NASA’s recent innovation: Pee-Recycler

Have you ever recycled your urine? The answer will be a big NO, right? Now you got to that. Let’s check out what NASA has recently developed.

NASA reportedly has launched a composite device which is able to transfigure urine into pure drinkable water. The last space shuttle mission of NASA scheduled to launch in Friday will bring that device which of a size of a mere text book, with them. Wired News reported that although soldiers already use almost a same technique to filter out microorganisms or germs etc. from filthy liquids, NASA’s creation is kind of a unique one which is determined to be used in space. Howard Levine, a NASA project researcher and R&D leader claims that this technology will be the first to summon up the moisture off perspiration, inhalation and urine etc. and reprocess it to filtered water. Although an almost similar technology of pee-recycling used several years ago in space and cosmonauts drunk that cast-off water, it used some external power source, which this recent text-book-sized pee-recycler won’t use as it uses a technology named “forward osmosis”.

This unique recycler will have a surgical solution in the pseudo-penetrable internal bag, shelled inside an external bag. Filthy liquids will be impelled into the external bag and will go gradually over the internal bag sendoff its adulteration in the surgical solution. The whole process in earth takes near about 6 hours.

Temple for the Gods of Indian Cricket

Manoj Tiwari, the famous Bhojpuri actor announced that he will build a temple for the Indian Cricket legends, Sachin Tendulkar and Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni at his village Atarwalia located at Kaimur district in Bihar.

The site of the temple has already been finalized. The actor has purchased the temple site and has decided to spend Rs 3 crore in the construction.

In an interview, Manoj Tiwari commented, that the cricketers, Sachin and Dhoni have continuously provided entertainment and delighted their fans by consistent performance. Hence, as an ardent cricket fan he believes their service to Indian Cricket and to their fans, is similar to the God’s service to his disciple. And as their admirers worship them like idols, the decision of constructing the temple came to him quiet naturally.

Inside the temple, the statue of Sachin Tendulkar and M S Dhoni will be prominently placed. The decoration of the temple will be based on the World Cup 2011 theme. As a tribute to the 2011 World Cup success, the interior of the temple will be adorned with oil paintings featuring team members of the Cup.

To provide cricket coaching, Tiwari plans to construct a world-class cricket arena beside the temple in future.

Rasika Joshi – No More to Perform before Camera

Rasika Joshi is a famous actress and her involvement with the film industry is over couple of decades. However, it is a matter of grave concern that this actress left for the heaven as she was suffering from blood cancer. Her sudden demise has made everyone unhappy. The fact is that Rashika Joshi has succeeded to entertain viewers and movie lovers through acting. Her contribution to the television and Bollywood movie is excellent.

In another interview, one of the spokespersons has told reporters that her absence will create a deep vacuum in the entertainment industry. Her popular movies namely Bhool Bhulaiya, Gayab and ‘Not A Love Story’. She acted brilliantly in different movie and television shows. There is no doubt about her talent and superb acting capability.

The whole movie industry and viewers are indebted to this renowned actress whose soul has gone to heaven for communion with halo of holistic grandeur. In this connection, Ekta Kapoor, the celebrity, has expressed her sorrows on hearing the death of this beloved actress. She has stated in a news release that Rasika’s departure has done lot of damage to the silver screen as she has established the strong foundation of reputation by showing her extraordinary performance and razor sharp acting ability.

IndiaGlitz has sent messages of condolence to the family members of the deceased.

Jennifer Aniston – Always Likes to Heat up Dudes by Her Sex Drive

Let your emotion under control. Harness your untamed mind as Jennifer Aniston will surely heat you up by showcasing few rare hot antics which are charming, wild in nature and severely terrific. This Hollywood female actress has admitted that she loves to do sex scenes as she doesn’t mind to expose her in front of co-stars and mates. She is unbeaten and invincible. Her hot and juicy body is so charismatic that you won’t keep your mind under control. Sex is always detrimental as it can blow you up in the air by melting your conventional legacies and stereotyped mindsets.

Aniston will present few snapshots of hot close-ups in Horrible Bosses. In this upcoming movie, she will be seen stripping her sexy body slowly but steadily to entice Charlie Day. Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey will also appear in this movie. Aniston has told journalists that she is the happiest lady who likes to warm up young and oldies by using her powerful sex drive. Her erotic love episodes will surely bring warmth and satisfaction to million viewers.

Her fans are still waiting for Aniston who has promised to keep her word. She is not a betrayer. Nor is she a liar. She will definitely water the tongue of an oldie and bring heat to a teenage boy by throwing hot smacks, and a number of erotic gestures.

A Short Analytical Review about Aging Process

Aging process can’t be eliminated from life. It will come to you with times proceeding. However, by taking assistance from doctors, you can delay the aging to some extent. There are different methods which are conducive to the maintenance of the proper healthcare. You must be careful about sophisticated techniques to bring accuracy to the physical wellness program. You must be aware of the modern techniques to remove degenerated diseases, skin diseases and physical disorders which take place due to aging and malnutrition.

Tea is the herbal product. It also performs well to boost up the body and mind. Green tea is very user-friendly and helpful to people to erase dark spots, passion pimples, nodules and broken lines which are seen on the face, nape of the neck and other parts of the body. The face is dotted with wrinkles, split lines, circles and dents. For the detoxification of the body, there is the need for green tea to ensure better physical wellness process. Green tea has flavonoids which act brilliantly as an anti-oxidant. Green tea is a competent performer to build up reinforcement in the body to resist diseases and germs.

Mental stress is always harmful to people. It can dampen the natural growth of the body. If your face is darkened and printed with large size dents, scars and lines on the forehead, cheeks and in the thoracic region, you will have to undergo special treatment process. At the same time, you must be energetic, jovial and delighted to do any thing. Keep smiling. If you roll in laugh, level of stress will be down to a great extent. If you sparkle in laughter, you will be amazed to communicate with others in relaxed mind. Your endorphin hormone will shoot up. Stress free life is always beneficial to people. Water is the most essential health tonic to survive in this world. Drink several glasses of water to detoxify your body. Chemical impurities, wastage and other harmful stuff will be discharged in the form of urines and stool. Water is required to bring uniformity in ensuring better digestive process.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple Secret Chambers

The hidden chambers of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple have been opened. When the chambers were opened treasures worth Rs. 20,000 crore were found. This was just the beginning stage. Till now only five chambers have been opened and the sixth chamber is yet to be opened. In the fifth chamber, gold weighing more than one ton was found. The process of opening the hidden chambers of the temple was ordered by Supreme Court on the 27th of July this year. In the treasure that was found in the chamber there were gold chains and necklaces worth thousands were found.

The length of one of the gold chains was 18 feet and it weighed more than ten kilograms. Also a big idol of Sree Padmanabha Swamy, three diamond studded crowns, a gold bar was also found with them. Apart from all this, a gold scepter, real diamonds worth Rs. 1crore, Belgian stone studded artefacts and loads of other jewelery worth thousands were found. The fifth chamber is said to be the biggest source of treasure. This chamber was extremely dark and was constructed underground at the Narsimha Moorthy Temple at the south corner.

The chamber was very well built and well secured from the invaders. The chamber doors were free of danger as it was built with iron bars. These iron bar doors were followed by two huge wooden doors. After going through the doors, there is a series of steps in the passage which leads to a secret room. Only one human being can go at one point of time. The area of that room is 8 x 8 feet. Within the stone walls of that room, the treasure was kept. The room had the marks of ‘Snake’ and ‘S’. While the mark of a ‘Snake’ meant danger, the symbol ‘S’ is for the doors that can be opened.

India Made One Step Forward in developing Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Capabilities to Cover China

India has made one step further in the case of releasing ICBM or Intercontinental Ballistic Missile which can travel 5000 km to reach the extreme northern part of China. In a news brief, it has been stated by scientists that India has upgraded the Agni V ballistic missile which was launched few years back as a part of defending the country. China is the caustic rival. This Asian country attacked India back to 1960. At that time India had to lose land and property due to bloodshed war. After independence, India had to receive the jolt from Chinese troops.

Right now China has made massive progression in inventing deadly surface to surface ballistic missiles and intercontinental cryogenic based missile which can travel at high speed to cover some of important base points within the territory of India. In retaliation to this threat from China, India has had to improve the quality of defense by upgrading the ballistic missile and other sophisticated weaponry.

India has also got success in the upgradation of Ballistic Missile Defense program. This BMD missile can intercept and inactivate ballistic missiles coming from China. India is now becoming superpower as this Asian country has made an excellent progression and development in reinforcing Indian military and defense

–kreation guru

Narayanamurthy’s son Rohan & Venu Srinivasan’s daughter Lakshmi Venu Wedding

Marriage is a simple bond which is made with love and care but looks like there is a business deal happening between TVS group and Infosys Chief Mentor. Rohan, son of NR Narayana who is the mentor of Infosys has tied the knot with Lakshmi Venu of TVS Group.

Rohan is 28 years old and is a Microsoft fellow who is pursuing his PhD in Computer Science from THE Hardvard University has got married to Lakshmi, 27 who is the daughter of India’s second largest 2 wheeler manufacturer : the TVS group. The event was attended by big shots such as LK Advani, BJP leader, Union Minister – P. Chidambram, Anand Sharma, G K Vasan and Kamal Nath.

Around 150 priests from hilly shrines came to bless the newlyweds. At the hit of 10.15, Rohan knotted the mangalsutra round Lakshmi’s neckline at the ritual held at the household of A Ananthakrishnan Iyer, predecessor of late professional mogul and Rs 7 thousand crores Chairman A Sivasailam.

Rohan was sporting a silk sherwani and Lakshmi looked ravishing in a red saree. Many familiar faces were visible in the event that came to bless the couple. Looks like Rohan and Lakshmi are happy together. And all they need is blessings and love.

–kreation guru

2012 will witness the opening of longest rail tunnel in India

India’s longest tunnel, approximately 11 kilometres will shape up by 2012. The rail link between the Kashmir Valley and the country will be built after this 11 km tunnel is constructed in a year.

The tunnel will be one of the world’s deepest and largest which will perforate through Pir Panjal below the snow line.

The engineering prodigy, called T80, is purposefully significant for the nation as the only path linkage is through the Jawahar Tunnel, which joins both the counties in the boundary state-run, is often gridlocked due to substantial snowfall.

The passageway will deliver an all-weather connectivity sandwiched between the binary regions. The expanse between Banihall and Qazigunnd will be condensed to 16km when the tunnel turns out to be in operation. Railways are expending the state-of-the-art Austrian channelling technique to create T80 that comprises incorporation of nearby soil forms into a ring-like sustenance edifice. Looks like India wants to create history by building this long tunnel. Future looks promising to us for sure. The tunnel will be 11 km long and will leave a mark in Indian History. Hope the T80 has strategized it well and builds something more promising and productive. The creation will be completed by 2012.

–kreation guru

Malaysia Vasudevan Tamil Playback Singer Passed away

Malaysia Vasudevan tamil singer & actor passed away in chennai city hosiptal today . He was admitted two or three days before after he suffered cardaic arrest.

He sung over 8,000 songs in Tamil and over 4,000 songs in the other languages, he also a talented actor and made many secondary roles in more than 85 movies,He was born in Malaysia, then he migrated to india to become a singer, his first song was for the film Delhi to Madras

‘Poongatru Tirumbuma’, vibrant ‘Aagaya Gangai’ or ‘Oru thanga radhathil’, stylish ‘Ennama Kannu Sowkyama’ or the moving ‘Thenkizhakku cheemaiyilae’ are his hit songs

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