Datawind Releases UbiSlate 7Ri, 7R+, 7Ci and 7C+ Tablets

Datawind has brought a new internet surfing device for net browsers. It is a hands-free tablet computer with internet interface. UbiSlate 7Ri, 7R+, 7Ci and 7C+ tablets will be your best friend as you can connect yourself with your friends and sweetheart by operating this digital device.

Ubislate is a smart phone cum tablet computer. UbiSurfer browsing interface is applicable to conventional GPRS internet network. It is a sleek light weight tablet. At a seminar, experts have pointed out the most interesting features of this digital device. You can draw layouts, graphs, and pictures, download snapshots and do internet surfing. You can do voice chat and video conferences via this hi-tech tablet.

A 7 inch display screen tablet has the Android 4.0.3 OS. This tablet computer has the transparent displaying screen. The color images become more prominent. The sophisticated tablet is equipped with Cortex A8 and 1 GHz processor inclusive of 512 MB RAM. The internet surfing speed is comparatively higher. You will be able to transfer data speedily.

Ubislate tablet computer has the high definition video system, a marvelous soundtrack feature and a USB port. In addition, there are a digital camera, G-Sensor and long lasting lithium battery to tune up the tablet. The data storage space is good and praiseworthy.

The original price of Ubislate series is approximately Rs.2999 up to Rs.4499. This cost effective tablet will come handy to navigate online. It will be your best net surfing tool to transfer data, enhance online chatting and download movies. At the same time, you can do your official documentation work and proper site optimization programs. This is a portable computer with a flip top cover to protect the device from weather roughness and water.

The availability of high definition video co-processor helps users to produce good quality video files in a twinkling of an eye. It is an eco-friendly device which is glossy and colorful.

Sonata Touch screen time display Watch at Rs 1500

Sonata which is the leading vendor enjoying the partnership with Titan India Ltd has released a sophisticated touch-screen watch. It is a hi-tech digital time-piece with a superb curb appeal.

Sonata has gifted this luxurious touch screen watch to mark Sonata Super Fibre Ocean Series. It is its first attempt to capture the domestic market in India by releasing ergonomically designed touch-screen watch at comfortable price range. According to experts, this ultra-light watch is water resistant with a number of marvelous features like stop watch facility, landscape calendars, time and date displaying units.

Noel Tata who is a well known director of Titan Industries Ltd has been tracked saying that this new touch screen watch has opened new gateways to welcome ultramodern technology to design the wrist watches. At low rates, Sonata has sold many fashionable watches. Right now, this touch screen wrist watch is available for Rs.1449. So comparatively, it is cheaper. The superb exterior design of this touch screen watch will inspire buyers to purchase these durable cost effective watches.

Experts of Sonata has confirmed that this light weighted wrist watch has the water proof feature. That means, your smart watch will not be damaged even dipping it into water. For more reliable information, you will have to check technical specifications of this fantastic device.

At present, there will be three colors for choosing. You need to check the colorful snapshots and read product reviews to get authentic information in relation to the color contrast and features of this touch screen watch. Every model has been tested several times before introduction. Sonata will increase the sales by producing more touch screen watches for Indian consumers. In the superb logo of the company has been designed on the face of the watch. This touch screen watch must smarten up a young boy

Asus ROG TYTAN CG8580 desktop PC with exciting features

For Indian customers, Asus has made an official declaration confirming the release of TYTAN machine, ROG CG8580 gaming device which is much more multi-functional and fully upgraded. For young gamers this type of hi-tech gaming console is really a gift of god.

The special feature of this TYTAN ROG includes a sophisticated Intel Core i7 3770K processor, QUAD core CPU plus Windows 7 Home premium OS. With the upgradation of this processor, there will be massive speed in the transformation of data to make the online games more enjoyable and adventurous. High definition picture quality is offered by this gaming console. In a recently updated press release, it has been stated by experts of Asus that with the advent of this new gaming machine, a massive breakthrough has taken place in the entertainment industry. This sophisticated gaming tool provides more lively pictures, superb background soundtrack and clarity of visual images. Video editing and data cropping are done excellently with the usage of Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0. Data transfer and filtration process can be done with accuracy through the application of Intel Quick Sync Video Technology.

The audio system has been modified by installing up-to-date Asus Xonar DX infotainment to offer only clear cut sound without any distortion halfway through video game playing. Every snapshot is clear and bright. There is also a remote control interface for color adjustment and setting. ROG CG8580 gaming machine has the marvelous memory card. Lot of bandwidth is available to store data in the console. The high voltage battle ridden games will give you total freedom to play these adventurous expeditions and wars. In Indian market, this digitally developed device will be sold for Rs.1,58,000. For more reliable information, you will have to check the official website of Asus. Enjoy weekends with your family members by playing the most adventurous games operating this ultra-modern gaming console.

Portronics Electropen details and exciting features

Portronics has released an Electropen that is an instrument that can turn scribbles into text that can be edited. The major chunk of the world now is using smartphones, laptops, and tablets for writing text. At the wake of the hour when writing with a pen on the piece of paper is on the decline. Portronics believes that this tool- Electropen- will be a revolutionary discovery.

Portronics’ Electropen can identify and sketch the handwritten text of the user on paper and can send them to the computer directly.

Electropen follows a four-step process. That includes-

  • Takes handwritten text
  • Saves them in the device’s memory
  • Transforms handwritten notes into text that can be edited
  • Sends them to the user’s computer

It uses two modes of working. The two modes are Online and Offline. The two technologies that the Electropen uses include Infrared and Ultrasound.

The offline mode has been designed especially for the students, executives and the doctors who would like to recover data quickly. This instrument records the movements and saves the data in the memory. Users can access this data in the pen any time later to convert it into text that can be edited on the PC.

Online mode is the advanced mode where users have to attach either body or clip to the pc during writing. The online mode provides options such as tracing and drawing.

There is also the provision of software that can zoom the writing in real-time by using a projector. There is a feature called the ‘signature mode’ that allows the users to record different signatures and save the digital copies. This pen works best when using a A4- letter-sized document. The battery is rechargeable. The battery life of this pen is 30 hrs. This pen comes at a price of Rs 7,999 in India.

Sony Playstation Plus deatils and features

Playstation Plus will be available at comparatively low prices. Playstation 3 was free for gamers to download different online games. However, Sony has decided to launch a premium subscription package for online customers.

Playstation Plus is offering a number of advantages to assist gamers to enjoy video games in a care free manner. Playstation Plus is a hi-tech video gaming platform. There is an excellent free game downloading opportunity for this month starting. Total four extraordinary video games are being offered by Sony. These popular four games are Red Dead Redemption, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Double Dragon and Machinarium. The free game download offer will be valid till 2nd October.

Four games have earned publicity and appreciation due to superb color picture elements, marvelous background setting and animated images. The theme of Red Dead Redemption is based on adventure, piracy and subterfuge. John Marston is an ordinary gentleman who has faced a traumatic showdown when his sweetheart and kids have been abducted by Ross. His family members were harassed by urchins. Marston needs to be more aggressive to catch Ross. He should plot carefully to track Williams who is an ex-partner of his business.

In Scott Pilgrim vs The World, you will find a touch of raw romantic glamour mixed with adventure. Ramona is the sexy lady who has the power to entice Scott. This game will be available from 12 September to 4th December. The graphic designs of these four games are remarkable. You can play these four games to spend vacation with your family members. However, the offer is exclusively meant for those who must subscribe to use the Playstation Plus video game platform. If you like to enjoy this free video game download offer, you need to be a subscriber.

After the 25% discount, the reduced subscription charge to use Playstation Plus will be something around Rs.2200. So it is a marvelous opportunity for young gamers.

Logitech K310- Washable

Logitech K310 has been gifted by Logitech to facilitate computer users who like to rinse their keyboards in water. This new keyboard is durable and dynamic in design. Comparing to ordinary landscape keyboards, this new computer accessory is water resistant.

Logitech K310 keyboard is glossy and long lasting. You can dip your device in water for cleaning. However, in that case, you will have to use only branded cleansers selected by Logitech. You need to go through the information booklets published by the company. On the other hand, before washing the K310 keyboard in water, you will have to disconnect USB interface device for a part of protection. This latest keyboard can be immersed into 30cm deep water. According to experts, after cleaning this device in water, a user must keep it in open place for water shedding. Maximum 8 hours will be taken to dry up the keyboard. Experts have advised people not to use any hair dryer machine to warm the device. It is better to read the instructions properly to wash the keyboard.

It is not still clear whether K310 will be applicable to Mac OS X. Nor is there any specific information regarding the availability of K310 keyboard in the shape of normal or sealed compartment as seen in the McDonald keyboard. To be frank, Logitech has taken long time to release water proof keyboards in the market. Earlier, HP, Kensington, and Unotron sold splash resistant keyboards in the international market. However, their keyboards are not attractive like K310 models. Logitech has done lot of trials and researches to upgrade the model. This keyboard is lighter in weight. There are small water outlets in the backside of the device to speed up the keyboard cleansing process.

The attractive color contrasts of this computer upgradation tool are superb. Now, consumers will have to give their feedbacks after using these sophisticated K310 keyboards.

The Sports world depends on the innovations of Nike

Nike’s fresh contribution, to the products meant chiefly for athletes, has made the world at large take notice. It is the stroboscopic eyewear made for the sportspersons to advance their sensory skills, escalating their hand–eye coordination, and also improve their visual memory giving them an edge over their fellow athletes.

The Sparq Vapor Strobe eyewear uses strobe or flash effects, which is user-adjustable to block vision. This trains the athletes’ brain to expect what is approaching. This sequentially imparts the sportspersons with an oversensitive skill to pick up even faint motion signals, enhanced visual information and better-quality timing of motion. This in turn improves the muscles to be quick to respond and reactive making the athletes make a better move in their game.

To prove this, Nike custom-built a study at the Duke’s Institute for Brain Sciences that focused on “stroboscopic training” using this eyewear. The participants engaged in a number of physical activities using Nike’s eyewear and also standard lenses. They were also analyzed using computer-generated memory tests. This try out found out that this eyewear can heighten memory retention capacity up to 24hours and also improve their hand-eye co-ordination.

These keep the sportsmen absolutely relaxed while they have this eyewear on, as they have adjustable nose pads and the straps keep it secure while the athletes carry on their energetic exercise. Also the curved LCD lenses provide them with an unhindered vision. Thus, these will quickly be acknowledged as a part of their attire.

Nike, one of the major sponsors of sport, has made a ground-breaking contribution to the sports gears with this stroboscopic eyewear. One can purchase it for 300$ and it comes with a battery-life of 10-15 hours rechargeable using an USB cable. Thus this new move made by Nike, drives us to think of what could come next.

Jelly Bean Android 4.1 – Upgraded Version of Ice Cream Sandwich

Comparing to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, newly upgraded 4.1 version of Google’s Android is more upgraded with lot of improvements on a single go. Jelly Bean with 4.1 editions is sexier and more charming in outlook. It will be a compact Android handset with the glamorous curb appeal. The soft to touch screen is able to displays colorful images to soothe eyes. Soft backlight effect is unforgettable. The landscape screen is glowing like a piece of gem. More speed and performance can be expected from this futuristic handset.

Jelly Bean 4.1 handset has the Project Butter. Users will have a wonderful experience to drive the fingers across the Vsync screen to surf the net. The operating system of the device is up to the mark. The lower wastage of data space and more innovation has been indulged in upgrade the handset by introducing the hi-tech tools and accessories. Be confident of using your Jelly Bean handset which gives a cool sensation to keep it in the gripe. The glossy texture of the handset is marvelous. In a press release, to date, Android Jelly Bean is the best performer if you analyze properly. Understanding the minor technical drawbacks which experienced by consumers to operate Ice Cream Android.

Talking about the technical configuration and designs of this futuristic handset, CEO of
Google Android has confirmed the proper utilization of sophisticated technology to make the handset more multi-functional, up-to-date and more performance based. All key tabs are in a proper place. The proper alignment is strongly felt in the technical configuration. There will be no defect in the structure. Nor will there be any trace of technical disorder in the interior circuit of the device. The display unit will be transparent. The picture quality is remarkably excellent. You can stuff it into the pocket when you will be on a trip. There is good provision for internet surfing and online chatting. The data safekeeping space is sufficient to enhance the smooth transfer of data and snapshots. The soft key pad and the hi-tech operating system of the device must be properly utilized to have a premium feel at the time of using the handset. The updated notification, Wi-Fi system, better surfing, speedy sms sending process and video sharing are some of the marvelous features. You can send snapshots to other users using this operating system. Android Jelly Bean will be found in Nexus S and Motorola XOOM models.

Special 3D Technology without Any Eye-care Accessory to View Pictures

People like to get more innovative technology to feel a speed in life. Advancement in science and technology should be welcome cordially. Better to say, instead of lamenting in despair over the loss of some antique artifacts, one should be more enthusiastic to handpick a sophisticated device which ensures better performance with eco-friendly features.

After getting terrific success in using the 3D effect in creating pictures, movies and animated video games, experts are trying to invent more powerful devices to bring golden opportunity to users for watching movies on 3D format without eye care accessories. A team of specially trained engineers serving at Massachusetts Institute of Technology institute have turbo charged their mind to make a first hand multimedia entertainment hub with a formatted 3D visual effect.

3DS console of Nintendo is one of the sophisticated devices which don’t need any special glass or protector to give ring of safeguards to viewers to play games and watch movies. Images will be more colorful, natural and dazzling. The animated objects will have life to appear more vibrant and glamorous. Two layers of liquid crystal diode to insulate the display screen enhance the depth of the images. Eyes won’t be injured or harmed. Better to say, while watching online video games on Nintendo’s 3DS console, viewers must have a soothing sensation. There is also excellent color adjustment mode for the benefit of proper visual impact.

High Rank 3D (HR3D) must give you more realistic images with impressive image editing, and displaying options. It enhances true merging of different segments of pictures in an organized way to create a marvelous large landscape picture which is more dynamic in nature. Third layer of LCD screen filters the images which need to be more presentable to viewers. The fictitious images will be more natural due to proper application of advanced 3D technology. When you keep your eyes on to watch the running horses, blow of swinging wind and constant spray of fire balls on Nintendo 3DS console, you will be heated up in raw charm and excitement. In near future movie lovers will have excellent options to watch their favorite movies on the silver screen without wearing 3D viewing glasses.

Apple’s i-Watches deatils and features

There are many multinational companies which offer the flexible, dynamic and result oriented wrist band phones. These wearable handsets can be operated comfortably to do chatting, and playing games. However, there is none but Apple which can only cope with Casio calculator watch which has been based on the ultra-modern technology. Apple’s i-Watches can be worn on wrists. Its magnetic aesthetic appeal, wonderful color contrast and the outstanding performance of this most sophisticated i-watches launched by Apple.

Way back to 2010, a one-off i-watch was exhibited at the ADR Studios. This concept watch looks like those of Designers. It smartens up one’s personality. Apple has also published an updated informative tech spec sheet to specify the availability of excellent features at competitive prices. Apple has used the most advanced

Anders Kjellberg is the Swedish designer who used his strong imagination and concept to draw an outline of the i-watch handset. Later, this device has been made more glamorous and fashionable. According to Anders, this theme device will certainly outperform iPod Touch.

This concept i-watch has the sophisticated chips. Users must get multi-touch sleek display screens. There is a fantastic FaceTime chatting option. In addition, an SMP Sight cam plus the miniature HD video recoding and updated software tools will be installed to tune up the i-watch.

This concept watch must have a retina multi touch display to enhance the comfortable chatting with others. For video conference, a small cam has been installed in the front portion of the handset. Finally, via Wi-Fi system, ion batteries are rechargeable to power the small electronic device.

Those who are audiophiles and love music must download songs and music albums from Apple store through the proper usage of iTunes. A minuscule SIM card dock has been inserted into the backside of the compartment of the device. There will be more sophisticated wrist band i-watches in the market at competitive prices.

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