Samsung 8 Core Processor ready for 2013 launch

There is a buzz that Samsung is planning to launch it 8 core processor at the International Solid State Circuit Conference in the coming year. This processor combines high power Cortex A-5 cores along with Cortex A-7 cores. Both these combined together make it extremely powerful. This set of chip is the first to use the big.Little technology.

This chipset will probably be released by a particular Korean Company. It can switch between the high power clusters and the low power clusters according to the load which will be applied. This will enable efficient use of the mobile and a good life of the battery. This core will give very high speed performances making the mobile extremely fast.

This chipset will also enable very fast connection. Thus the core clusters will become very useful when a person wants to make fast connections through the internet or Bluetooth.

The two types of cores will give two different performance speed. This is the reason why the processor will make the cell phones fast. It will depend on the type of function the mobile will be performing at a particular point of time. This will be used in Tablets first, like the new Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Next-Gen SSDNow V Series Announced by Kingston

Kingston digital has announced the arrival of its latest solid state drive model. It is the SSDNow V series. This drive is not only powerful, but also cost effective. This new drive is for all those who look for cheaper yet good working drives. This drive is the best way to upgrade a person’s existing desktops or notebook.

This drive is much faster than the older drives. This drive has been powered by the Flash Storage Processor by SandForce. This is exclusively modeled for Kingston. Thus, Kingston Company has merged the best quality with great affordability. This is a great option for people who are doing an upgrade for the first time or using an SSD for the first time.

Over the years Kingston has proved to be the giver of the greatest accessories. They have given each customer the best performances. With the new drive, Kingston hopes to reach newer levels of success. This SSD is available in two forms. Either a person can buy the standalone version of the drive or he can buy it as a complete packaged system. The package has a cloning- software and many other accessories. This comes with a warranty of three years.

Sony VPL-HW50ES, the New 3D HD projector, Comes to sale in India at a price of Rs. 2,59,900

Sony, the leading producer of electronic appliances of the country has finally launched the high definition 3D home cinema projector. Sony has artistically created this new appliance based on the newest technology. Sources from the company provide us with the news that this model will support very high brightness that can be as high as 1700 lumens. This achievement was brought about just by improvising on the efficiency of the light of the lamp and the optical block capacity.

This new model will be available in two different modes in the market. One is the Bright Cinema mode and the other is the Bright TV mode. When compared to the older versions, one can see an improvement of more than 30% in terms of the brightness level. Although the brightness level has seen a new standard the color reproduction remains the best as ever.

The contrast ratio of the new model is more than 100,000:1. It also contains a contrast enhancer, which makes it possible to enhance the contrast level in each scene. This enhancer also has the ability to manage the contrast level all by itself.

Other differences include wider lens, greater reduction in noise and a 3D transmitter. It can be seen in black as well as white color

Kingmax offers a portable and fashionable-looking translucent Flash Drive

Kingmax is one of the leading brands in manufacturing flash drives. It recently revealed in the market a USB Flash Drive which is translucent.

This USB stick has a polished design which incorporates a chip fixed within a glass ceiling. The chip is visible through the see-through glass cover. This is the first flash drive to be glass ceiling based.

One of the most important features of this flash drive is that it is waterproof and also dustproof. The technology that has been incorporated is PIP. It has been specially designed to defend the device from dust particles and water. The wire-bonding too can be seen through the translucent glass casing.

The Kingmax Flash Drive UI-05 utilizes a bright blue coloured LED light at the rear end that indicates its status as ‘on’. This light serves as an indicator to users to take off the flash drive when not using. This USB flash drive provides storage capacities of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB.

This flash drive has been made with a durable metal to provide better protection and security. Kingmax has always had the reputation of providing superior quality products, and this portable flash drive reflects that. It also provides a warranty period of 5 years.

Zebronics Zebmate Cinema 1.8 MP3 Player features and specification

Zebronics launched its all new MP3 player and is named as Zebmate Cinema 1.8. The device is mainly targeted for the music loving customers. Actually it cannot be considered a simple Music Player, but it has many other features which make the device more user friendly. This player is featured with 1.8 inch sized touchscreen which having a pixel dimension of 128×160. But the other features of the display is not yet revealed. The device comes with an internal storage of 8GB and also supports microSD card expandable up-to 16GB. It supports 3.5mm jack which helps us in connecting headphones. It is not only a music player, but also a video player that supports videos and images to view. But it only supports videos with format AMV. The audio formats supported in this player are MP3, WAV, WMA and the image formats supported are JPEG and GIF. Text files can also be viewed in this device. Rather than these features it also supports FM Radio and Audio recording. It is guaranteed that users won’t face problems in its battery backup since it gives a battery backup of 12Hrs. Now the Zebmate MP3 player is available in India at Rs.1600. The specification of the device is listed below.

• 1.8 inch sized touchscreen display with 128×160 pixel dimension
• Supports microSD card expandable upto 16GB and internal memory of 8GB
• Supports 3.5mm jack and micro USB
• Supported file formats are AMV, WMA, WAV, MP3, JPEG, TXT
• FM Radio and Audio recording
• Li-Ion battery is used with backup of 12Hrs (music play)
• Device is priced at Rs.1600

Promise Technology makes the Pegasus J2 storage device available

A leading brand named Promise Technology Inc., offers high-performance ‘storage solutions’ to the media market and is also known for planning front-line Thunderbolt empowered devices. This brand lately announced the availability of Pegasus J2. This is known as the fastest and also the smallest ultra-portable Thunderbolt empowered storage device.

This device is powered in the AC mode. J2 can achieve 750 MB/s in the device of the size of smartphone. It has a matchless standard of performance that enables all sorts of media personnel’s and other consumers to manage digital and unstructured data that are important to their creative endeavours.

The Promise Pegasus J2 is portable and is also compatible with all Mac devices that are Thunderbolt enabled. It is a portable ‘external storage device’ that provides storage up to half a terabyte and is also available with capacities up to 256 GB and 512 GB. The device is also flash-based making it more viable to the consumers. J2 perfectly complements Mac products such as MacBook Pro and Air.

The Chief Executive Officer of Promise Technology, James Lee said “We are very excited to deliver this new expansion peripheral that helps continue our leadership of Thunderbolt enabled storage devices. The new Pegasus J2 brings unprecedented performance and flexibility to consumers and creative media professionals seeking a high-performance video storage solution.”

Gigabyte’s unleashes new series of motherboards

Gigabyte is a sought-after brand for graphic cards and motherboards. This company has declared its newest offering which is going to be FM2 series motherboards. These new motherboards have been designed to provide backing to next generation AMD A-series Accelerated Processing Units.

The important characteristics of this latest set of motherboards include:

  • ‘Ultra Durable 5 Technology’ that features components that are high-current capable
  • ‘Dual UEFI 3D BIOS’ that has been designed for 3D supporters and also its novice users
  • · ‘Digital Power Delivery’
  • ‘Triple Display Support’ for better productivity


The Deputy Director of Gigabyte (Motherboard Marketing) Tim Handley claimed “These new FM2 series motherboards offer outstanding value for any DIY Builder looking to harness the improved performance of AMD’s Trinity APUs”.

The leading motherboard from this series is being denoted as Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4. The graphic processors of the series- AMD 7000, will be used to its full by means of the digital power controllers.

‘Ultra Durable 5 Technology’ has been designed to offer power to the CPU for it to function effectively. It is also deliberately planned to make better the motherboard’s lifespan.

The FM2 series’ motherboards are the best in providing conventional 3D gaming apps. These newest motherboards are skilled to provide 30% improved 3D performance that all the other previous models.

Genius Company’s portable Projector BV200 is the best in its class

Genius is a company based in Taiwan. It is a leading brand in consumer electronic. It has announced the release of its latest offering BV200. The BV in the name can be expanded to ‘BellaVision’. This company is planning to expand into the digital projection industry with the help of this gadget.

This device has a SVGA display that has 800 X 600 pixels of resolution. It features 25 energy-efficient bright lumens.

This projector has been designed to play photos and movies from all sorts of devices such as Smartphones, PSP, memory cards, camcorders and so on.

The high-point of this projector is the design. It is palm-sized and thus very sleek and portable. There is also a travel pouch which makes it easy to carry the projector for instant presentations.

BV200 Projector has a few characteristics that include-

  • Windows Vista/XP SP2/7
  • 1.4 GHZ “Intel Dual Core Processor”
  • 1 GB internal storage
  • 256MB RAM

The device also has a 3780 mAh battery that is rechargeable and can be functioned for around 2 hours in the eco mode. There are built-in stereo speakers that offer a smooth sound clarity. The memory can be expanded through a 32 GB MicroSD card. The projector has been priced at Rs. 15,000 in India.

Samsung new flash drives provides 128GB storage for smart phones and tablets

Samsung- the tech giant- has commenced a mass production of flash chips of 128GB capacity. These flash chips that will provide large storage capacities are being designed for tablets and smartphones. This new development is being considered as the upcoming bent in the gadget industry.

For now, the maximum storage capacity that is being offered by flash chips is 64 GB. The latest 12 GB flash chip is considered to pack in more data. It is claimed that users can store 15 full High-Definition movies and video files equivalent to 8 GB using this latest inserted storage memory. Sources have also reported that the 128 GB multimedia card will be featured in the upcoming smartphones.

“The higher data storage and faster data transmission will bring a range of benefits to users that compare to those of ultra-slim notebook PCs.” stated Wanhoon Hong, who is Samsung’s Executive VP for Memory Sales and Marketing.

The flash chips of 128 GB memory will read data at 140 MB/s and the writing speed will be 50MB/s. It is also expected that the flash chips will be able to process 3500/1500 IO per second. Analysts are claiming that the future editions of Samsung’s Galaxy S series will use these flash chips.

Nintendo Wii U features and price

Nintendo has the superb performance track records and goodwill as a video game tuner. This globally recognized company has made another official declaration regarding the release of Nintendo Wii U gaming console. It is one of the latest gaming consoles which must give you a unique chance to enjoy the exciting video games with your family members. It is a perfect source of entertainment.

In North America, this sophisticated game console is supposed to be released on 18th November. In an official statement, it has been specified that there will be two upgraded packages like basic and premium ones. You need to do proper navigation in the internet for choosing your favorite gaming console.

The basic package of Wii U gaming console offers a sophisticated Game Pad plus two AC adaptors to enhance the compact upgradation of the gaming console. In addition, customers will be offered huge data storing space, excellent bandwidth for the safekeeping of snapshots, images and games. There will also be an HDMI data cable which ensures high speed data transfer. The touch screen operating system of the console is also an advantage for gamers.

To be frank, Nintendo has done a wonderful job by offering more interesting features like television watching option. For instance, Nintendo TVii will make your dream come true by giving you excellent opportunity to watch colorful movies via your console. The premium package will be sold for $349.99 in the open market. Gamepad tool has added an innovation and color to this hi-tech device. There are a number of advanced games like New Super Mario Bros. U’, ‘Lego City: Undercover’ and ‘Nintendo Land’. These games can be played via your ultra-modern gaming console. The distortion free sound track, superb color contrast and the mind blowing picture quality have made this Nintendo gaming console more dynamic and multi-functional.

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