Nasal blockage causes and treatment

Nasal blockage is one of the most irksome things that could happen to any of us. Resulting mainly from a bad cold or an allergy or sinus, nasal blockage leads to inflammation of the nasal passage. The body takes its own measure to deal with the problem. It secretes an extra dose of mucus to keep the nasal passage smooth so that the irritant can flow out of the system. Many believe that allowing dry air in the nose might cause relief or eliminate the problem but that is not true. The cure to nasal blockage lies before our own eyes at our very homes. One of the easiest remedies available at home is hot tea. If you can brew a cup of green, peppermint or ginger tea, you can be assured of relief. Try to consume as much of hot fluids as possible. This aids in the relief from a nose blockage. Another way of instant relief is inhaling steam. The process is as follows : Add a tablespoon of vinegar to a bowl of steaming hot water, sit with your head over it and a blanket around you to concentrate the effect of the steam and inhale the hot air. If hot steam fails, you can go in for a steam bath or a hot shower. It serves to provide relief by getting rid of the blockage. This might seem unconventional but spicy food can be a remedy to nose blockage. Loads of chilli powder makes our nose run and that helps in combating blockage. Yet another remedy will be that of mixing salt with warm water and directing it into your nasal passage with the help of a shot glass. The last remedy is onions. Sniff them or consume them, they provide instant relief.

How to prevent allergies naturally?

When your body reacts adversely to any new factor, it is defined as an allergy. In the past twenty years, there has been marked increase in the incidence of allergies. The reasons may be many and varied. Change in climate and increasing pollution along with the contamination of food and water resources are major causes.

An allergic reaction may take different forms. You can come out in rashes or start itching badly. You can start sneezing and your nose begins to run. You can even develop a digestive problem as an allergic reaction. Instead of taking anti histamines for every allergy, here are a few suggested ways in which you can prevent allergies by using natural methods:

1.       Vitamin C is the natural anti allergic. If you are prone to allergies, include the kiwi fruit in your diet. This is rich in antihistamines like vitamin C. allergies often have a seasonal trend. If you notice such a trend in you, ask your doctor and take vitamin C supplements during the allergy season.

2.      Wear clean clothes. Clothes often carry allergens with them. So, they should be changed and cleaned regularly.

3.      Keep your windows closed in order to prevent allergies. This is especially helpful if you are allergic to pollen or other airborne irritants. Just keep them out and enjoy a life free of allergies.

4.      Switch to white meat like chicken. They cause less allergies and are overall healthier than red meat.

5.      If you suffer from dust allergies, keep the furnishing, carpets, rugs and draperies clean at all times.

6.      If you are allergy prone, add fish oil supplements to your diet as they are natural anti allergic. Oregano oil and lime juice are other natural anti allergic which are very popular.

7.      Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and good cleaning habits to say goodbye to allergies.

What are the top iron rich foods to help prevent anemia and to increase amount of haemoglobin?

Iron is one of the essential nutrients required by the body. If the iron intake in your diet is inadequate, it may lead to iron deficiency anemia. The common symptoms of anemia include tiredness, headaches and loss of hair. Low hemoglobin is the indicator of iron deficiency in the body.

In order to avoid iron deficiency, you must make saure to include plenty of iron rich foods in your diet. Women aged between 19 and 50 should take 18mg of iron every day while the corresponding figure for men aged above 19 years is 8mg. Here is a list of iron rich foods:

1.       For the non vegetarians, liver is a powerhouse of iron. Beef liver is best as it contains more iron and less calories while 100g of chicken liver contains 9g of iron.

2.      Oily fishes like sea fishes like sardines, trale, mackerel, Indian salmon etc are rich sources of both iron and omega 3 fatty acids.

3.      Red meat, especially beef is an acknowledged source of iron. In order to enjoy the best benefits, be sure to discard the fatty portion of beef. Ground beef without fat is best for iron. 85g of ground beef contains 2.1mg of iron.

4.      100g of chicken breast provides 0.7mg of iron.

5.      The various benefits of brown rice is now widely acknowledged. In addition to a number of other nutrients, it also contains iron.

6.      Pumpkin seeds are very rich source of iron as well as omega 3 fatty acid. 100g of these seeds contain 15mg of iron.

7.      80 percent dark chocolate has a high iron content – 17mg in 100g.

8.      Lentils are good sources of iron as well as magnesium, vitamin B6 and dietary fiber.

9.      Dried fruits like apricots and raisins also provide iron.

Apart from these, other rich sources of iron are potatoes, spinach, oysters, tofu, prunes, broccoli, strawberries and whole grains.

What is ADHD ? Symptoms of ADHD in adults

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a type of behavioral disorder where people cannot concentrate on any one thing leading to inattention and restlessness. It is often detected in children because parents generally carefully monitor their children. Even if ADHD is cured in childhood, it may leave traces in adulthood; but in many cases, it is not diagnosed in childhood at all. In such cases, it can be very disruptive.

Dealing with adult ADHD is difficult. Adults are often not monitored as closely while even if you do detect the symptoms, you will find it very difficult to convince the person that he has ADHD.

Here are some of the symptoms that you can watch out for:

1.       A person with ADHD has poor listening skills. So, if you find someone who does not wait for other people to stop speaking but rather cuts through them, that person is likely to have ADHD.

2.      Adults with ADHD are impatient with traffic rules and are responsible for rash driving. This leads to accidents.

3.      A person with ADHD gets easily distracted by common noises like a doorbell, traffic noises etc.

4.      Poor organizational skills are the hallmark of ADHD. A cluttered home or a messy appointment diary is common for a person with ADHD.

5.      People with ADHD are chronically late. They cannot pay attention to details like time and unpunctuality becomes their eventual habit.

6.      People with ADHD are always restless. They simply cannot relax. Even when they sit down to relax, they are either tapping their feet or drumming their fingers or scribbling on paper.

7.      People with ADHD cannot begin new tasks

8.      They feel misunderstood and end up with bursts of anger.

9.      They are notoriously impatient.

10.   They cannot stick to commitments.

11.    Since they are highly disorganized, they keep losing things.

Causes of split ends on straightened hair

Split ends is a common hair problem faced by thousands of women. When the cuticles towards the end of the hair shaft are completely destroyed, it leads to damages at the very tip of the hair. Lack of moisture and proper nourishment are the major causes of split ends. Though they may be seen on any kind of hair, the incidence of split ends are somewhat higher on hair that has been straightened.

The causes for split ends are as follows:

  • Washing your hair daily may not be such a good idea. Strong shampoos can actually harm the hair if used too frequently.
  • Common wisdom says brushing your hair hundred times a day can make it shine. Actually, there is no evidence that this is so. Instead, roughly brushing your hair to get out the tangles – especially on wet hair – is one of the most common causes of split ends on straightened hair.
  • With so many hair colors in the market, it becomes difficult not to experiment with hair. But overuse of chemicals like colors of hair perms can cause severe damage to the hair including split ends. Chemicals with alcohol are especially harmful.
  • Applying heat tools like hair dryers regularly to your hair makes them dry and brittle. If you need to use the dryer frequently, you should apply a serum on your hair beforehand. This helps the hair to retain some moisture.
  • Certain hair accessories like rubber bands end up hurting your hair. Similarly, tying your hair too tightly can cause friction and stress.
  • Vigorous rubbing of wet hair can also cause problems,
  • Strong sun and dust can badly damage your hair. Use a hat or a scarf for better protection.
  • A few simple precautions can help you maintain healthy hair and avoid split ends.

How to take proper care of your eyes when you are wearing contact lenses ?

The eyes are probably the most important part of your body. They are also somewhat delicate and need good care. Millions of people around the world use eye makeup. Many use colored contact lenses as fashion accessories while others wear the lenses because of some sight problem. But, whatever may be the reason that you wear contact lenses, proper care is absolutely vital. Wearing contact lenses without following the basic care and safety guidelines can be quite harmful for your eyes. It can lead to infections or other complications.

Here are a few eye care tips to help you keep your eyes healthy when you wear contact lenses:

1.       If you have to wear spectacles for medical reasons, then you may switch to contact lenses. They definitely help you look your best. However, just like when you wear spectacles, you will have to get regular eye checkups and visits to the doctor. In fact, you should consult a doctor about the type of lens that you can wear.

2.      Remove your contact lenses while taking a bath and especially during swimming. Contact with water can lead to bacterial and fungal infection in the eye.

3.      Keep your hands clean at all times and especially before you touch your eyes or handle the contact lenses. Uses non cosmetic soaps to wash your hands. Dirty hands carry germs to the eyes.

4.      Follow guidelines to clean your contact lenses. You should not use tap water directly on them or put them in your mouth to clean them as microorganisms can infect the lens.

5.      Be careful while applying eye makeup after wearing your contact lenses. No makeup should get on the lens. Similarly, remove the lens before removing the makeup.

6.      Opt for spectacles during travelling in order to avoid dust allergies.

7.      Stay away from fires and direct flame during your outdoor barbecue as they harm your eyes and may even lead to blindness.

Foods that help to reduce body heat

The normal temperature of the human body is around 98.6 degrees. It keeps on varying slightly due to certain unavoidable changes. The temperature of the body is maintained even during change of weather conditions. The rise and fall of the temperature of the body can cause serious problems and hence, the temperature of the body must be maintained very cautiously. The maintenance of the heat of the body is a very common problem that is seen among individuals. The heat of the body is termed as heat stress. The body cannot cool all by itself and hence this causes heaps of troubles. Cramps due to heat, damage of internal organs, rashes, pimples, nausea and even dizziness might occur as a result of body heat. This is caused if a person is exposed too much in hot weather or takes food that produces heat in the body.

Drinking water is the best way to keep our bodies cool and hydrated, especially during the summer months. However there are certain typical food that help to keep our bodies cool. Here are a few of them:

· Watermelon: this fruit is rich in water. it is extremely effective in reducing heat of the body. Since it has a high water content, it keeps the body cool as well as hydrated.

· Honeydew Melon: One should add this fruit to the diet. It too helps in reducing the heat that is produced inside the body. It helps to cool the heat especially in the summer months.

· Cucumber: this is very common summer food item that has a very high content of water. It is extremely good in producing a cooling effect for the bodies. One should eat cucumbers each and every day that becomes a natural way to reduce body heat.

· Mint: this is a remedy that is available in every house. Mint adds on to the cooling effect of the body. Its juice is also very effective in reducing heat.

Advantages of eating Jaggery

It is a surprising fact for many people that sugar is originally a product of China. It came to India in the late 80’s. Hence, in India, Sugar is called chini, which actually means a native of China. So the question that comes to our minds is how did people sweeten food before the introduction of sugar in the market? The answer to this question is Jaggery. Commonly known as ‘Gur’, jaggery has been a traditional counterpart of sugar for the Indian market. It is made out of date or sugarcane juice. The texture of jiggery is quite rough and it takes lots of time to get dissolved. However, Jaggery has numerous healthy benefits that is not seen in sugar.

Some of the healthy benefits of Jaggery that is better than sugar are listed below:

1. Since Jaggery is made of juice of sugarcane, it helps to cool the digestive system. Drinking the water in which Jaggery has been soaked keeps our stomach cool. It the rural areas of India, people use this method to keep the body and stomach cool.

2. Jiggery is very rich in selenium that helps us to relax. The complex sugar molecules present in it helps to relax our nerves. People often have Jaggery with Roti or chapatti for dinner to have a very good sleep.

3. Jaggery has much less amount of calories than sugar. Sugar is a typical glucose form that comes to us. Jaggery is tough and also takes time to digest. Hence, it is healthier form of carbohydrate that is available in the market.

4. Jaggery is very rich in iron content as well. It is very good for women. Women who suffer from anemia must have jaggery regularly to reduce the disease.

5. The antioxidants that are found in Jaggery help to fight against cancer. It helps in cleaning our systems and helps to reduce ageing problems.

How to Fight Off Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is one of the bad effects that ail people today. It clogs arteries and causes heaps of trouble. Various foods are falling under the list having high Cholesterol, including Orange juice. It is hard for people to eat any food outside nowadays as most of them are loaded with cholesterol. However, if a person takes the necessary precautions he or she can manage to get rid of high cholesterol. These have been used by people for centuries to protect themselves from the draconian cholesterol levels. Cholesterol affects the heart and hence one must need to take care of it before anything serious happens.

First of all, we should know what cholesterol really is. Not all type of cholesterol is unhealthy. Sometimes even unsaturated fats are not seen as dangers. Eliminating carbohydrates and trans fats from various grains like pasta, soda, desserts and bread can lead to a drop in the level of normal cholesterol of a person. These people can eat foods like eggs, red meat, butter and cream without seeing much rise in the level of cholesterol. This turns a question to the lipid hypotheses. It states that dietary cholesterol is the main reason behind the heart diseases and the clogging of arteries. Eating loads of omelets also lead to the rise of cholesterol and leads to inflammation. Cholesterol levels generally go up due to the rise of the level of trans fat in the body and also processed carbohydrates. If a person is keen on lowering the level of cholesterol he must improve upon his health and in turn reduce the risk of a heart attack. Hence, a person should reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body and increase the amount of good cholesterol.

There are certain foods that will help a person to balance the level of cholesterol in the body. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Grains: people who will guide you to lower the cholesterol levels will always tell you to consume whole grains rather the refined ones. This is due to the type of carbohydrates that the person intakes. Whole grains are healthier than processed grains. Hence a person must stop the starchy diet and eat lots of whole grains to reduce the cholesterol level. a person must reduce the inflammation occurring in the body. It is very good for the heart and also does well to the health.
  • Fruits: One should eat lots of fruits. Moreover, one should avoid eating desserts and candies at all costs. Eating sweet fruits also does not lead to the rise of cholesterol level. However, fruit juices must not be taken. Fruits have lots of fiber that are very good for the stomach. Having juice is equal to having sugar water.
  • Vegetables: One should add loads of vegetables in the diet. Ideal ones are bell peppers, broccoli and chili peppers. Moreover, daily exercise also is necessary.
  • In order to increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body one must take good helpings of nut oils, avocados, nuts and olive oils. This too is important as some amount of goods cholesterol is necessary for the proper working of the body.
  • One should stop having regular eggs and have eggs enhanced with DHA. These are readily available in the market and are affordable as well.
  • One should also include wild fishes in the diet. Ones like wild mackerel, Salmon and sardines are very good. They will supply the body with Omega 3 and hence are very healthy. Wild fish are not exposed to chemicals and hence fresh and healthy.
  • Eating garlic and onions too reduce cholesterol level to a great extent.

How do you know that you are pregnant?

There are various ways to know whether a woman is pregnant or not. Most women of today try the pregnancy test at home by buying kits. However, apart from these tests there are other symptoms that help a woman to understand whether she is pregnant or not. Here are some of the common ones:

· Craving for a particular food: this is a very confusing a clichéd symptoms. When a woman conceives, she starts craving for certain food and feels restless until she has had it. Although it is not a sure shot symptom, it might show the signs of getting pregnant. Sometimes it’s just the head playing games.

· Darkening of the Areola: the area around the nipples of a woman gets dark and makes them look larger than usual. This is a very good symptom of pregnancy and might be caused due to imbalanced hormones.

· Visiting the toilet more often: this is also a very good symptom showing pregnancy. This happens due to the production of the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone increases one the embryo gets implanted in the walls of the uterus.

· Cramping and spotting: after eight or twelve days of implantation a phenomenon called the implantation spotting occurs. This is where a woman experiences discharge of bloody substances. This is a purely natural thing and nothing to be feared of.

· Feeling of tiredness: this is also a very common symptom of getting pregnant. If a woman feels tired all the time in spite of the complete absence of physical activities, she might be pregnant.

· Swelling of breasts: tender and swollen breasts are very clear indicators of pregnancy. This occurs due to the surge of hormones after the implantation.

· Discomfort caused by certain taste and smell: a feeling of discomfort occurs by smelling or tasting certain kind of food or beverage. There might be a metallic taste in a woman’s mouth.