to do raids on the houses of two celebrities. 20 lakh rupees in Indian currency have been seized so far. This money was recovered from their residential houses. The searching operation was operated in Bangalore, Chennai and Thrivananthapuram so far apart from Kochi. Police knew that they had nexus with the underworld. Celebrities were forced to reveal names of criminals who have close link with the underworld.

Mammootty returned to face interrogation. Mohanlal was busy of completing a movie in Rameswaram located in Tamil Nadu. IT officials also gave their statements about the bank details of these two celebrities. Extensive research and investigation are being done by a group of specially trained officers to detect the accused.

Saudi Arab-Still against Permission Given to Women to Drive Cars

Saudi Arab is becoming dear to female dome as it has given different amenities and rights to women emancipation wings for participating into nation building activities. However, this ME country is not lenient to female street navigators. There is no legal permission for females living in Saudi Arab for driving cars. Recently a woman was caught red handed for driving cars in the street. On being asked, the female driver confessed that she was in hurry to reach clinic for treatment as she was suffering from hemorrhage.

Women 2Drive female emancipation group has protested against the drastic decision taken by cops in Saudi Arab. According to female activists, every woman has the right to drive car for her own purpose. It is the one of the major obstacles in the Arabian communities that women are boxed up within four walls. They must be given lot of freedom and emancipation to showcase their own talents. Car driving has become a major issue and the women activists and social reformers are not willing to come to a compromise on this issue.

After arrest warrant being served to this Arabian lady, a number of European countries have lodged protests. There are many non profit social reforming schools and the female emancipation groups which have taken strong exception to the awkward decision taken by the higher authority of Saudi Arabian government.

Sophie Monk Will Showcase Her Hot Angles Only for $1 Million

Wild sex is unbeaten when it makes someone over-heated. Preferably, a young and dashing dude feels a hidden thrilling sensation when he comes into contact with hot snapshots of a sexy baby.

Few days back, the Australian hot and sexy actress, Sophie Monk got an offer from a film producer for acting in Playboy. She will be awarded one million dollar only participating into nude exposure. Her juicy and attractive body is a matter of enticement. Her sexy image can instigate high voltage eroticism and sex appeal.

At a press conference, Sophie has admitted that she has accepted the challenge. It is very sweet feeling and she is not interested to let the offer go somewhere to make another girl millionaire. She has told reporters that she will be given the handsome amount depending on display of her hot angle postures. She is even ready to expose her sensitive parts which arouse wild libido. Every angle will be erotic with wild foreplays and erotic gestures. She will try her level best to force dudes ejaculate under hot compulsion. She is a high profile lady and she knows how to give complete satisfaction to male dome. In Playboy she will be seen to touch her hot spots in the body in magnificent way. Every colorful snapshot will be unforgettable and impressive. God knows to what extent a young Aussie teenage boy will control himself while watching her erotic antics.

Poonam Pandey Offered Rs 2 Crore worth Contract for Big Boss 5

If you bake your heart in warm sunlight backfired from the young sun, you will feel overheated in joy and excitement as life is really colorful. Make your life so easy to lead. Let your mind gamboling across the deep evergreen lawn to play with multicolored butterflies. Poonam Pandey is an exceptional beautiful lady whose charismatic face is really charming. However, what she feels proud of owning is her terrific sexual appeal with hot and juicy body language. Her expression seems to electrify the dead soul and make someone wild in nature.

Poonam Pandey has showcased her bravery by giving a fantastic promise to her fans. She declared that she would appear naked in public if India won the match. The fact is that eventually she could keep her word due to some special reasons. She has been offered total two crore rupees for acting in Big Boss 5 version. This 21 year old sexy baby is happy on hearing such wonderful offer. There is another stunt for people.

One of the former cricketers will tell Poonam to keep her old promise which she had made at the time of world cup match. She could strip herself in the green room. However, finally Poonam retreated from her promise.

Harbhajan Lambasted Mallya’s UB Spirits for Encouraging Injustice

The society is reeling under infighting, violence, injustice and confrontation. Racial segregation is another social folly which eats into the society. This is palpable in the sports world as well.

Recently, Harbhajan, the eminent cricketer, has filed suits against UB Spirits operated by Vijay Mallya. The reason of registering complaints is the display of advertisement clip. In the advertisement, it is shown that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is found making grimaces at Harbhajan. This type of mocking in public has lowered down the prestige and status of this renowned cricketer.

Complaint against Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been registered in the court through legal machinery. The fact is that Dhoni’s behavior is not good and this UB Spirits organization is not doing the right thing as per the statement issued by the family members of Harbhajan.

Harbhajan has told reporters and media associates that this is very sad thing that someone has dampened his professional career. He is suffering from frustration and mental trauma. However, he has gathered strength to fight against injustice.

On the other hand, there is no information about the accused. Dhoni has made no comments so far. He is tight-lipped on this hot issue. Everyone is waiting for the final result of this legal battle.

Superstar Rajinikanth returns Chennai

On wednessday night the South Indian Superstar Rajinikanth returned to his home at Chennai. His wife Latha and daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya accompanined him on his return journey from Singapore. Rajinikanth was received by his fans at the Chennai airport. All night his fans celebrated his safe home coming.

His fans have arranged a grand welcoming celebration all over the city. The road from the airport to his house was decorated with banners and festoons sash and shimmer. It was like a party celebration at wee hours of wednessday night. The actor appreciated his fans effort, but as per the doctor’s advice, he had to drive back home as soon as he landed at the city. He will be on complete rest for another whole month.

Airport officials opined that the safety and security measures were given priority as the fans from all over the country reached Chennai airport to get a glimpse of their favourite Robot, akka Rajinikanth. The sixty year old actor superstar was taken to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore on May 27th. He was admitted in this hospital and was under treatment for all these months. His fans across the country prayed for his quick recovery and thus on 14th night when all their prayers were answered, the actor returned home in good health.

Prabhu Deva and Nayantara Visited Temple of Lord Krishna

Love is always bright and sweet to feel. Those who love are close to god. Prabhu Deva is a celebrity who has dedicated his life for dancing to the tune of sweet musical tunes. He is a talented guy whose life is packed with success, achievement and reward. Right now, this beautiful guy has had an intimate rapport with Nayantara who is also cute and well known to her fans for sexy image. This energetic lady has decided to lock her life with Prabhu Deva.

Prabhu Deva and Nayantara are glamorous celebrities and they are happy to live together. Recently, they paid a short visit to temple of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the embodiment of love and joy. They offered myrrh, frankincense and flowers to Lord Krishna as a part of orison. Prabhu Deva has unconditional faith in god and he is also liberal minded to accept other religions with pleasure.

On the other hand, Nayantara is a woman whose love is deep for god and she knows how to sacrifice for the benefits of others. Both are pleased and happy to visit the temple for praying to Lord Govinda for peaceful life. After visiting the shrine, these young hearts decided to go to their own workplaces.

Sex Trade- Exposed-Kingpin- Arrested

Sex is always irresistible. Therefore, one should have control over the sexual desire and erotic passion. However, there are many persons who distort the meaning of sex. Sex is a biological instinct which can be enjoyed and utilized for supporting the human existence and the formation of the society.

On the other hand, sex can be detrimental if it is manhandled. Flesh trade is becoming a menace in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. Call girls, harlots and pimps are earning huge amount of money by encouraging prostitution. Najma Khan is a cute and sophisticated high profile lady who gives undue indulgence in unfair sex. She has applied her sexual drive to increase the volume of wealth and financial resources. Her fashionable aerodynamic car is Rs 40 lakh in value. Even she has close link with Saudi Arabian pimps for delivering girls for flesh trade. Chhaya Sharma, who is believed to be the Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Division) has arrested Najma along with other four prostitutes including two first hand pimps.

Police schemed to entrap these culprits. They were in the disguise of clients and went straight to pimps for women. Pimps demanded 40 thousand rupees and 10 thousand rupees for charges to hire girls. They were taken to hideouts for further transaction. Meanwhile, Najma appeared in the scenario. They were nabbed by police department.

David Beckham’s Site Hacked and Tampered

David Beckham’s contribution to the sports world is appreciable. In past, this eminent football player awarded his father land appreciation, fame, prestige and accolades. His fans are still indebted to him for his outstanding performance in playing football.

However, David Beckham is not so much lucky as he has faced online scamming and hacking. Few days back someone has hacked his computer and logged at his official site for further probing and tampering. They showed their craftsmanship by replacing his official logo and pasting the pictures of dog and other rubbish stuff which have dampened the image and prosperity of his superstar.

Tag ‘Fail’ has been pasted on the landing page of the website. For this reason, this megastar is unhappy and seeking for respite and relief. “ScooterDaShooter = FAIL’’ is displaying elegantly on the homepage of his site. However, no information about the particular motif of the culprits has been leaked so far. Beckham has not made any personal comment in relation to this site tampering and hacking.

Beckham is kept silent till now. However his fans are waiting for the last outcome of investigation which is being done by a group of experts to surface the accused for further interrogation.

Meera Chopra alleged in murder trial

Police suspects the South Indian actress Meera Chopra to be connected with the murder of Ruch Bhuttan, a 28 year old lady residing in New Delhi. Meers Chopra has acted in a few of Telegu Films such as, Bangaram, Vaana and Maaro. Ruchi the residential of New Delhi was found dead in her apartment. The cause for her death is still under investigation.

Ruchi’s in – laws have said to the police that she has committed suicide but her close friends and relatives have alleged her husband Sumit and the actress Meera for plotting the murder. According to them the actress and Ruchi’s husband shared an illegitimate relationship. When Ruchi found about this relationship and protested against these activities, they planned and killed her. All these incidents Ruchi penned in a diary. Police have found this diary where she has mentioned about how she was often dishonored by Sumit for her simple look and have faced vigorous comparisons with Meera’s appearance.

Too many incidents have complicated the case. Apart from this diary the police are yet to gather strong proofs against the actress or Ruchi’s husband. The investigation is still on, and the police have decided to talk to the actress so as to solve the case without any confusion.

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