Yale University Scientists discover a ‘diamond planet’

Scientists working at the Yale University have come up with a new discovery. It has been reported that a super-Earth has been located nearby, that is being termed as the “diamond planet”. This planet has a layer that is made of diamond and graphite.

This planet has been named 55 Cancri e and is situated 40 light years away from the Earth. It revolved around the binary star named 55 Cancri, which is set in the Cancer constellation. This planet was observed for the first time last year. It was then thought to be a water planet, very similar to Earth. But the latest information about this planet has allowed these scientists to deduce that this planet is more of a diamond planet.

55 Cancri e is being denoted as a super-Earth as it is much larger than the Earth. However, it is not as enormous as the other gas giants placed in the Solar System. This new planet’s similarities with Earth are only that much. It has twice of Earth’s radius, eight times more of Earth’ mass. This planet is the innermost compared to the other planets in the 55 Cancri system and therefore its surface’s temperature is 3,900 F (2150 degree Celsius). Also its year lasts for only about 18 hours as compared to the Earth’s 365 days.

This star system primarily comprises of iron, silicon and carbon and through millions of years of compression by heat and pressure, this planet’s carbon covering has slowly got converted into diamond. The Yale University scientists have estimated that one-third of 55 Cancri e’s mass comprises of diamond which is equivalent to three of Earth’s masses. This means there is trillion times more number of diamonds than what has ever been mined on Earth.

Earlier it was expected that all planets had the same make-up as Earth and this discovery has safely broken that myth.

Cuba Plane Crash – 68 dead in Plane crashes in central Cuba

Cuba plane to Havana crashed in central Cuba, killing all 68 people on board including 28 foreigners,The Aerocaribbean flight went down in a mountainous region of the Sancti Spiritus province after the pilot reported an emergency, according to a statement by Cuba’s Civil Aeronautics Institute read on state television.

“There were no survivors,” the official website Cubadebate.cu reported.

It was the Communist-ruled island’s worst air disaster in 21 years.

Among the passengers were 10 Europeans, nine Argentinians, seven Mexicans, one Venezuelan and one Japanese, state media reported.

The Europeans included three Dutch, two Germans, two Austrians, and one each from France, Italy and Spain.

There were 40 Cubans on board, including seven crew.

Emergency rescue teams from Sancti Spiritus province where the plane went down, aided by local residents, scrambled to get to the crash site and reached it overnight, finding everyone on board had been killed, officials said.

The Aerocaribbean plane had left Santiago de Cuba, in the island’s far east, ahead of the approach of Tropical Storm Tomas, which was expected to intensify to hurricane status and graze both Cuba and Haiti on Friday.

American teen Alexandria Mills winner of Miss world 2010 photos pics

The American teen Alexandria Mills Blonde, blue-eyed American teenager Alexandria Mills won the Miss World crown for 2010 on Saturday, defeating more than 100 other hopefuls at a glittering ceremony in southern China.

Mills, an 18-year-old from the southern US state of Kentucky, wept as outgoing Miss World Kaiane Aldorino of Gibraltar placed the tiara on her head and led her to a diamond-shaped throne marking the pageant’s 60th anniversary.

The 1.75-metre (5’9″) beauty in white — a professional model listed with the Elite Models agency — waved to the cheering crowd at the 2,000-capacity Beauty Crown Theatre in the resort town of Sanya on Hainan island.
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During the two-hour competition, which annually draws a global television audience of about one billion, Mills said her month spent touring China with the other 114 Miss World hopefuls had made a “big impact” on her life.

Botswana’s Emma Wareus was second, and Venezuela’s Adriana Vasini placed third in the pageant, which was first held in 1951.

The pageant got off to a colourful start with a performance by dancers and drummers from China’s Li ethnic minority group, who mainly live on Hainan island, which was hosting the event for the fifth time in eight years.

Before the contestants whirled in national costume for the “Dances of the World” segment, viewers were treated to a video montage of the women’s whirlwind tour of China — from the Great Wall to the shopping malls.

Early favourite Mariann Birkedal of Norway, listed by British bookmaker William Hill as the woman to beat ahead of Mills, finished in the top seven.

A win for Norway could have caused a stir in Beijing, where the government is furious that the Oslo-based Nobel committee awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.

Aldorino, 24, said she had enjoyed her year as Miss World, saying that in all the countries she had visited, one thing had remained the same: “The smile on a child’s face, and that’s what has captured the moment”.

The competition emphasises the importance of charity work.

Miss “Beauty with a Purpose” — Kenya’s Natasha Metto, who has worked on combatting an epidemic of parasitic Jigger fleas in her country — earned a “fast-track” spot in the final group of 25, but was then eliminated.

Ireland’s violin-playing Emma Waldron, who won the talent contest and finished in the top five, wowed the audience by greeting them in Chinese, while Miss China, Xiao Tang, spoke mostly in English.

The event rivals the Miss Universe pageant owned by US tycoon Donald Trump, which was won by Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete in August.

In 1951, Sweden’s Kiki Hakansson became the first Miss World. Oscar-winning American actress Halle Berry was a finalist in 1986.

Venezuela and India have produced the most Miss Worlds, with five titleholders each. Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai took the crown in 1994.

In 2002, the pageant was moved from Nigeria to Britain after more than 200 people died in clashes sparked when a newspaper suggested the Muslim prophet Mohammed would have chosen a wife from among the contestants had he been alive.
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Chile Minners Rescue :Chilean miners rescue Work in Progress Photos Videos

The Bad Unfortunate time of is over for the 33 men trapped in a collapsed mine in Chile as tensions rise underground.A cage specially built to help rescue 33 men trapped underground in a mine in Chile has arrived at the mine head.
The first 15 of 33 miners trapped underground for more than two months in northern Chile have been winched to the surface amid scenes of jubilation.

The steel capsule has been used to pull the men to safety one by one, once a rescue shaft wide enough to haul them up has been drilled.

Relatives of the miners were allowed to get into the narrow cage, which is little more than 50cm (20in) wide.

It is expected to take between 20-30 minutes to pull each miner up from their shelter at a depth of 700m.
The long – and extremely narrow – steel case has been named Phoenix, and its designers hope it will lift the men to a new life overground much like the bird in Greek mythology rose from the ashes.

Relatives of the miners, who have been camped out at the mine head since the men were trapped after a rockfall more than seven weeks ago, clapped when the rescue capsule was unveiled.

ACJC Anglo-Chinese Junior College School Ragging Photos & Videos On Youtube

ACJC Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) in china is a well-reputed school. Some ragging photos or videos were recently uploaded on you tube which are unbearable to watch. The worst ragging photos & videos has been wide spreaded on Youtube & forums

The two videos mentioned are particularly shocking to me because of two factors.

–First is the the perpetrators are practically all females, with a few boys in the background cheering.
–Girls there were also involved in such stupendous act.

The video shows that girl is very badly treated

1. When she started shouted for them to stop, They masked her mouth with tape

2. When she started crying they smashed her face with cakes

The video was taken by college students and circulated online websites , flashing uproar among ACJC students. But, ACJC principal told that the duo had not been expelled from ACJC although disciplinary action was taken against the students who recorded the clip.

Every growing Youth should be aware of this malpractices & stay away from this


The Govt & police officals should take necessary steps to remove this malpractices

Bomb Blast explosion in Pakistan Karachi mosque on October 6

An Massive explosion took in karachi took away 18 value life, The blood splattered across the city ,the  police immediately cordoned off the area and a bomb disposal squad was rushed in.PoliceOfficials reported that that suicide jackets, grenades and weapons were found in the house, which was rented out to unidentified persons.Police is currently trying to trace the owner of the house

Yemeni Terrorist Attack : Yemeni Terrorist Attack at British Diplomat Target

Car with the British deputy ambassador to Yemen came under rocket fire on Wednesday Oct 6, in a day that also saw a French contract worker killed in the capital city of Sana’a.

The senior diplomat to the restive North African country escaped unhurt, but one member of staff, as well as several bystanders, were injured by the mortar explosion.

The attack is the second assassination attempt this year on a British official. In April, the ambassador, Timothy Torlot, survived a suicide bombing also targeting his car.

Four men are currently on trial for the incident.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office confirmed Wednesday’s attack.

“The vehicle was on its way to the British embassy, with five embassy staff on board,” the spokesman said.

“One member of staff suffered minor injuries and is undergoing treatment, all others were unhurt. We are informing their families at the moment. We are aware of at least two bystanders injured during the attack, and are seeking further detail.”

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attack, although it follows a series of warnings by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Cyclone Flood in Indonesia: Indonesia Wasior was affected with rains & cyclone flood

The remote Indonesian town of Wasior was a scene of devastation on Wednesday, with bodies lying unclaimed in the debris caused by flash floods that killed at least 86 people and left dozens missing.

The seaside town’s Sanduay neighbourhood was all but flattened when a wall of mud, rocks and logs hit it on Monday.

An AFP reporter who reached the area, 240 kilometres (150 miles) southeast of Manokwari, West Papua province, said hundreds of homes had been destroyed.

Military personnel joined residents and disaster response teams in the search for survivors but officials said the death toll is almost certain to rise.

Several bodies could be seen wedged beneath rocks and logs that were washed into the town from surrounding hillsides.

Some of the logs — felled by timber workers in nearby forests — were two metres (seven feet) wide and left a trail of destruction as they were swept through the town by the raging flood waters.

“Earlier Monday morning there were sudden floods but on a small scale. But 30 minutes later I heard a kind of big thunder and I saw powerful waters coming from the mountain,” 50-year-old resident Wilem Imburi told AFP.

“There was chaos and people panicked and tried to run to safety.”

Father-of-two Mahmud, 36, said he managed to hold on to his son but lost his two-year-old daughter.

“I was holding my two kids when the waters came, but I didn’t have enough strength and lost grip of my daughter,” he said.

The flood carried him and his four-year-old son into the sea about 500 metres (yards) away from his home.

Papua search and rescue official Mochamad Arifin said at least 86 people were killed and 81 were injured in the disaster.

“We are still searching for dozens of missing people,” he said.

“The chance of survival for the missing people is slim.”

Disaster Management Centre official Harce Robert said around 70 people were listed as missing. Collapsed roads and bridges were hampering rescue efforts, he added.

Experts fear such events will become more common in Indonesia due to a combination of climate change, land conversion and logging, which can contribute to landslides and flash floods after monsoonal downpours.

Indonesia’s climatology agency said most parts of the Southeast Asian archipelago had experienced torrential rains, strong winds, high waves and flooding due to extreme weather this year.

Indonesia Train Accident :Indonesia Train Collision Crash at Pemalang took away 36

The crash b/w the two  trainstook away about 36 people today morning .Rescuers have been searching through the mangled wreckage for trapped survivors of the accident, which occurred at 3am as many passengers were sleeping.

The train was travelling from the capital, Jakarta, when it ploughed into the rear of parked train at a station in Petarukan, a coastal city in Central Java province, the transport ministry said.

According to police report 36 are dead, and 19 seems to be injuired .The accident happened in Pemalang, in the country’s central Java province, at about 2.45am local time. A train coming from Jakarta and bound for East Java ploughed into a stationary train.

Indonesia has reported several transport accidents over the past decade and underinvestment on infrastructure is often blamed. The country’s economic growth has struggled since the 1997-1998 finacial crisis, and its GDP is well below potential.

Kim Jong-il’s son Photos has been published by North Korea

North Korea’s newspaper daily has published on a front-page of thursdays edition the photo of Kim Jong Eun, the son and heir apparent of dictator Kim Jong Il, in what is believed to be the first public photo of the young man as an adult on.

The younger Kim, believed to be 26 or 27 years old, stood out in sea of older faces in video images and a photo of top North Korean officials taken Tuesday at a meeting of more than 1,000 representatives of the ruling Workers’ Party.

In the photo of several hundred officials, the younger Kim sits in the front row near his father, separated by an older general in full regalia. Chubby-cheeked and unsmiling, the younger Kim wears a dark suit that looks similar to his father’s well-known khaki track suit.

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