Sony Xperia Acro S with water proof -features and details

Sony has gifted an ultra-light sleek Sony Xperia Arco S mobile handset on good terms. In Indian market, this smart phone will be found with an excellent warranty package. At the same time, Xperia Go handsets have also been released to facilitate teens to enjoy telephonic conversations and online gaming.

The Sony Xperia Acro S model has a number of technical specifications which include

  • A 4.3-inch display screen with 720p
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
  • 12 Megapixel cam
  • A video recording feature with 1080p HD option
  • A 720p HD front cam


This new model of Sony line-up has the water proof feature. You can use it in different climate. The sleek handset is also ergonomic. This is the latest gripe-safe mobile phone handset which has been properly tuned up. You can even watch television shows, movies and multimedia games on this mobile handset.

Though Sony has not fully revealed the technical specifications of this new futuristic model, however, it is true that to bring a speed to the data transfer via this handset, experts have decided to install a first hand dual core processor into the compartment of the handset. The latest OS supported by this handset is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. In addition, with a 12 mega-pixel cam, you will be able to have colorful snapshots in twinkling of an eye. This fashionable mobile handset is equipped with a flat screen to display the colorful images and photos brilliantly. In the Indian market, initially this handset will be available in the third quarter of this current year. However till now, there is no specific information about the declaration of price range on this cell phone. Maybe, after the premier show, new price tags will be declared publicly to sell Sony Xperia Acro S in the regional market in India.

HTC ChaCha features and price in india

HTC launched its chacha Smartphone in the market way back in 2011 in the month of August. The QWERTY keypad handset attempted to set a new trend. It is the only candy bar Smartphone of HTC. Because of its high integration with the social network, it is also named as the Facebook phone.

At the time of its launch, the price of the phone was Rs. 15,000 which was sooner made Rs. 12,500. Hence anybody desiring for an economical android Smartphone have the option of HTC ChaCha. In India, the price  is Rs. 9,699 only.

The handset is heard to have given a commendable performance. Especially the Facebook and the UI button impacted heavily on the public. But however, the product did not serve to be very profitable for HTC since it failed to compete with the large and touch screen products in the market. Probably this was the reason why HTC decided to reduce the price officially.

The basic specifications of the phone can be stated as follows. The HTC ChaCha runs on the operating system of Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense UI V2.1. It has an 800 MHz processor and a memory capacity of 512 MB. The touch screen displays a resolution of 480 X 320 pixels. The phone is also endowed with a 5 MP camera at the rear end and a front faced VGA camera.

Of the most highlighted features the most notable is the Facebook button. Of the widely varied multimedia attributes the music software that can play back several formats like WMV, MP3, and WAV. The highly defined video camera also helps in improved video recording. The VGA camera at the front end enables the users to video chat. Another mentionable feature of the phone is that HTC ChaCha comes with an option to extend its memory up to 32 GB.

Sony Xperia GX Android 4.0 phone features and details

The latest release of Sony, the Xperia GX for the Japanese market is one of the lightest phones, ever. Needless to say, it is a Smartphone and is packed with multitude of applications and features. Want to check them out? Read on!

  • This phone is LTE (Long Term Evolution) – equipped and has a download speed of near about 75 mbps.
  • This phone has a 1.5GHz dual-core processor.
  • One of its prominent features is the reality display that is powered by the engine of BRAVIA along with Exmor RSensor.
  • It Smartphone also features three media applications:

+ The first one if the WALKMAN, meant for superior quality audio with crystal clear stereo, surround sound (VPT), xLOUD, manual equilizer, as well as clear bass.
+ The second one is the Album application that is specially designed to sort, as well as, browse high resolution images and videos at considerably high speed and instant viewing. Moreover, this application delivers spontaneous and latest ways when it comes to making the most out of the camera.
+ The third one is the movie application. It help users to streamline the playback and at the same time to view movies and other videos. Moreover, it also features a search option with a smart database meant for more information of the film you are about to watch, or, already watching.

  • Also, this phone has a Reality Display of 4.6-inch.
  • Some of its other prominent features are its internal flash memory of 16 GB, a camera supporting 13 megapixels that is capable of capturing high definition video and 3D panoramic pics.
  • Most importantly, all there features run on the latest Android platform Ver.4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • Sony Xperia GX is available in 2 colors – white and black.

So, it’s all about the main features of this Smartphone.

Sony Xperia ST21i – Better Outlook and More Stylish

Sony is not a stranger to buyers who like to purchase Sony brand products. Now, it is also true that in terms of quality, durability and efficiency, Sony has proved that it has the ability to gift consumers highly sophisticated devices at the comfortable prices.

Recently, a rumor has been hovering in the air. Within short span of time, Sony Xperia ST21i smart phone will be backfired to the open market for sale. However, there is no news about the reality of the truth. Whatever it may be but it is definitely interesting to know about the good wishes of Sony to release something special for buyers.

A short technical specification report has been published regarding the futuristic model of Sony Xperia ST21i. The key features will be a broad but flat 3.2 inches display screen, the availability of 480 × 320 pixels, a 800MHz Qualcomm capacitated processor, and Adreno 200 GPU. In addition, in a press release the CEO of Sony has admitted that the company will try to make this fantastic electronic device more fashionable. There will be a small 3 Mega pixel cam which will be attached to the device. A 1460 mAh battery can be planted or inserted for the activation of the Xperia smart phone. The operating system is Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. Experts also confirm the introduction of RAM of 512MB to update the smart phone. This smart phone will have a rear cam for shooting and recording videos. A 640 × 480 pixels resolution will bring the natural glow to the pictures. The wonderful game loading feature is not only brilliant but also it is cost effective. You can download games directly from net for offline playing.

Experts claim that the best feature of this concept smart phone of Sony Xperia is the usage of Android ICS OS. There are many Android phones but they don’t support ICS operating systems like this smart phone. The price of this smart phone has not been settled yet.

Nokia Lumia 610 NFC features and specification

Nokia Lumia 610 NFC is the NFC enabled edition of the Lumia 610 which brings nothing new except the NFC connectivity. It has a pixel density screen of above 250ppi. The drawback of this handset is very little RAM memory and it lacks microSD for expansion of storage capacity. The device is a smart phone, a Windows phone of 7.5 Mango. It has a dimension of 4.69 x 2.44 x 0.47 and a weight of 4.76 oz. it has a GSM technology of 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz and UMTS of 850, 900, 1900 and 2100 MHz.

It is featured with points of interest, Voice navigation and turn by turn navigation. It has a physical size of 3.70 inches and a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, a pixel density of 252 ppi and has a screen of multi touch or capacitive screen having light sensor, scratch resistant glass and proximity sensor. It has a talk time of 10.50 hours and a stand by time of 27.9 days and 3G talk time of 9.50 hours and a capacity of 13oo mAh. It has a single core processor of 800 MHz and built in storage of 8000 MB and has a camera of 5 megapixels. Other details are also available and one can go through the details of this.

Samsung to Gift SCH-I200 Jasper Smart Phone

Do you like to have a fantastically designed smart phone? If you are searching for the sleek handset at competitive prices, you will have to handpick Samsung SCH-I200 model which is sold by Samsung. It is a type of smart phone with excellent operating system options.

In the very beginning of the trial, experts showcased their likelihood by running this smart phone on Verizon’s networking system under the code name of Jasper. Samsung SCH-I200 handset is also active on Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

However, a reliable source has confirmed that this new smart phone has been manufactured by Samsung in privacy. There is no intention on the part of the company to leak technical upgradation reports regarding this sophisticated handset.

Samsung SCH-I200 handset is equipped with WVGA display screen, a 800 x 480 color resolution display unit and a Snapdragon MSM8960 S4 processor. The Android Icecream OS supports this sophisticated easy to use handset.

Experts have also confirmed that the new processor of this handset is the most advanced chip succeeding Apple’s A5X processor. This new processor of Samsung’s handset runs at the rate of 1.5GHz. It is a glossy handset and its weight is remarkably low. Therefore it can be carried comfortably. It is also fitted to the pocket.

If you watch the online hands-on demo of this mobile handset, you will come to know about the proper size, color contrast and the presence of technical features of this handset. The shape of the picture on the display screen of the mobile phone is 3.5’’ and 4.3’’. It is also in possession of a small cam to capture the still snapshots. There is also provision to play video games in this mobile handset. However, there is no information about the prices of this upcoming futuristic mobile phone. Whatever it may be, customers will have a magnificent chance to buy the most advanced and fashionable phone to enjoy smooth trouble free conversation, chatting and net surfing.

Xolo X900 – Intel’s first x86 Medfield smartphone specification and features

Xolo X900 smart phone is a 3G supported handset which can perform excellently. This smart phone is equipped with a 4 inch display screen, 1GB RAM inclusive of a 1.6 GHZ Atom Z2460 CPU. SGX540 GPU runs at 400MHz. The maximum storage space inside the handset is 16GB. The OS is Gingerbread Android 2.3.7 and Ice Cream Sandwich of Google. This sleek and comparatively larger device weighs 127grams.

Xolo X900 smart phone is equipped with 1.3 and 8 Mp cams both in front and rear sides of the handset. The rear cam is also applicable to 1080p H.264 pictures. It produces the colorful bright still snapshots. You can zoom the camera for your own convenience to have snapshots.

Xolo X900 is larger than iPhone 4S. The prominent large display screen of Xolo exhibits colorful screenshots well. The glass cover is transparent. The Retina display of the 4S device needs to be noticed in separate. However the sound track of Xolo is comparatively better as it releases sweet musical tunes at low tunes. Experts have claimed that in the full swing maybe it sounds cracking and breaking sometimes. This type of distortion in high pitch vibration is not severe and under control.

Comparing to 4S iPhone, the Xolo X900 model is less sensitive to moisture, rust and weather roughness. The backside of the device is covered with the rubber band. Oleophobic insulation on the 4S iPhone device can be covered in grease and dirt. The smooth rear side of the Xolo device is grip safe and ergonomic. The larger display screen is flat and colorful. This sleek smart phone can be used as an internet surfing device. You can download musical albums, songs and games to spend your spare time gleefully. The video playback system of Xolo edition is much better than bar mobile handset. Xolo has provisioned multi-sound options. At a time you can listen to music and getting miscall alert in your phone. Xolo X900 will surely smarten up you to appear more dashing and attractive.

Nokia 103 Phone features and specifications

Nokia has revealed the news about the new old styled cheap handset dubbed as Nokia 103. This ultra phone of low end sports a black and white display of 1.36 inches along with a resolution of 96 x 68 pixels. This handset will be available in orange and blue colours with dimensions of 107.2×45.1×15.3 mm and weight of 76.6 g. Camera is not available with this phone. The highlight of this handset is the Standard Li Ion battery of 800mAh which features a solid life of battery. It keeps the handset powered to 27 days in standby. Another feature in it is the integrated flashlight. Its brand new design with keypads which are dust proof needs to be specially mentioned. It also supports an alarm clock and a calendar. In addition to all this, the handset sports a time tracker based on network and a pre paid tracker.

Nokia 103 can accumulate up to 500 phonebook entries and 250 SMS. It includes a standard jack of 3.5 mm along with stereo FM radio. This decent looking phone would be apt for the ones who does not really care for the handset and also suits the buyers who have bought the mobile for the first time. With its range of about Rs 1100, the handset has got the credit of being the most affordable handset in the world. This mobile handset will be first launched in Nigeria and then will enter the markets all through out the world. However, the date of its release is not yet declared but it can be expected that it would be introduced before Q2 this year. The main features are discussed here and other details are also available, those interested can go through the detailed specification of the handset.

Price :1100/-

Sony Xperia Neo L details and features

Sony has published reports in its website regarding the release of Xperia Neo L which will be user-friendly to the middle class. Sony Xperia Neo V edition is also meant for the middle class but it doesn’t support ICS 4.0 OS platform. However, the drawback seems to have been removed with the introduction of L edition of Xperia Neo mobile handset.

This updated smart phone is equipped with a 4-inch LCD flat display screen, a small easy to operate 5MP cam and a number of new chips to technically update the handset. There is an excellent provision for 720p video recording option. This cam is sleeker and slender and its functionality is more appreciable than that of old cam which is found in V models of Xperia.

At a general conference, one of the official spokespersons announced that this sophisticated handset is basically more comfortable to Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich platform. That’s why; you can update this handset using Google Android operating system to bring a breakthrough to the tune-up of the smart phone for better application in the practical life. This hi-tech ergonomic handset is grip safe and you can carry it anywhere without suffering from injury and trouble. If you overhaul this model, you will also come into contact with a single Snapdragon processor 1GHz and Adreno 205 graphic plus 512 MB RAM. The majestic color contrast of this mobile handset is really fantastic.

The whole body of this mobile has been built with care so that it can’t be affected by moister, water and rust so easily. The dimension of the body of this mobile handset is 121 x 61.1 x 12.2 mm with its weight being 131.5 g. The LED backlit glows in the darkness. The multi-touch system will allow four fingers to operate the key pad at a time. Besides, it has a loud speaker to vibrate more clearly. There is good option to download games for offline playing. The data conversion mechanism is also a part of smart phone upgradatation.

Motorola RAZR MAXX specifications

Motorola RAZR MAXX which is the GSM version of the DROID RAZR MAXX drops the LTE radio in support of an HSPA+ one. Apart from this, the two devices are quite similar. The Motorola RAZR MAXX which is powered by Android packs a Super AMOLED Advanced display of 4.3 inches with a resolution of qHD. Inside it is a dual core processor of 1.2 GHz which is accompanied by a show of RAM. It has a camera of 8 megapixel and is auto-focused but it is not the camera that grabs our attention but it is the back cover made of KEVLAR, which draws our attention. Much to our surprise, the unit itself is just 9 millimetres thick inspite of the battery of 3,300mAh inside it. This amount of juice is just enough to provide a talk time of 17 hours.

Other specifications in it include a thin body of less than 9.5mm or 0.37 inches, huge screen, high pixel density screen of above 250 ppi, dual core processor, lots of RAM, a very fact processor, a camera of high resolution and a HDMI connector for TV out. For more information on this one can go through the details available.

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