New House of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, the legend of cricket has moved to a new house that is located in Perry Cross Road in Bandra. While the first basement comprises of master surveillance, kitchen and servant quarters and the second basement can hold 45 to 50 cars at a time. The ground floor consists of a huge drawing room with a dining space and a temple of Lord Ganesha. This floor will also have a display area where all the medals and trophies of the master blaster will be kept.

According to the prediction of Bejan Daruwalla, this house will be lucky for Sachin. He further stated that it is a very auspicious day as it is the first day of Navratri. In his birth chart, Sachin Tendulkar has ‘Kumar Yoga’ and ‘Raj Yoga’. Very few people like Narendra Modi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mukesh Ambani, Barack Obama have these yogas in their horoscope. Sachin has won popularity as the sign of earth is present in his birth chart. He is stable like the earth. If he would have sign of water in his birth chart, his future would not have been stable. He along with his family was excited to move to their house in Bandra. The cricketer was spotted shifting to his five storey mansion during the festival of Navratri. They were keen to move to their new house in Navratri.

The bungalow was brought at 39 crores and externally looked like triple storied while it is a five storied house where one and half floors lay underground. The house has been made focusing on vastu giving emphasis to kid’s area. This is like a dream house for everyone and the couple is happy staying there. We hope they are enjoying their stay there in their five storied mansion.

Gautam gambhir wedding marriage photos pics

Love is sweet and charming to feel. It renews life and it also ads gloss to one’s personality. However, marriage is the concrete platform to give a shape to the romantic fantasy. It turns the dreamy enchantment to a more realistic relationship which is more powerful and reliable.

Marriage is the heavenly bliss and it also reinforces the romance to sweeten up personal life. Maybe, next daylight will be more glamorous and packed with full of joy and expectation as because of the advent of new sunlight which brings back hope to even a physically challenged person to survive in the turmoil.

So far so good that Gautam Gambhir, the famous cricketer in the world has understood the basics of love. This complete man is energetic, brave and elegant to welcome bright days to come. His romantic tour has been given a new dynamic romantic emulsification when he has thrown his hands to hug his sweetheart, Natasha Jain. Colorful snapshots of intimate close-ups between two young hearts have been caught in cam recorders. In Gurgaon, the marriage ceremony was celebrated on Friday last with pomp and grandeur.

Silvery night became more charismatic as Natasha appeared more elegant and attractive. Her bridal dresses are bright in color. Sweet fragrance of red roses, ultra-light breeze, and soft beam of moonlight produced a synergistic impact on both celebrities.

They were welcomed by family members, close relatives and friends. Natasha is a cute lady. Her physical aesthete is invincible. Her majestic beauty has enticed this renowned cricketer who won trillion hearts by showing his razor sharp sportive skill to win matches. On Friday last, the crescent moon popped up in the sky. It emits soft silvery crimson color to rim streets, lanes and large buildings. In the powerful psychedelic light, every thing seemed to be radiant in gorgeous color. To be frank, Natasha’s appearance in this romantic episode was traced by brilliance. Friday’s night was specially gifted to these young hearts for enjoying in the streams of love and appreciation.

Let your heart be filled with joy. If you are a young boy, you need to hope for better outcome as Natasha has got a rare chance to lock her life with a smart guy who has held the nation in high stature. Let each daylight bring some new hopes to revitalize the injured heart. Let every sunny day warms up the dead souls to get back energy to create new things which will be more charismatic and beautiful. Gambhir and Natasha are really lucky to win something special to rejuvenate their own lives in more dynamic way.

David Beckham’s Site Hacked and Tampered

David Beckham’s contribution to the sports world is appreciable. In past, this eminent football player awarded his father land appreciation, fame, prestige and accolades. His fans are still indebted to him for his outstanding performance in playing football.

However, David Beckham is not so much lucky as he has faced online scamming and hacking. Few days back someone has hacked his computer and logged at his official site for further probing and tampering. They showed their craftsmanship by replacing his official logo and pasting the pictures of dog and other rubbish stuff which have dampened the image and prosperity of his superstar.

Tag ‘Fail’ has been pasted on the landing page of the website. For this reason, this megastar is unhappy and seeking for respite and relief. “ScooterDaShooter = FAIL’’ is displaying elegantly on the homepage of his site. However, no information about the particular motif of the culprits has been leaked so far. Beckham has not made any personal comment in relation to this site tampering and hacking.

Beckham is kept silent till now. However his fans are waiting for the last outcome of investigation which is being done by a group of experts to surface the accused for further interrogation.

Temple for the Gods of Indian Cricket

Manoj Tiwari, the famous Bhojpuri actor announced that he will build a temple for the Indian Cricket legends, Sachin Tendulkar and Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni at his village Atarwalia located at Kaimur district in Bihar.

The site of the temple has already been finalized. The actor has purchased the temple site and has decided to spend Rs 3 crore in the construction.

In an interview, Manoj Tiwari commented, that the cricketers, Sachin and Dhoni have continuously provided entertainment and delighted their fans by consistent performance. Hence, as an ardent cricket fan he believes their service to Indian Cricket and to their fans, is similar to the God’s service to his disciple. And as their admirers worship them like idols, the decision of constructing the temple came to him quiet naturally.

Inside the temple, the statue of Sachin Tendulkar and M S Dhoni will be prominently placed. The decoration of the temple will be based on the World Cup 2011 theme. As a tribute to the 2011 World Cup success, the interior of the temple will be adorned with oil paintings featuring team members of the Cup.

To provide cricket coaching, Tiwari plans to construct a world-class cricket arena beside the temple in future.

Sushil Kumar wrestler Marriage with Savi Wedding Engagement photos pics

Olympic bronze medallist Sushil Kumar got engaged to Savi, daughter of his coach Satpal Singh at Hotel Shangri La ,Savi is the eldest of Satpal three childs . The marriage date fixed to be on Feb 18, 2011.

The Engagement cremony guest are Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) president Rajnath Singh, former Defence Minister George Fernandes, Samajwadi Party MP Brij Bhushan Singh, cricketer Kapil Dev, CWG gold medallist wrestlers Narsingh Yadav and Ravinder Kumar

2012 Olympic ticket prices Has been announced

The world’s greatest sporting events are coming to London in 2012! Approximately 8.8 million tickets will be available for the Olympic Games, with another two million for the Paralympic Games.

Ticket prices

Tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games are available at a wide range of prices starting at £20. There are also special prices available for young people and seniors across all Olympic sports. Young people who are 16 years old or younger (at 27 July 2012) will pay their age for a ticket. Seniors aged 60 and over (at 27 July 2012) will pay £16. These ‘pay your age’ ticket prices and senior ticket prices will be available in more than 200 sessions. The price of a ticket for a wheelchair space includes a companion seat located next to it.

In addition to that  Tens of thousands of free tickets to the 2012 Olympics will be given to schoolchildren across south London.

Click here to download PDF conaining the Ticket Price

Diana Taurasi goes Naked On Front Cover Page Of ESPN The Mag ‘Body Issue’ photos

The famous Basket player Diana Taurasi is the  first WNBA player to don the cover of the “Body Issue,” which is  in the October 8 2010 edition of ESPN The Magazine. The Magazine edition created massive sales across US

Doing the shoot was something new and I had fun with it says Diana Taurasi

Then she further added to US today that

“I am who I am — whether I have clothes on or off”

The image looks tastefully done, a sitting side shot and another where she plays zone defense against the camera and blocks shots of her more intimate parts, they are head-turners. They are also cover shots

The Magazine officials seems to be it business idea, They known it will surely improve the sales & many youth & college student take  a look towards the magazine , While interviewing one of magazine officials added

Diana’s feature in the magazine will expand people’s perceptions of her, Diana’s feature in the magazine will expand people’s perceptions of her — and that was our aim

The photograph is sure to be controversial because anytime someone takes their clothes off for a national magazine cover, a subset of the population gets offended. And while that’s not the goal, it doesn’t hurt sales; ESPN’s inaugural Body Issue was its best seller a year ago.

In the web the many forums and bloggers seems to the hot trend for the discussion

ICC Cricket Award 2010 : Sachin Tendulkar wins ICC Cricketer of the Year 2010 Award

Indian Cricketer Sachin bagged his maiden ICC Cricketer of the Year trophy along with the People’s Choice Award, while compatriot Virender Sehwag was named the Test Cricketer of the Year at a glittering ceremony

He Says

“To play well is a challenge that you take in your stride and work hard to perform. I am doing this for the last 21 years and I take a lot of pride to play for my country”

Tendulkar, who has an international career spanning over two decades, clinched the coveted trophy by beating South African Hashim Amla, Englishman Graeme Swann and Sehwag.

“It’s better late than never. I am getting the award in the 21st year of my career, so it’s fantastic. I have been working hard for this award,” Tendulkar said after receiving the honour.

“To play well is a challenge that you take in your stride and work hard to perform. I am doing this for the last 21 years and I take a lot of pride to play for my country,” Tendulkar said.

Read more: Sachin Tendulkar wins ICC Cricketer of the Year Award – The Times of India

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – Online Ticket Booking , Team list ,Schedule,Venue, Teams

The cricket fans across the world is eagerly waiting see the world cup ,The  ICC Cricket World  Cup 2011 will be the tenth Cricket World Cup, and will be hosted by three South Asian Test cricket playing countries; including India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It will take place during the months of February March ,april 2011, with the first match being played on 19 February 2011.

There are 29 matches out of 49 will be played in India including one quarterfinal, semi-final and final, 12 matches in Sri Lanka including one quarterfinal and semifinal and eight matches in Bangladesh including two quarterfinals.


One can book their ticket for the match via


Group A: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada and Kenya
Group B: India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland and Netherlands.

ICC Schedule

  • Sat Feb 19  1st match – India v Bangladesh
  • Sun Feb 20  3rd match – Sri Lanka v Canada
  • Sun Feb 20  2nd match – Kenya v New Zealand
  • Mon Feb 21  4th match – Australia v Zimbabwe
  • Tue Feb 22  5th match – England v Netherlands
  • Wed Feb 23  6th match – Kenya v Pakistan
  • Thu Feb 24  7th match – South Africa v West Indies
  • Fri Feb 25  9th match – Bangladesh v Ireland
  • Fri Feb 25  8th match – Australia v New Zealand
  • Sat Feb 26  10th match – Pakistan v Sri Lanka
  • Sun Feb 27  11th match – India v England
  • Mon Feb 28  12th match – Netherlands v West Indies
  • Mon Feb 28  13th match – Canada v Zimbabwe
  • Tue Mar 1  14th match – Kenya v Sri Lanka
  • Wed Mar 2  15th match – England v Ireland
  • Thu Mar 3  17th match – Canada v Pakistan
  • Thu Mar 3  16th match – Netherlands v South Africa
  • Fri Mar 4  19th match – Bangladesh v West Indies
  • Fri Mar 4  18th match – New Zealand v Zimbabwe
  • Sat Mar 5  20th match – Australia v Sri Lanka
  • Sun Mar 6  21st match – India v Ireland
  • Sun Mar 6  22nd match – England v South Africa
  • Mon Mar 7  23rd match – Canada v Kenya
  • Tue Mar 8  24th match – New Zealand v Pakistan
  • Wed Mar 9  25th match – India v Netherlands
  • Thu Mar 10  26th match – Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe
  • Fri Mar 11  28th match – Bangladesh v England
  • Fri Mar 11  27th match – Ireland v West Indies
  • Sat Mar 12  29th match – India v South Africa
  • Sun Mar 13  30th match – Canada v New Zealand
  • Sun Mar 13  31st match – Australia v Kenya
  • Mon Mar 14  33rd match – Bangladesh v Netherlands
  • Mon Mar 14  32nd match – Pakistan v Zimbabwe
  • Tue Mar 15  34th match – Ireland v South Africa
  • Wed Mar 16  35th match – Australia v Canada
  • Thu Mar 17  36th match – England v West Indies
  • Fri Mar 18  37th match – New Zealand v Sri Lanka
  • Fri Mar 18  38th match – Ireland v Netherlands
  • Sat Mar 19  40th match – Bangladesh v South Africa
  • Sat Mar 19  39th match – Australia v Pakistan
  • Sun Mar 20  41st match – Kenya v Zimbabwe
  • Sun Mar 20  42nd match – India v West Indies
  • Wed Mar 23  1st Quarter Final at Mirpur
  • Thu Mar 24  2nd Quarter Final at Colombo
  • Fri Mar 25  3rd Quarter Final at Mirpur
  • Sat Mar 26  4th Quarter Final at Ahmedabad
  • Tue Mar 29  1st Semi Final at Colombo
  • Wed Mar 30  2nd Semi Final at Chandigarh
  • Sat Apr 2  Final at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

US Open Play 2010 Suspended : US Open Play 2010 Suspended due to Rain

As of about 2:30 p.m., all matches have been suspended at the 2010 U.S. Open due to rain. ESPN’s Pam Shriver, playing meteorologist, says Hurricane Earl will barely graze New York, but there will be showers off and on throughout the afternoon.

Here’s where we’ll stand when play resumes:

American sensation Ryan Harrison, 18, is down a break to Sergiy Stakhovsky in the fifth. (He pulled off a ridiculous over-the-shoulder shot in the first set.)

John Isner split the first two sets with Marco Chiudinelli. It’s now 2-2 in the third.

Andy Murray is up 2-1 against Dustin Brown in the first set.

1 2 3 18