Vishnu Priya marriage video

Malayalam actress Vishnupriya has entered into wedlock today with producer cum director Vinay Vijayan son of East Coast Vijayan .The marriage was held at Camelot Convention Centre , Alappuzha .Close relatives and friends graced the function with their presence , decked up in their best ethnic attires .The bride appeared in a typical kerala traditional attire wearing red silk saree with braided long hair wrapped with jasmine flowers .Reception will be held at Al Saj Convention Centre on 26th of this month .

Malayalam film speedtrack leaded by Dileep was Vishnupriya’s debut film . She also played good roles in films like Keralolsavam ,Penpattanam . Her entry into the tamil industry was through ‘Naanga’. Apart from movies ,she is also a familiar face on various reality shows in mini screen .

EMPURAAN -Lucifer2 Pressmeet

Lucifer- a malayalam action movie directed by the young superstar Pritviraj Sukumaran in which the leading role was played by superstar Mohanlal became a big hit in the malayalam film industry .Till date , with mohanlal in the leading role , Pulimurugan was the only film which hit the 150 crore club but still lucifer became the first film with 200 crore budget .Being scripted by MuraliGopi, the film marks Prithvirajs first directoral debut . produced by Antony Perumbavoor through the prodution house Ashirvad Cinemas.Now ,the second part of this film is going to be produced which was officially announced by Mohanlal ,Prithviraj ,Murali Gopi and Antny perumbavoor.

shooting of the film being named Lucifer 2 -Empuran will commence only by next year and it will be a bigger project than Lucifer , said Prithviraj .He also revealed that this film will not be the continuation of Lucifer ,but the start and end of the story .Release date will be announced only after the shooting is complete , he said .Meanwhile , both Prithviraj and Mohanlal will complete their own major projects Ettimani ,Marakkar, Big Brother

Advantages of having Blue Cheese

There are various advantages of consuming blue cheese. We are very much aware of the fact that cheese is nutritious as it is made from milk that contains several essential nutrients. Very few of us are actually aware that blue cheese is a that cheese that acts like magic for people who suffer from heart diseases. There are various cheese that are beneficial for special purposes. Blue cheese, similarly, is extremely good for heart patients. it is very healthy for our hearts. Apart from a heart healthy food it has several other good benefits as well. The blue color that is seen in the cheese occurs due to the ageing of the cheese. The fat content in this cheese is low. It is widely used as a topping for food and in salad dressing. The various advantages of blue cheese are as follows:

1.       All the dairy products contain cheese. Diet conscious people may use this cheese as it has low content of calories and fat. Hence, if you want to shed weight it is very good.

2.      The blue cheese has very good proteins that are seen in milk. Since it is formed due to the coagulation of milk in is very high in protein content. People who are looking to build muscles can have this cheese.

3.      As already mentioned, this cheese is very good for the heart. People suffering from heart diseases can easily have this milk in order to improve the condition of the heart.

4.      The blue cheese has blue veins that have great anti-inflammatory features. It helps in the cleaning of the arteries of the blood.

5.      Consumption of blue cheese helps to fight arthritis. Due to the anti inflammatory properties it helps to fight arthritis pain.

This way, the consumption of blue cheese helps to provide great advantages to our bodies.

Motorola Motoluxe MT680 – features and details

Motorola has made an official declaration recently by confirming the introduction of Motorola Motoluxe MT680 smart phone. It is a sophisticated handset with a touch screen feature. Be confident of using the most ultra-modern smart phone which has the sleek body and superb exterior design. The OS is Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is fitted to this mobile handset.

1 gb internal data storage will give you golden chance to restore songs, music albums and video games. 512 MB RAM is also one of the salient features to make the device up-to-date. A 32 GB expandable SD card slot has been shortlisted to upgrade this Motoluxe MT 680. The data transfer is conducted with the usage of Bluetooth and a USB port to speed up the conversion of digital data and video files from the handset to other interactive devices and vice versa.

This smart phone has the geo tagging feature to locate the spot/destination via a mobile handset. This user-friendly smart phone has the inbuilt cam with auto-focus option. This mobile handset can be your favorite video recording tool. It has 480p@30fps capacitated video cam to serve the purpose. The light weight sleek frame of this mobile handset is really environment friendly and glossy in curb appeal. This mobile handset supports HTML browsing.

How to take a proper interview?

Interviewing a candidate and identifying if he suits your expectations is challenging and should be cultivated before actually sitting for it. Interviewing qualities includes very good communication skill, alertness of mind and quick sense of logic and analysis. There are various types of interviews, for e.g. it can be research based or job interview, or interviewing media personnel or business or a television program. Hence, whatever may be the topic you should know your subject thoroughly. You must have knowledge on that subject. Then only you may be able to frame apt question and your analyzing power will help you understand his mind very quickly. So before you go for an interview next time do keep the below mentioned points in your mind for better result. I have discussed every single step of interviewing correctly.

Tips for preparing yourself

You should follow before interviewing someone. Keep this basic information in your mind:

  • Inform your candidate about your interviewing time and place.
  • Think and analyze yourself well in advance. This will help you in understanding properly about your qualities and skills about the issue.
  • Planning is very important. Write down your questions on a paper. Practice with yourself how you want to start and act out a mock interviewing session. This will prepare you best for the actual interview.
  • If you are taking a job interview, take out some time from your busy schedule and read his/her resume and applications letter. This will help you understand the candidate’s qualification, work experience and etc will also give you a brief idea about him.
  • When the interview will over inform the candidate that within what period he shall be informed.
  • The Final Interview Session
  • Clarity in vision, knowledge about the job profile and good communication skill helps in the final interview session. Do an in depth research of the company’s profile. This will help in the discussion.
  • Here I have discussed few special techniques of facing an interview:
  • · Meet the candidate professionally with a warm smile and greet him with a handshake. Let him be comfortable and then start talking.
  • · Talk about the impressive areas in the resume or any other documents he has given. Appreciate if you really liked his work or credential.
  • · Avoid asking personal questions in an interview.
  • · Ask your question and then listen to the answers carefully. This will help you understand him better and will also help you modifying you’re following questions.
  • · While discussing an issue, if you feel that the candidate is avoiding a particular question, just allows him to do that and to continue the conversation, provide him with a far more comfortable topic. Such a discussion will also help you understand the nature of the person, his general knowledge about various topics and the way he can handle unpredictable situation.
  • · Do not make it a quiz session, rather improvise it with personal touch and make it a discussion session rather than a typical interview.
  • · Fix a time for the interview. Do not take too long or too short maintain a healthy time that will help you understand your candidate. Finish it within the stipulated time.
  • · After in the interviews is over, always inform him by what time he will be informed about the nest schedule of the meeting.
  • At the end of the interview do not forget to get back to the candidates at the promised date and time. Inform them about the company’s opinion and talk to them politely in any circumstances.
  • Interviewing a person is a tough job but if you follow the above mentioned tips you can take interviews comfortably.

LG Optimus 3D MAX – details and features

LG Optimus 3D MAX is one of the highly sophisticated mobile phone with 3D format. The processor of this handset is more powerful and durable comparatively. It is also equipped with a 1GB RAM.

According to experts, this LG Optimus 3D MAX phone is lighter with a flexible operating system. It can be used to watch the three dimensional movies, games and snapshots. To be brief, this is the fashionable ultra-light handset to support different types of 3D formatted content/digital files and games. The video cropping and editing options are unforgettable. You can share the video clips, snapshots and photos with your friends by operating this hi-tech mobile phone.

It is powered by batteries. So you can choose a travel charger to recharge the handset while making a long tour. It can be used while traveling by a train, a car or on board. There is an excellent in-car stereo headphone attachment. Spend the leisure hours by listening to song played via your mobile handset. There are different modes to operate this handset. When you like to go to sleep anytime, you can keep your mobile handset on sleep mode. Besides, while working at offices, it is better for keeping phone on office mode.

Finally, the wonderfully decorated flat screen is thin in size. It reflects the colorful graphics and pictures in an excellent way. There is a small less weighty micro USB cable for the data transfer. This eco-friendly smart phone will give you comfort to deal with. It brings glamour back to redefine your personality. Every sophisticated high profile lady must require this type of handset to appear sexy and dandy. However for further technical details, one will have to read the tech spec sheet which is supposed to be published in the official website of LG. You should enjoy chatting and conversation by using this flat screen mobile handset. There is also a good warranty scheme with the product.

Sony Xperia U android smart phone features and details

Sony has had bagged accolades and lot of chocolates as a token of appreciation and love. The reason is easy to understand. Sony has gifted Xperia mobile phones to people. These mobile phones are eco-friendly, stylish and colorful. Xperia S and P editions are so charming to look that you will get back full confidence to appear smart and dandy. However, Sony has no limitations to do researches for upgrading models.

Recently, the management of this company has finalized a deal regarding the release of the Xperia U handset. It is the mobile phone which will be small, flexible and cheap comparing to its forefathers. Its color contrast, curb appeal and interior circuit box are up to the mark and of course ultra-modern. Xperia U edition is easy to dart. You can stuff it into the pocket of your shirt. Xperia U is equipped with a glossy chassis. It is scratch resistant. A durable 3.5 inch displayed screen has been installed to improve the exterior design of the handset. The processor should be ok to accelerate the speed of data transfer. A hi-tech dual-core NovaThor U8500 processor generates 1 GHz speed. Besides, a 4gb data storage unit and a 512 MB RAM have been shortlisted for the upgradation of the mobile handset. Mali-400MP graphics attachment will be used for installation to make the mobile handset much more handy and sophisticated.

In a press release, the managing director of Sony has confirmed the introduction of this futuristic model to people very soon. The portability of the mobile handset is suitable to executives, students and high profile ladies who can carry their small handsets anywhere else. The price range of this handset will be affordable. However there is no information regarding the prices of this U handset to date. Maybe after the premier show, the company will flash a new price chart on this U mobile handset.