GREEN OR BLACK – Which Tea Would It Be?

Tea is one of the most popular beverages of the world, and our most favorite drink right after water. Even though the west prefers coffee to tea, tea is less harmful land contains a smaller dose of caffeine. Tea is mainly grown in China, Japan and India. However since the tea has been imported and cultivated, it is also found in Brazil, Argentina and in the tropical and subtropical places of this world. But the question arises, that there are more than one type of tea (green tea, red tea, black tea, white tea etc) but how do we tell one from another? Especially the green tea and black tea?

The green tea has more medicinal properties, since is obtained by steaming them (Japanese method) or by frying them in a pan without oil (Chinese method). In the latter process, in order to avoid oxidization, the tea is processed in no less than two days after being picked up. Contrary to this method is the black tea, which is obtained by the process of oxidization, before being dried up. After that the leaves are sorted.

Even though both green tea and black tea are used for medical purposes, it is the former that yields far better results. The extremely delicate taste of the green tea too makes it very much appreciated.

It is the amount of caffeine that is the main difference between the green tea and the black tea. While the black tea has the highest caffeine content, the green has quite a low one. This makes the green tea, a much more satisfactory remedy for certain illnesses. For example, green tea is said to be a very good medicine for the cancer patients, for it restores their health to an almost miraculous degree.

Since black tea indeed does more harm than good, it is safer to consult a doctor before consuming it. In fact, you would be well-advised to ask your doctor what sort of tea you ought to drink. Then it would be clear, whether it should be green or black.

How to Keep Yourself Sweat-Free?

With winter still quite some time away, rain falling most inconveniently, humidity is still one of our greatest enemies. So in this horrible weather – how do to stop yourself from sweating excessively and take the necessary measures to stay cool?

  • We suggest that you cut down completely on your caffeine, as it is one of the substances that would trigger off anxiety. This in turn leads to the body sweating more than necessary.
  • Or maybe you can enroll in a class of yoga. Yoga is one of the most natural ways of calming down your nerves, and ensuring that sweat production is reduced dramatically.
  • We would also ask you to not have your amazingly delicious spicy foods. Even though they are yummy, they are also the factors behind making you sweat like a pig and without many intervals.
  • Another way of dealing with excessive sweat would be to make sure that you wear a good quality undershirt. The undershirt would absorb the excess sweat from your body, and evaporate it in no time.
  • Lastly, it would be wisest to avoid hot drinks like tea and coffee. Instead of that, why not have ice teas, lemonades and fresh fruit juices, which would help you regulate your body temperature! And make sure that you don’t sweat.

Air pollution as a cause of kids’ ear infection

A recent research says that babies and toddlers who live in areas with reasonable air pollution have a higher risk of middle-ear infection than those inhaling clean air.

The middle-ear infection is commonly called as otitis media which is a very common problem with the young children, who all are below 2 years of age. This is a typical infection caused in kids commonly provoked after the child has suffered from cough and cold, sore throat or other upper-respiratory tract illness. Previous analysis has suggested that air quality plays a pivotal role in provoking such problems in young children. They are vulnerable to middle-ear infections, which are mostly caused by the exposure to second-hand smoke, for instance, have been linked to a higher risk. Researchers tracked doctor visits for middle-ear infections among 45,513 Canadian children followed from birth until age 2 years. All the children lived in an area of British Columbia with relatively good air quality. The researchers used data from government air-quality monitors to estimate each child’s exposure to air pollutants, based on the family’s home address. They then looked at the relationship between the children’s ear infections and their air-pollution exposure in the two months prior to the infection.

Two other pollutants were also linked to moderately increased risks: particulate matter – the fine particles emitted via car exhaust, as well as power plants and other industrial sources – and smoke from wood burning. Children breathing the highest levels of wood smoke were 32 percent more likely to have doctor visits for middle-ear infections than those breathing the least. No other individual pollutants were linked to children’s risk of infection.

Thus the above discussion clarifies that young child with not properly developed immunity system falls prey to such air pollution and suffer immensely. Thus along with rapid industrialization people must think of public health.

Masks and Sanitizer-Useful to Prevent Flue

Sanitizer is a type of anti-microbial component which can be applied to minimize the onset of viral infection, germs and bacterial invasion. In open market, you will find different herbal sanitizers which perform excellently to cure patients suffering from flue, bacterial infection. Recently, researchers have invented eco-friendly and powerful anti-microbial shots in the shape of injections. This type of vaccinal shot administration will make someone competent to overpower various types of infection, viral attack and diseases which should be handled properly.

In this connection, few days back, approximately 1437 students in Michigan were tested by experts. As a part of better experiment, experts formed three different groups like A B and C. A group was given masks to cover face and alcohol based sanitizer for use. The second group was offered only face mask and third group belonged to controlled community. After close observation, it was found that those who used both face masks and hand driven sanitizers didn’t run the higher risk of being infected by flue. The controlled group was trailing behind comparing to A-group which used face masks and sanitizers.

Final decision taken by experts is that they are confident of the steady recovery from flue in the case of application of sanitizers and face masks to get good result in this connection.

How to Satisfy Your Hunger?

Craving for eating food is a mania. If you are a foodie, you will have to put emphasis on your health. Food is the source of collecting energy to activate the body. However, there is nothing wrong to harness mind to put restriction on eating habit as over eating is dangerous to keep fit. Food should be taken in certain amount. Frequent food intakes will make you an obese. Hunger makes a person crazy for eating food. Excessive eating is really bad for someone who needs to appear smart, dandy and lean. The fact is that obesity has already driven the nail of threat deep in the mind of man. It can lower down the spirit, stamina and physical glamour. The body functionality will go down to bring back caboodle of discomfiture and occlusion.

It doesn’t matter how matured you are. You will have to control your eating habit to get relief from overweight. Every day you should take food in small amount at short intervals. It will help you to digest food comfortably. If eat too much, there will be pile of leftovers. You will have no intention to keep your kitchen and dining room clean. Food provides fuel of energy to power the body. However, if you feel craze to eat voraciously, your body will not respond normally. Stomach will be overflowed with food specks.

Therefore, to keep your health in good condition, you must eat as much as your body needs. You will have to keep the balance between the desire and the actual requirement to spoon feed the body. If you choose the powerful appetizers for encouraging hunger, you will have to find the alternative ways to bring down the risks of overweight. Talk to dieticians and healthcare consultants to know more clearly how to increase the physical competency and fitness by eating nutritious food in restricted amounts. If you eat food exceeding the normal amount, you will feel discomfiture in the solar plexus. Tummy will be stuffed with food.

Stomach acidity a great problem

Acidity problem in stomach really upsets the total health of an individual. Stomach acid is also known as gastric acid, when it is secreted inthe stomach. This stomach acid is mostly a mixture of hydrochloric acid, potassium chloride and sodium chloride in various amounts. This secretion help in food digestion, therefore they are produced when the body is hungry and demands food. But in situations when such gastric acid is over produced or secreted less than its demand, the stomach feels uncomfortable and indigestion takes place. This is called stomach acid problems and people at Pennsylvania Drug Rehab are experiencing it sometimes.

Acid Problems in Stomach

The stomach produces its enzymes to breakdown the food and helps indigestion. This enzymes help in food digestion and keeps the body healthy.

Reasons for acid problems:

One of main situation is, when the stomach fails to produce the required amount of enzyme needed for the digestion of food. Bad eating habits, not maintaining proper food timing provokes such problems. When there is a deficiency of the digestion acid during food intake, it results in acidity problem.

Problems our body faces due to improper acid production:

Human body quickly responds to such imbalance and starts showing various symptoms.


  • Burning sensation in stomach


  • Uncomfortable and tight feeling at the chest area.
  • You will continuously feel you have over eaten and cannot even eat a morsel.
  • Other symptoms include indigestion and diarrhea.
  • You may feel nausea and vomiting
  • You will feel very uncomfortable and uneasy the whole day.
  • To get relief from stomach acidity, just follow certain tips:
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Eat frequently in small quantity so that the stomach does not remain empty.
  • Eat food containing high in carbohydrates
  • Do not eat oily foods
  • Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. This helps in quick recovery.
  • Do not drink alcohol and other beverages when you are having stomach problem.

How to Stop Stress?

Mental stress is a problem and you will have to overpower this shortcoming boldly. However, a stressful life is burdensome to a person; Accidentally, 99 percent of people suffer from more or less fatigue, depression and psychological intricacies which snowball into mood swings and severe emotional blackouts. That’s why; you will have to find the reason of the onset of stress.

Mental stress can do lot of harms to people who want to lead peaceful lifestyles. Stress is the outcome of negative emotions. If you investigate deeply, you will come to know all about the severe bad impact of mental stress on personal lifestyles.

Depression followed by inferiority complexity happens when a person feel unsecured. For instance, phobia cans turbo-charge fear in one’s mind. Simultaneously, failure, repeated shock and family mishaps lower the stamina of a person.

On the other hand, there is a proverb: charity begins at home. Keep your room clean to entertain guests. If furniture pieces lie at sixes and sevens inside your bed chamber, you will be affected by mental stress due to the dirty ambience. Mind should be cool.

Now-a-days, it becomes a fashion to lead a sophisticated lifestyle. Basically, city pent dwellers suffer from claustrophobia, and solitary confinement while living in the conurbation of city. This type of dull lifestyle can make someone bored, and dejected.

Attend spa center to do some bodybuilding exercises to construct muscles and repair your injured mind. Life is not a game. Nor is it a dreamy enchantment. It is so charming and sweet to feel that you will start longing for more years for passing gently by playing and chatting with your sweetheart.

Be kind hearted, gentle and polite in nature. You should learn how to minimize the stress. If you have vitriolic snapshots which often flash in your juvenile mind, please go outside to watch the vast blue sky. Extend the periphery of your vision to see the unseen. More beneficial will it be to commune with natural panorama and the beauty of backyard. Stress must be under control. You will have to prove that you are the happiest person who feels comfy to fly high in the sky with sole purpose of wallowing in milky white cloud which is emulsified in crimson color of vesper light.

How Are Bananas Beneficial to People?

Banana is one of the vital fruits. You can eat bananas everyday to keep your body fit. According to medicos and experts in the sphere of the medical science, banana is delicious and packed with nutrients. It makes depression level go down. You will be pleased to start your morning by eating desserts which contain banana slices.

Banana was popular in India during ancient times. In China, you will come into contact with avenues of banana trees. In the 14th century, the demand for banana was on the rise in Central America. Researchers claim that banana is considered to be the oldest delicious fruit. Dieticians prefer bananas when they make proper dietary programs for dieters. A banana offers proteins, vitamins and nutrients.

Are you irritated or short tempered? Do you have any negative emotional disorder? If you suffer from different types of mental disorder, psychological disorders, and mental depression, you will have to eat fresh bananas. It detoxifies the body and keeps the health of the skin texture. Doctors prefer banana for recommendation in the case of injury due to mosquito bite. It provides comfort to babies who like delicious sweet fruit which is loaded with nutrients, vitamins and proteins.

Banana is edible and you can digest this fruit well. However, artificially banana ripening is not good for health. You will have to opt for the bananas which are ripened naturally. There are several fruits but banana is much more flavorful. You can prepare different dishes using banana. However, excessive intake of this sweet fruit is naturally bad for health. Nor will it be helpful for you to have rotten bananas. Therefore keep this fruit in safe. Try to follow the guidelines of doctors in the case of the safekeeping of the bananas. Eat banana everyday to refresh your tastes. You will be surprised to know that this wonderful fruit has ranked fourth in the matter of food consumption in succession to rice, wheat and corns.

Eczema and its treatment

Eczema is a very common skin disease. If you are suffering from eczema your skin will feel constant irritation. With time to time it will get swollen and itchy. The disease gets aggravated with itching. Commonly there are few types of eczema, namely, the atopic dermatitis, hand dermatitis, nummular dermatitis and seborrheic dermatitis. Even the diaper rash in babies and rash due to poison ivy are also types of eczema. It is a continuous skin problem that provokes dryness and frequent skin rashes.

Medication for Eczema : Eczema can occur at any part of the body, based on its location, the problem is classified as hand eczema, eczema craquele and reason of eczema as in the case of varicose eczema. According to the medical science, research has helped in identifying the type of eczema and with the apt medicine such skin problem may be controlled properly. But the apt cure for eczema is not known or eczema is incurable, it can be only moderated or controlled by medication.

Now, here we are discussing few steps of controlling the skin problem of eczema.

  • Keep the eczema affected skin hydrated. The skin has a tendency to dry quickly, hence take frequent baths and use body lotions to keep the skin soft and supple. Do not allow it to dry.
  • Apply small amount the eczema treatment ointments, like common moisturizer for maintaining soft skin.
  • Apply steroid creams to control flare up and itchy condition.
  • Immune modulators can be used for controlling the inflammation.
  • Bath for 15 to 20 minutes, this will help in reducing the dryness of the skin and help controlling the skin irritation. Do not scrub while using soap. Just use a soft cotton towel and pat softly, then apply moisturizing cream to reduce the dryness of the skin.
  • Some doctors also apply ultraviolet rays to cure eczema problem.

Steroid Creams for Eczema Treatment

In extreme conditions when the regular moisturizer and eczema cream fails to control the swollen or the irritation of the skin, you may opt for steroid cream treatment. Apply steroid cream just after your bath. But do not apply it all by yourself. Consult a doctor, and as per his advice, apply the steroid cream at regular interval. Avoid applying it on face and diaper area, it may prove harmful in such delicate parts of the body. Use steroid cream regularly to cure eczema quickly.

When you are suffering from itchy eczema:

  • In such a case, do not scratch your skin vigorously. Avoid scratching, or else you will face severe problem. Consult a doctor and take his help in controlling dry itchy problem.
  • Apply damp dressing for quick relief.
  • Apply some Benadryl this will help in controlling the irritation.

If you wish to treat the eczema naturally:

  • Apply light mud pack on the affected skin this provides relief from the pain.
  • Apply coconut oil to make your skin soft and supple. Coconut oil helps in reducing inflammation. It helps in healing the skin tissues.
  • Use probiotics to cure your eczema naturally.
  • Apply mashed papaya seeds on the eczema parts of the skin.
  • Glycerin has also proved helpful in treating eczema naturally.

Can Homeopathy help in eczema?

Homeopathy has proved helpful in curing eczema. In severe cases patients often opt for homeopathy assistance and they have worked wonders in controlling and sometimes in curing eczema. Though the scope is very limited in homeopathy, and there is only a few medicines to help in eczema, yet if identified and applied correctly they show good result in eczema.

Chikungunya -Symptoms ,Treatment

This is a very rare type of viral fever spread by the mosquito bites. The fever is caused by an alphavirus from the bites of Aedes aegypti mosquito. The disease was first identified in the year 1955. The disease is highly infective but not fatal. People suffer a lot in chikungunya.

Chikungunya was first identified in Tanganyika, Africa in 1955. An outbreak of chikungunya was discovered in Port Klang in Malaysia in 1999, it affected some 27 people. In February 2005, on the French island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean people got affected by chikungunya. On 18 May 2006, 258,000 residents suffered from chikungunya. In Mauritius, 3,500 islanders have been hit in 2005.

As per the official records, there have also been cases in Madagascar, Mayotte and the Seychelles. In 2006, there was a big outbreak in the Andhra Pradesh state in India. Nearly 200,000 people were affected by this disease in the districts of Praksham and Nellore in this state. Some deaths have been reported but it was thought to be due mainly to the inappropriate use of antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets. This virus can cause thrombocytopenia, injudicious use of these drugs can cause erosions in the gastric epithelium leading to exsangunating upper GI bleed (due to thrombocytopenia).

Another case of chikungunya fever was reported from Malegaon town in Nasik district, Maharashtra state, in the first two weeks of March 2006, in which more than 2000 people were affected. In Orissa state, almost 5000 cases of fever with muscle aches and headache were reported between February 27 and March 5, 2006. In Bangalore, there was an outbreak of Chikungunya in May 2006 with arthralgia/arthritis, rashes. The latest outbreak in Tamil Nadu, India, 20,000 cases was reported in June 2006. Earlier it was found spreading mostly in outskirts of Bangalore, but now it has started spreading in the city also.

Analysis of the recent outbreak has suggested that the increased severity of the disease may be due to a change in the genetic sequence, altering the virus’ coat protein, which potentially allows it to multiply more easily in mosquito cells.

Various Symptoms of chikungunya

Patient suffers from high fever with temperature rising to 40degree Celsius. You will have high fever along with severe headache, chills, join pain, nausea, vomiting and swollen limbs. In most cases the symptoms are very similar to the normal flue. There can also be headache, conjunctival injection and slight photophobia. Patient can suffer from joint pain for months. Children may display neurological symptoms.

Dignosis of chikungunya

Acute headache, high fever, joint and muscle pains are few common symptoms that help in identifying the disease. Few blood tests are performed to confirm the disease.

Treatment of Chikungunya:

  • Antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor.
  • But in most cases the infection is self – limiting and resolves with time.
  • Analgesics, antipyretics and fluid supplementation are also given in acute cases. These help in treating infection.
  • Vaccination for this fever has yet not been discovered.

How to prevent Chikungunya?

Best way to prevent chkungunya is by keeping away mosquitoes.

  • Removing any stagnant water found on roofs
  • Maintain block free water pipes
  • Cover all water tanks properly so that mosquitoes cannot get in
  • Change water in flower vases at least once a week

Few additional measures:

  • Control mosquito bites by wearing clothes that cover arms and legs
  • Use mosquito nets and mosquito repellent products at night
  • Fix mosquito net on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes out.

Keep a watch and control mosquito bites to avoid getting infected by chikungunya fever.

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