Facebook Mark Zuckerberg wedding photos

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg(28 years old) got married to his long time girl friend Priscilla Chan( 27 years old) .Priscilla Chan graduated from medical school at the University of California last week and wants to become pediatrician. Couples were dating for 9 years. Their wedding was held at the backyard of his home at Palo Alto, Calif.Only 100 of their close guests were invited for the occasion and he gave his new bride a ring .

Both of them announced their wedding by updating status of their facebook page

Sony Xperia SX – Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone features and specs

All Sony phone lovers hold your breath for Xperia SX, the lightest LTE (Long Term Evolution) phone out in the market. However, its keeping is new release limited to the Japanese market only. This smartphone is loaded with a number of features, imaginable.

Let us check out its specifications:

  • The physical dimension of this handheld is 115 mm X 54 mm X 9.4 mm when it comes to width, height, and depth, respectively.
  • It weighs 3.35 ounces.
  • It has a considerably small, qHD display measuring 3.7-inch. Its display is boosted with the engine of Sony BRAVIA for lively colors. This is also one of the main reasons for its relatively compact size.
  • Under its hoot, there is a 1.5 Giga Hertz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor (S4) combined with RAM of 1 GB that powers its latest version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • Looking at its design, it is a rectangular, as well as minimalistic slab that is available in two universally appealing colors – black and white.
  • For increased performance in low-light, this phone features a sensor of 8-megapixel with Exmor R technology.
  • As far as, resolution of the digital camera is concerned, it offers a resolution of 3264×2448 px.
  • The camera of this phone can click 3 dimensional panoramic photographs.
  • For the purpose of making video call easy, this phone features a 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera.
  • When it comes to internal storage, it supports 8 gigs.
  • Some of its business features are watch, stopwatch, calculator, alarm, calendar, data and fax.
  • For the Japanese market, this Smartphone has much more to deliver such as, mobile TV, mobile wallet, as well as an infrared port.

These are some of the major specifications of the lightest Smartphone, Sony Xperia SX.

What is the difference between a Maoist and Naxalite


The sudden advent of Maoist and Naxalite has changed the streamline of Indian history. If you look back to check the position of India in the world, you will be surprised to know that in spite of getting freedom from British rulers, this country has major internal problems like political disturbances, poor economic infrastructures, lack of education and to top it all the terrorism. To be frank, Maoists and Naxalites are tuned to get back their rights by struggling. They are called unwanted elements by Indian government. They put pressure on Indian higher authority to solve the incomplete land reform, gender bias, class division, unequal distribution of wealth and of course poor educational frameworks.

Maoist is a wing of Communist party of India. Comrades of Maoist struggle for snatching the status from the Indian Government. They demand separate state, rights to expressions and full participation into the nation building activities. Though Naxalite belongs to same feather, the agenda of the party is little bit different. However, both revolutionary groups try to establish their own rights which range from the availability of nutritious food, education, women emancipation, all round development of the lower berths of the society and cultural progression in the aboriginal areas. Naxalite has the connection with Naxalbari which is called a village in North Bengal. The oppressed under privilege class raised their fingers against the most influential class. Poverty ridden class in some parts of North Bengal inclusive of Naxalbari was compelled to spring back in protest against those who have money, political power and influence. They are powerful landlords, businessmen and administrators. They oppress the downtrodden class. The main objectives of Maoists and Naxalites lie in the removal of bondage of subjection of the poor class to the upscale society.

Maoist party came into existence long back to 2004. People’s War and Maoist Communist were merged to form this Maoist community to start a showdown with Indian Government. Many active members of Maoist and Naxalites had to kiss the burial ground due to struggle and war. They sacrificed their lives to uplift the lower division of the society. However, as they are not taking care of the interests of general citizens, Indian government has branded these two parties as anti-national organizations which pollute the society by spreading violence, family feud, religious disturbance and chauvinism.

BSNL Penta Tpad tablet WS802C features and price

BSNL has already made its presence in the tablet market of India. It has teamed up with Pantel Technologies so as to bring out three cost friendly tablets namely, Penta IS701R, Penta Tpad WS802C and Penta Tpad WS704C. So we have a close look on the most expensive among all these, which is the Penta Tpad WS802C. Penta Tpad WS802C is quite impressive look wise with a capacitive screen of 8” having instinctive touch control. The screen supports 800×600 pixels of resolution which is undoubtedly the brightest among low cost tablets ever seen. As it is featured with an Aldiko book reader, reading ebooks would prove to be a pleasurable experience.

The Penta Tpad WS802C is simple and decent in its look with a milky white coloured outfit. It has a plastic surface with a better finish and looks ordinary. All the ports, USB, reset button, 3.5 mm jack, OTG and charging point are all at the lower part of it, the volume rocker, on and off button, SD card slot are on the lower right side while the SIM slot is in the left. Two speakers are on the top of the back side and the front camera with four capacitive buttons below the display. The lithium polymer battery of 3000mAh can run for a day with full recharge if the tablet is used properly. It has a SIM slot, so one can opt for the SIM of any operator for surfing the net and calling. BSNL has an offer of additional benefits with the tablet if it is purchased with Rs 13,500. Without this offer, Pantel is selling it at Rs 14,500.

With all the positives, it also has some drawbacks. It is slippery and has a slow processor. Apart from these, the other drawback is the bug in the keypad which does not allow one to type properly.

Breathalyzer to Detect Presence of Alcohol in the Bloodstream

In America about 30% street accidents happen due to driving under influence or DUI. For this reason, American authority has prioritized the introduction of alcohol testing programs to check the street accidents. Those who are addicted to country liquor must not take the risks of driving cars in the streets when they are in an inebriated condition. However, in past, there was not a specific scientific method to test the level of alcohol in the blood within couple of seconds. The traditional blood test takes sometime to detect the availability of alcohol in the blood of the suspect. It is not possible for traffic police personnel to charge someone on the spot due to negative outcome after testing the sample of blood which shows the presence of high percentage of alcohol in the blood stream. Therefore, scientists have invented sophisticated breathalyzers to bring the perfection and speed to the detection of alcohol in the blood. This device is very much user-friendly to people who like to know about the degree of inebriation to prevent the further loss. Now, you need to collect information about the efficacy of a breathalyzer and to what extent it comes handy to a person to track the level of alcohol in one’s blood.

To speak the truth, alcohol is a volatile substance which has the general tendency to fly in the air via an evaporation process. This type of chemical component doesn’t mix with blood. It is collected and absorbed from mouth and stomach where wine gets deposited. When blood travels through the lungs, alcohol also passes through the small alveoli pouches. Now, the amount of alcohol laden air in the alveoli is equal to the level of alcohol being present in blood. When a doctor tries to collect the sample of alcohol in the breath, he measures the level of this chemical component by using the breathalyzer. However there are other two devices which work excellently to spot an alcoholic drive through the medical trials. Alcosenser II and intoxilyzer have been tuned up scientifically to ensure the perfect testing to keep the track of alcohol in the blood.

You will have to admit that breathalyzer is a convenient device to measure the level of alcohol in blood. An expert can tell you all about the efficacy of a breathalyzer. He will calculate properly whether the suspect has crossed the permissible limit of consuming alcohol. If the allowable limit of alcohol consumption is 0.05, a person must try to keep the level of alcohol under 0.05. Excess percentage of alcohol is detected with a breathalyzer which always provides the perfect data in relation to the presence of alcohol.

A breathalyzer is equipped with two small vials which contain chemical mixture to test the reaction of alcohol which is present in the odor coming out from the mouth. It has also a workable attachment to collect the fresh breath of a person. A meter is attached to the system to track the sea-change in the color of the sample chemical mixture.

The alcohol testing procedure is simple and less complicated. At first, a car driver is required to exhale the air into the funnel shaped breathalyzer. There are two small vials in pair for the chemical reactions. The collected odor runs down the vials forming small bubbles in the containers. Out of two vials, one vessel is filled up with sulfuric acid, silver nitrate, water, and potassium dichromate substances to ensure excellent reaction to track the color change of the chemicals. More innovative experiments and a proper investigation are needed to record the percentage of alcohol in the bloodstream. During the chemical reaction, reddish orange ions change its color taking the shape of green colored chromium ions. That determines the smooth color changes through the steady reaction. Now experts do a comparison study by observing another vial which doesn’t react. Electricity is applied to activate the meter which has a small index needle. It moves clockwise to measure the specific percentage of alcohol in the blood. It takes few minutes to provide the results about the alcohol testing. The breathalyzer is in high demand in the US market. It has brought a technical revolution in the healthcare industry.

Huawei Honor smart phone with 8 megapixel and 1.4GHz processor

Huawei Honor is a modern light weight Android smart phone which is on the sale at $370 and there are many excellent features of this handset. High profile ladies need the extremely fashionable smart phones which bring back the glamour to them to appear sexier. The smart phones are capable of providing the excellent services to users without maximizing the technical mistakes. This smart phone has a 4-inch high color resolution display unit. You will have a remarkable option to watch the snapshots, colorful images and beautiful video clips displayed on the screen. A 1.4GHz processor has been used to upgrade the device. The auto-focus cam has the capability to have the snapshots quickly. You will be able to use this sophisticated cam to capture interesting images whenever you like. This 8-megapixel cam has the efficiency to keep the quality of the snapshots in spite of excessive clicks.

The attention of viewers will fall on the backside of the handset as experts have preferred the milky white color to paint the rear surface of the device. It is cheaper and comparatively more eco-friendly. The basic weight of this smart phone is approximately 135 grams. It is sleek and small in shape. That’s why; it is also fitted to the pocket. If you want to buy this mobile handset, you need to do further studies to increase your knowledge regarding the marvelous features of the device. The colorful mobile handset exudes an excellent premium feel which will make you happier using the device. Even you can surf the net by installing internet connection. The plastic made model is glossy and resistant to water.

Finally, it has also a locking key to make your phone unreachable during your absence. However, there is no concrete information given by the company in relation to price range. You will have to log at the official website of the company to collect a chart of updated price tags. However, you can’t deny that this modern sleek phone will definitely convince teens and oldies.

Asus Padfone features

ASUS has finally lifted the curtain over the redesigned thin Padfone of 9.2mm at the MWC. It features a display of 4.3 inch Super AMOLED qHD, Snapdragon S4 attached with Andreno 225 GPU and a camera of 8MP with LED flash and an aperture of f/2.2 along with an internal storage capacity of 16 to 64 GB and microSD slot. In short, it has what can be expected from a modern high end. Connectivity is taken care of 42 Mbps HSPA+ radio, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi Fi, A-GPS and HDMI while a battery unit of 1520mAh is included as juicer.

The Padfone can be inserted into one optional tablet frame, whose screen of 10.1” is powered by the phone itself and the battery life can be extended significantly. There is another dock which enables one to add a keyboard accessory that can be detached like the transformer Pad series. This also comes up with a stylus which can be used for receiving phone calls except for doodling, considering that the handset is inserted in mothership. It is an android phone of 4.30 inches with a resolution of 540×960 pixels and a pixel density of 256 ppi. It was first announced on 1st June 2011.

Samvritha sunil marriage wedding

Malayalam actress Samvirtha sunil will not be alone for a long while. She had selected Akhil from kozhikode as her hubby, akhil is presently working as an engineer at California. Till now marriage date is not fixed .She had opened her heart to medias at Asianet film awards held yesterday.

Recently a number of gossip regarding samvirtha sunil and prithviraj were circulating across the web . But after prithviraj’s marriage these gossips closed for further discussion. Now she wants to end all gossip regrading her marriage .

She further added she cannot finalize the decision regarding her career now .

Cyber Bullying – Social networking sites most vulnerable to hackers

Cyber bullying is a severe problem and you will have to find out way to solution without running the risk of the permanent withdrawal of your sites from the net. Basically, cyber crime is done by self-servicing groups which are eager to earn illegal profits via wrong gateways. They make bold attempts to steal information from the online database. This type of information hacking, jamming and site blocking and identification theft occur to disturb online browsers.

However, after an extensive investigation, the government sponsored fact funding committee has found that the social websites are severely affected by cyber bullying and crimes. These social networking sites are popular because of the availability of excellent chance to communicate with family members, friends and other guys via online portals.

Social websites can be attacked easily as the data protection system is not powerful. Hackers find it easy to crack IPS address, and personal accounts/passwords to enter into the sites for pulling up reliable information, data and snapshots. The online database is packed with confidential information. For this reason, when you operate any social networking site, you will have to take pre-emptive measures to keep your data intact. Cyber bullying can bring down the quality of the social networking sites. For this reason, you will have to ask for the relevant technical guidance from experts. When you are interested to open any account in a social networking website you will have to keep your password in safe. You will have to change your password again and again to overtake the leakage of digital information.

Recent surveys have warned online social sites operators by claiming that with times advancing, the possible onsets of cyber crime and hacking will spread just like a ball of fire. The information will be tampered due to the improper data protection and lack of site optimization. You will have to protect your data while surfing any recognized or unknown social networking website.

E-Waste Concept – Protects Environment

If you have an old mobile phone handset, you should not dash it against floor. Nor is it a wise decision to take to the nearby landfills for throwing it on the ground. Similarly, when your pantry room, a storage unit and basement are packed with caboodle of damaged, second hand and useless products, you must think properly how to utilize the wasted products. You must be careful while taking the final decision.

To be frank, after the introduction of E-waste recycling technology to people, major drawback regarding the utilization of dirty useless artifacts has been solved. You need to choose E-waste recycling process to re-use these second hand products to protect the environment from pollution. Recycling process is extremely beneficial and result oriented due to proper utilization of the chemical wastage, over used infotainment systems, cell phones and sports accessories using the sophisticated technology. To protect the environment from being destructed and dampened, the introduction of E-wastage product recycling system is more user-friendly and cost effective. Modern E-waste recycling mechanism can also enable you to earn more. You can simply log at online sites to shortlist few companies which are taking wasted reconditioned collectible and musical gadgets including electronic devices for recycling purposes. Dealers will snail mail reversible post cards with a box for wrapping the damaged handset. Now you must backfire this packet to the concerned authority of the company for recycling purpose. You will get fund in return.

However, experiments are going on in British of Colombia in Canada where E-waste recycling is tested for proper usage in the commercial sectors. Even car can be recycled to manufacture a new car. Bio-degradable bags are also in high demand. Recycling technology is becoming popular among modern people because of the full fledged flexibility, excellent operability and easy to care system to utilize the damaged artifacts.

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