Hair Fall and its causes

Disheveled hair makes a person odd and eccentric. However, you will have to admit that hair loss is now a global concern. There are many causes of hair fall at different times. For speedy recovery, you will have to find the causes of the occurrence of hair loss to dampen the whole physical wellness process.

There are five prominent reasons of hair fall and you should be well concerned about the treatment procedures to get relief from the loss of hair. It is a strong reason that due to hot bathing regularly, the bands of cuticle of the hair are severely damaged. The loss of luster of hair color is a minus point to obstruct the beautification and wellness.

Secondly, wearing headgears with visors, people can be affected by hair loss. The hard compartment of the helmet sits on the scalp without providing space for the airflow through hair strands. It slackens the hair follicles to speed up the hair loss.

Thirdly, reckless hair combing and dressing also bring a rapid speed to the hair fall. Hair strands are plucked forcefully during combing. If there is dense tangled hair tuft, at the time of combing, hair strands fall and get stuck to the teeth of the hand held combs.

Fourth reason lies in the act of forceful combing to shape the wet hair. You need to drive your comb slowly instead of pressing hard to cause the hair fall.

Fifth reason is of course manhandling. Your hair should be properly taken care of. Many women tighten up the hair strands to make knots. This type of hair style can also be the cause of hair loss. If you use your muscular power to bundle up your disheveled hair strands into a large knot or a loop, hair can be split up due to massive hard press.

Wrinkles on face – Causes with Remedies

Be sexy and more confident of taking challenge in the real world. Though it sounds odd, it is amply explicit that modern women are fast changing their lifestyles to cope with the ultra-modern society. It is obvious to note that skin care programs must be well taken care of to ensure the complete protection of the skin from infection, heat and dust particles. You will have to be more careful during sunny days due to the acceleration of the possibility of being burnt in UV ray to damage layers of skin texture.

Wrinkle is a type of skin disease which makes someone uglier. The skin is dried and due to want of proper nourishment, it can be creasy and uneven. Generally, lack of adequate elastin or better to say collagen, wrinkles form on the face and neckline area. Owing to the regular exposure to the warm UV ray, the risk is high to get wrinkles. Therefore both men and women should take steps to prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. On the other hand, the aging is one of the major causes to boot up the feasibility of the spread of small to large type wrinkles in different areas of the body,

To treat wrinkles, there are numerous lotions, topical gel products and herbal medications to remove deep wrinkles from the facial area. However, you will have to depend on home based medications and herbal products. For instance, lukewarm medicated water can be applied to face gently. The mild vapor coming out of the pan will do great deal of work to open the small pores for letting pus coming out. Gram floor can be blended with honey for making a paste to apply properly for the removal of deep lines and wrinkles. The smashed pulses with cool fresh milk can be mixed to prepare a hygienic paste for the elimination of wrinkles. Finally beauticians and experts also recommend corn flour pack for treating wrinkles more scientifically without producing any negative impact on the skin.

Two Theories Launched to Detect Reason of Down in Gravity around Hudson Bay

Researchers have opted two main reasons of the downward movement of gravitational current in this area of Hudson Bay. First of all, convection current disorder can be the cause of the displacement of the land plates under the surface of the earth of this Hudson Bay region. 60 and 124 miles under the earth covered by magma is heated up due to volcanic explosion and land slide. Hot liquid magma travels back to take the mass of earth to make lacunae in Bay area. Scientists claim that gravity is proportionate to the mass of any object. The smaller device the less gravitational force happens. Earth bulges on its epicenter and gets flattened when it spreads. However, mass is not transported or re-circulated due to such a change. Here, the convection current affects the depression in the degree of earth gravity. However, there is another good scientific reason of establishing the fact of the decrease in the earth gravity around Hudson Bay.

Laurentide Ice Sheet rimmed the huge area of Canada and the northern United States. This thick ice belt covered many regions of Hudson Bay and other cities located in Canada. 10000 years back, this ice table somehow melted to become water. This type of ice melting created a large vacuum in the plates of earth near to Hudson Bay area. However at that time, the depression was compensated due to the occupation of the surrounding mass to cover the vacuum space. To support an example, scientists have showed a demo. For instance, if you press hard in the middle part of a piece of loaf with your finger, it creates a hole. If you lift the finger, the surrounding mass of bread will make up the space. Same way, if you throw a stone just in the pond filled with small water plants, you will find that there will be a vacuum space pushing plants sideways.

However again, these plants come close to cover the space. Ten thousand years back, the ice sheet melted but at that time due to magnetic gravitational force the neighboring ice belt made up the gap. The problem is that this type of provisional compensation has not solved the problem. Due to the lack of mass of earth, the gravity is also taking a nosedive. It is quite amazing. Isn’t it?

Facts about Water and its Benefits

You can’t forget the world famous maxim made by Browning ‘water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink’. For this reason, you will have to understand the magnitude of the importance of drinkable water. It is sweet to taste. You should bathe in the cold water to get relief from suffocation during summer season. Now, human bodies need purified water to support the food digestion, and formation of urine for flushing out chemical wastage from the body. Water must be contamination free. You can’t deny that water is an inseparable part of human existence.

Water transports nutrients and minerals to different organs of the body. Approximately 70% of the body is water which also fills up various joints properly to remove dryness. Water in the body is controlled by aldosterone and atrial natriuretic peptide and ADH.

There are few important facts about water. First of all, always try to drink fresh water which is the den for the germs. Secondly, water performs well to detoxify the body. It is a medium to purify blood and stomach. It stands to reason, doctors recommend for the intake of sufficient amount of fresh water on regular basis. Water is used to rinse the body. If you want to live in an amicable ambience, you will have to remove the stinking odor from your body. Only cool fresh water can refresh your body and mind during the hot days. The main cause of the renal failure is lack of water. In case you want to keep your kidneys safe, you will have to be habituated to drink water as per requirement. For the minimization of the risks to get infected in the urinary track, there is the requirement of fresh water to clean internal organs. Water prevents the spread of free radicals in blood. That’s why; it is advisable to consume water to check the blood clotting and emboli. The major risks of suffering from constipation can be lowered down due to intake of water.

Is it safe to travel during Pregnancy period ?

As you revel and rollick in the joys of the forthcoming childbirth, you might also be considering some of the pregnancy related age old wisdom and precautionary measures. One such precautionary measure relates to the prospect of travelling. Until quite some time, it was widely held that travelling during the testing deals of pregnancy is inimical to the goodness of health; not only your own health conditions but that of your growing fetus. It wasn’t as if that the grannies and older relatives will have you counseled on the pitfalls of travelling; but the notion was also accepted by the so called medically minded folks.

Recent shift in focus

But of late there has been a change in shift as to the deals of travelling and that of pregnancy. To go by the recent shift in focus, gynecologists and consulting physicians are of the opinion that travelling in course of pregnancy may be safe and sound. But the relevance of safety is by and large conditional. Provided you are in the pink of health and don’t come under the bracket of risky cases; you are entitled to travelling. The relevance of safety with regard to travelling excludes those who are prone to successive miscarriages/natural termination. But this shift in focus undoubtedly bears in mind the fixtures of a changing social scenario- wherein women are called upon to cater to their financial needs alongside of their masculine counterparts. Then there are those with singular responsibility who need to play the part of both man & wife.

Pregnancy & relative safety in travelling

Despite the general veto in favor of travelling, it will be a blunder to undo the safety angle. It is somewhat similar to travelling by flight- the risk angles are always there. So, you cannot completely ignore the element of risks when it comes to the safety of travelling.

The time of safety & pregnancy

It is important to know and thrash out the time in which you are relatively safer to take the beatings of a journey. Each and every trimester of pregnancy is marked by a set of distinguishing features which in turn is likely to affect your health and well being.

  • If you divide your nine months time of pregnancy into three trimesters, the 2nd one is most conducive to travel and journeys. The second phase/trimester of pregnancy includes the span between 17th & 28th week. As a matter of fact, this trimester is free from some of the nagging and inevitable fallouts of pregnancy including that of the nauseous feel. By the time you reach the 2nd trimester, the newly introduced hormonal set up becomes more stabilized.
  • It is important to avoid travelling during the initial trimester. The likelihood of natural terminations or miscarriages is more than imminent during the crucially important first trimester. It is as important to avoid car rides as much as the deals of a long and laborious journey and that too across a rough terrain. Always bear in mind the dangers of miscarriage as the lively fetus finds its way into your nurturing system.
  • Travelling during the last trimester may not be as risk prone as that of the first. But it isn’t as safe as that of the second. Be particularly careful about avoiding flights during this delivery prone days of the third trimester. But train and car journeys can be resorted to during the penultimate phase of pregnancy.
  • In course of travelling during the closing days of pregnancy, it is important to have yourself equipped with measure relevant to premature labor.

Means of travelling and pregnancy

  • As told previously, it all boils down to the time of travel- as to which trimester you are in is likely to influence your means of travelling.
  • For instance during the closing days of pregnancy, it is imperative to evade air travels
  • Otherwise, car, bus and train travels are by and large safe for commuting here and there
  • In case, you need to transit during the formative days of the 1st trimester, it is important to restrict the time limit. If at all you need to travel, travelling by car and that too over a small distance may be one of the way outs.
  • But do bear in mind to avoid jumpy modes of travel including bus, jeeps and carriages during the initial stages of the 1st trimester

Travelling to be avoided

  • In case you are prone to miscarrying, affected by hypertension and that of diabetes; it is better to be on guard as far as travelling is concerned
  • Pregnancy during the later phase of your reproductive span – well after thirties & forties is another risk prone category.

Chronic Shoulder Pain (Red Shoulder) Symptoms ,Causes and treatment

Techies all over the world are suffering from chronic shoulder pain these days. Blame it on their occupation or the booming IT industry, this Red Shoulder syndrome won’t be leaving them for a lifetime.

Symptoms: A nagging pain that across your shoulders, through your spine and settles somewhere near your lower back. You can feel a cracking pain when you stand up after you have been sitting for a long time. When you try to lift up something heavy, you experience a painful jerk in your back or shoulders.

Causes: Working on the computer, non-stop and carrying your heavy laptop bag everywhere is the most prevalent cause for a techie to have shoulder pain. Bikers who carry their laptop bags on their shoulders while driving are likely to experience the symptoms of chronic shoulder pain twice as soon as the others. Your tensions and anxieties add up to the pain too. The more negative and stressed you are, the more your painful your shoulders get. In some cases this disorder can even lead to Spondylitis.

Cure: Unfortunately this does not have a cure. Medicines like pain killers can only give you some moments of relief. If you are a programmer, then sitting in front of the computer for 9-10 hours at a stretch is a compulsion for you. It would be a nice idea if you joined Yoga classes. Yoga is proved to be effective for back and shoulder pains. Talk with your boss and arrange for a scientifically designed chair that has a firm arm and back support. The table you are working on should be placed in level with your head so that you don’t have to bend down and look at the screen. Get a back and shoulder massage once a week if you can afford it. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and stop stressing out yourself.

Benefits of sleeping

There is an old nursery rhyme that goes: “Early to bed and early to rise/ Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” But things have changed so much in the last few decades that practices which were relevant even a few years back are not so necessary now. While everything old should definitely not be discarded, some of the traditional practices can be modified to suit changing needs of the modern times. To boost the morale of late risers here are some advantages of waking up late:

  • The people of this generation love to stay up late: be it for partying or for work. So consequently, waking late is the obvious result. For example, those who work must get 8 hours of sleep daily. As everybody is not so lucky as to be able to work from 9-6, many people don’t even get home by 10.
  • An early riser should have his dinner by 7 PM because he sleeps off by 9 or 10. But quite obviously that is not the most convenient or feasible time to eat a meal. People having dinner after 9 should accordingly not go to sleep before 12 to give the food enough time to get digested. Otherwise indigestion might occur accompanied by accumulation of fat in the body. And going to sleep at 12 automatically makes one a late-riser.
  • Waking up late is way better than taking afternoon siestas because the latter tends to make one feel lethargic and dizzy. Getting up early just for the sake of it and remaining sleepy throughout the rest of the day is not healthy from any point of view.
  • Those who spend long hours in front of the computer must give their eyes and brain enough rest by sleeping well which in most cases translate to rising late because they work till late hours.
  • It is good for students’ confidence to finish studying the night before by studying late and then sleep in a relaxed state of mind. Never mind if they wake up late the next day.

Baby Sleep is Important for Your Health

Becoming parents is a dream comes true for every couple. However, dear parents, parenting is not, as easy as, a cakewalk. The excitement of becoming parents is followed by a number of sleepless nights, when your baby wakes up every now and then. So, if your child sleeps well, you sleep well.

Babies not sleeping the whole night – it is one of the most common occurrences that all mothers complain about. This makes mothers feel sleep-starved. Moreover, it affects their health, as well. Are you facing the same problems? Don’t worry, the tips given below might help!

Feed your baby well: When your baby’s tummy will be full, he (or she) will feel sleepier. So, do make sure to feed him (or her) well, before taking to bed. If you breastfeed your baby, see if he (or she) is drinking properly, or not. While feeding him at night, make sure that the place is dark and quite. This is because darkness and silence induces sleep.

Be close to your baby: While sleeping, babies feel more secure, when their mothers sleep beside them. So, when you rock your baby, stay next to him (or her), and stay at least for 10 to 15 minutes alongside, after the baby sleeps.

Follow a daily routine: Make sure to follow a daily routine to make your baby have a tight sleep at night. Also, do fix his (or her) feeding time according to that.

Comfortable bed and the right ambience: A soft and cozy bed, darkness, and silence are very important, when it comes to inducing sleep in your baby. So, you should keep them on mind. Keeping the baby’s quilt separate from yours is also vital. So, while sleeping, if you pull it, your baby will not feel disturbed and can sleep in full comfort.

So, try these steps and make your baby sleep well.

Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms ,causes

Do your muscles feel weak and pain at times? Are you drowsy throughout the day? Do you doze off whenever you hit the bed? Then it is time for you to add some magnesium into your diet. Magnesium deficiency can have a variety of symptoms and you should take them seriously. It is a mineral that our body requires to function properly. Vital organs like the kidneys and heart are very much dependant on Magnesium. The enzymes in our body that play a key role in metabolism and energy production are activated by Magnesium inside our body. Magnesium also helps in balancing the concentration of other nutrients in our body like Calcium, Zinc, and Vitamin D etc.

Causes: Magnesium deficiency is generally caused due to the improper intake of food. Some medical conditions like chronic diahorrea can also trigger this mineral deficiency. Excessive alcohol intake can also be a possible cause.

Symptoms: A person suffering from this deficiency will predominantly experience muscle aches and fatigue. It can lead to four conditions usually:

  • Hyperexcitability, wherein a person is always over excited about everything. If not treated, the person will succumb to such abnormal behaviors for a lifetime.
  • Hypocalcemia, where the blood Calcium level dips because there is no Magnesium to regulate the concentration level.
  • Hypokalemia, where the Potassium levels are below normal in the body.
  • Type 2 Diabetes

Loss of appetite is also a symptom but not in all cases.

Cure: Correcting your diet is the key to improving your condition. Have a lot of green leafy vegetables, nuts and whole grains. They contain magnesium in abundance. Your doctor might also prescribe you with dietary supplements of Magnesium in the form of liquids or tablets. Take them regularly and you will surely see a difference in your health.

Ringworm Symptoms Cures and Preventions in detail

Ringworm, as the name might suggest, is not actually a worm induced disease. Ringworm is a fungal infection that affects the moist and damp parts of the body, although it can occur almost anywhere. The fungi strain causing Ringworm grows best in warm and humid climates; hence people should be careful regarding their hygiene habits during the summer season. Ringworm is communicable and can spread through touching the infected area of a patient. A person’s medical condition can also increase the chances of him contracting the disease.

The disease is not life threatening but on the contrary; it can drive you mad with irritation. Although the disease is fully curable; prevention is always better than curettage. Read on to find out the symptoms, cures and prevention measures for this disease.


  • Itchy, swollen and scaly patches on your skin. Usually red in color.
  • In most cases it takes the form of a ring like patch.
  • If a child complains of itching of any body part, make sure you visit the doctor immediately as this can be an early symptom of Ringworm.


  • Consult a doctor and he will diagnose your infection. If you happen to be suffering from Ringworm then he will prescribe you the required ointments and creams.
  • Before using any ointment that is advertised on the television, do consult your doctor if you should be using it or not.


  • Be careful not to scratch that area. You might aggravate the problem
  • Wash and disinfect your clothes. Do not share them with anyone whilst you are undergoing treatment.
  • Avoid any contact with your pets as they might be carrying the fungus too.
  • Wear slippers when in the house and clean your scalp regularly with a medicated shampoo prescribed by the doctor.
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