AMD Radeon 7970 GHz Edition -details and features

A video card is also called a graphic card to display the images on various formats like 3D and 2D designs. In that case, the introduction of Radeon HD 7970 video card has created a new era in the upgradation of graphics designs to develop video games. Radeon HD 7970 was released 6 months ago.

The new Radeon HD 7970 graphic video card has been formatted on GCN architectural platform. It is much cheaper than other video cards which have been launched so far. However, if you do a short comparison study taking two video cads such as GeForce GTX 680 and Radeon HD 7970 editions. You will be able to feel the difference in the long run. Radeon HD 7970 is the fastest graphics card which maintains high speed to transfer images for displaying on the video screen.

There is another significant difference lying between two master graphic cards. After researches and investigations, the management of AMD has confirmed the superiority of Radeon HD 7900 video card comparing to GeForce GTX 680 edition. According to experts, the overall capability and potentiality of AMD’s new edition to activate Tahiti GPU devices has made a lot of space to keep Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 680 100 miles away from AMD’s new version. This is one of the most understandable reasons of the acceleration of the price range of Radeon HD GHz 7900 to overtake Nvidia’s 680 edition.

There is another plus point in favor of AMD. The usage of Zero core mechanism to update the graphic card/ Radeon HD 7970 version saves energy and money. The power consumption rate is very low and negligible. It consumes power less comparing to 680 model. Zero core technology can give you a wonderful chance to save 100 watts power. This type of facility is not available in the GTX 680 edition.

The strength of stream processor in 7970 is around 2048 whereas GTX 680 has 1536. Graphics clock is much speedier and performance based. A comparison chart shows that in AMD’s video card, the graphics clock rates at 1000 MHz Base / 1050 MHz. On the other hand, 1006 MHz is available in GTX680 graphics card.

How does Airbags work?

It is a must to install good quality air pillows in the compartment of the vehicle. If you own a car, you are required to make arrangement of air bags to get relief. Basically, vehicle drivers and passengers use these soft air pillows to protect the bodies from jerking, any stroke and thrust. Air pillows should be made of high quality materials so that the overall durability of the air bags will be longer. Air bags are also known as supplemental inflatable restraint or SIR.

Air bags keep the chest, nape of neckline area and head in safe. Vehicle manufacturers make air pillows to help car travelers to undergo a happy and peaceful car trip. While traveling by cars, it is essential to use air bags so that you will get complete relaxation from physical discomfiture.

Car accidents take place frequently due to street congestion, increase in the number of vehicles and bad road condition. Car accidents can do lot of damages and injuries to the body. For this reason, you will have to take proper pre-emptive measures by using the airbags which can be stored in the cockpit of the car. However, according to experts, only air bags don’t come handy if you are not desirous of upgrading car seats by installing safety belts to increase the protection of the body.

Air bags perform accordingly. For instance, after the detection of ahead-on collision, the crash sensor shoots a rapid signal to the micro machine daccelero meter which measures the speed of the collision. The side doors are also equipped with crash sensors which inform these micro machined accelerometers of the imminent collision. After getting response the air bags which are stored inside the dash board jut out to protect the human body from the massive jerking caused due to accident.

If you probe, you will learn that air bags are filled with nitrogen gas generated by squib inflater/igniter. Actually there are pair of sophisticated bridge wires which are coiled around the armrests of car seats. After getting signals, the wire coils are heated to power the propellants of the airbag. These propellants are made of a side. It is a fuel which produces the nitrogen gas which fills up the vacuum of the air bags.

Different types of RAM and its function

RAM or Random Access Memory is a data storage card that is used in most devices, like computers, mobile phone, tablets, etc. there are different types of RAM which are classified as per their uses.

RAM is commonly classified into two broad categories;

  • Static RAM or SRAM
  • Dynamic RAM or DRAM

Static Random-Access Memory

To store the data in bits, SRAM uses bistable flip-flops. Once the data is burned on SRAM, it is stored. There are three ways in which the data is stored in SRAM, operates for operation.They are Standby, Reading and Writing.

Types of Static Random-Access Memory

Depending on Data Storage

  • Non-volatile SRAM: Data is stored, also when the power is off, so that critical information is secured.
  • Asynchronous SRAM: The data can be stored in the range of 4Kb to 64 Mb and it used as a main memory component in many electronic devices.

Depending on Transistor

  • Bipolar Junction Transistor: It is used in Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) and Emitter-Coupled Logic (ECL) devices.
  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET): It is used in Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology based applications.

Depending on Features

  • Quad Data Rate SRAM: In one complete clock cycle, two words of data is transferred.
  • DDR SRAM: Common I/O which is used for data transfer.

Depending on Flip-Flop

  • Binary SRAM:
  • Ternary SRAM:

Uses of Static Random-Access Memory

  • Computers
  • Microprocessors
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) circuits
  • LCD screens and printers
  • Hard disk and router buffers
  • Digital cameras
  • Synthesizers
  • Cell phones

Dynamic Random Access Memory

Types of Dynamic Random-Access Memory


The changes in the input is apparent and quickly reacted by SDRAM. It is synchronized with the computer’s system.


DDR2 SDRAM is an Integrated Circuit (IC) chip, which stores data, in a computer. The data transfer rate of DDR SDRAM is 1,600 megabytes per second. It is used in computers and mobile phones.


DDR23 SDRAM is the upgraded version of DDR SDRAM. The maximum data transfer rate of DDR2 SDRAM is 3,200 megabytes per second.


The data transfer rate of this RAM is 6,400 megabytes per second, which is twice that of DDR2 SDRAM.


It is the second generation high bandwidth interface, which is developed with the hope of releasing in 2012.


DRDRAM6 or RDRAM is a type of SDRAM which known for its high latency, heat output, complexity, and low performance in exchange for its high price. It is used in video game controls and in video cards.


PSRAM7 supports the combined benefits of DRAM (high density) and true SRAM (ease of use).


This type of RAM is mainly used in networking and caching applications.


EDO9 DRAM can also be called Hyper Page Mode enabled DRAM, provided improved performance by allowing the consecutive operations to overlap.


SGRAM10 is used in graphic adaptors and it can open two memory pages at a time.


With FPM DRAM11 the reading and writing of data is quick. This increases the performance of the machine

Long Forms of the Abbreviations

  • SDRAM – Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory
  • DDR SDRAM – Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access-Memory
  • DDR2 SDRAM – Double Data Rate Type Two Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory
  • DDR3 SDRAM – Double Data Rate Type Three Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory
  • DDR4 SDRAM – Double Data Rate Type Four Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory
  • DRDRAM – Direct Rambus Dynamic Random-Access Memory
  • PSRAM – Pseudostatic Random-Access Memory
  • RLDRAM – Reduced-Latency Dynamic Random-Access Memory
  • EDO DRAM – Extended Data Out Dynamic Random-Access Memory
  • SGRAM – Synchronous Graphics Random-Access Memory
  • FPM DRAM – Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random-Access Memory

STPI New Software Technology Park in Tripura

Tripura is all set to get a Software Technology Park or STP, the first of its kind in the state. The state government of Tripura is materialising the project, with help from the Software Technology Park of India or STPI. This move is expected to inject some strength into the information technology sector in the north-eastern part of the country. Like an official here pointed out on Monday, it will also help in administration as remote and rural areas can be brought under proper governance through e-projects.

This STP will become the fifth one of the type in the north-eastern region of India, after the ones at Guwahati, Imphal, Gangtok and Aizawl. The chairman of the TIDC (Tripura Industrial Development Corporation), Pabitra Kar said in a press release on 28th May 2012: “the proposed STP, being set up at a cost of Rs. 43 crores, would further boost the information technology industries in the industry-starved north-eastern region.” This STP, to be set up at Agartala, will be built under the surveillance of TIDC, the local body of STPI. STPI is furthering the progress of IT industries in India since 1991 to enhance and encourage software exports from the country, besides enabling better governance.

Mahindra Satyam Launches Cloud-Based Services in Malaysian Educational Institutions

On 4th June 2012, Mahindra Satyam announced that they have launched the Oracle Campus Solution for the Malaysian institutions offering higher education. This Hyderabad-based consulting and IT giant have thus taken a path that could well prove to be the turning point its glorious career. A fully cloud-computing operated system managing the recruitment of students, their enrolment, financial information and administration is a completely new thing in the country of Malaysia which “aims to be the regional educational hub.” It also enables students and other members of the academia to be completely self-reliant in managing their information. The Mahindra Satyam official said in a press statement that Oracle is the world leader in providing Package Application Solution to educational institutions for Student Lifecycle Management. This Application is reportedly being hired by internationally renowned colleges and universities to facilitate student administration.

Vice President of Mahindra Satyam, Mr Ram Ramachandran said that “Cloud-based services are a prime focus for Mahindra Satyam and the launch of Oracle Campus Solution on Cloud plays a key role in expanding our market reach in Malaysia. This service- the first to be launched in the Malaysian market by an IT services company- will be delivered out of our Global Delivery Centre at Cyberjaya, Malaysia.”

How to Overcome Health Hazards Due to Usage of Air-conditioned Machine?

Though people enjoy summer vacations and sunny days by staying inside air conditioned room, this cold air can bring caboodle of negative effects to disturb the natural condition of health. Therefore, you will have to take pre-emptive measures to protect your body and mind from the onset of cold, infection and pollution.

Pros and Cons

There are both pros and cons of the air-condition machine. It keeps body and mind fresh backfiring cold air. In the bed room, this type of wall mountable air conditioned attachment sprays soothing cold air which wipes out stress, exhaustion and suffocation. It makes someone happy due to the presence of fresh cold air. However, nothing can be fully free of cons. Air conditioned machine can be a threat to a user in the event of apathy towards the safety features. For instance, according to experts, air can be loaded with germs, virus and bacteria due to the artificially cooled air. Germs hover round and travel speedily to infect someone who stays inside the air conditioned chamber. Experts advise to use hands for covering mouth when anyone sneezes and does coughing. Secondly, it is better to cover the air conditioned device with a piece of blanket or a thick comforter to prevent the spread of dust particles in the air. Interior space must be kept neat and clean. If you are liable to do working in your room for several hours, you need to perform your duty to rinse the floor, use disinfectant solution and cleanser to drive germs out of the rooms. In any air-conditioned room, possibility of air contamination is low. Healthcare experts claim that due to filtration of air in the air-conditioned room, recycling and circulation process is done smoothly. It is very hygienic to inhale breathable cool air.

Good Maintenance Required

Maintenance of air conditioned machine should be given a priority because of the enhancement of proper functionality of the device. An air cooling device should be overhauled regularly to keep the track of the fluctuation of voltage, the supply of cool air and of course the air circulation process. These jobs should be executed by a machine perfectly. It stands to reason; buyers must not waste time by changing the device frequently. Better to say, they must put emphasis on the upkeep of the air conditioned machine on daily basis to make it more presentable, workable and multiple-functional.

Scientists also claim that an air-conditioned machine must have temperature regulating system to keep the proper balance of temperature in the air. While cleaning the device, users must remove wastage debris and sediments which sit on the detachable tray. You will have to take it off the attachment and clean it in open air.

How to Avoid Hazards?

Due to stay in air conditioned room, one can be weighty and obese. That’s why, do some freehand exercises and prioritize the intake of low carb food to decrease fat and increase the strength. The musculature of the body must be in a good condition. Furthermore, air vents must be kept clean. The moment it is neglected, maybe rats and fungus can cover the device. This type of infestation and onset of germs must be under control to ensure the proper healthcare of people.

You will have to see whether air is circulated properly. Many times, you will have to re-check the whole system to know more accurately about the condition of the machine. If necessary, try to talk to experts how to keep your electronic air-cooling device more scientifically.

You will have to do a comparison study to get the proper solution in this regard. An air-conditioned device is equipped with a number of air filtration and cooling chips to serve the purpose. You must be more careful while dealing with the machine. It is your responsibility to command your system for doing well instead of bringing the environment on the verge of destruction.

Fully Buffered DIMM RAM- Brings Speed to Data Storing and Memory Upgradation

Completely upgraded Buffered DIMM is an advanced memory technology which has been launched to increase the efficiency of the memory system. The data storage capacity will be accelerated. Comparing to the DIMM the conventional data storage technology was not more reliable. However, with the introduction of this superb advanced DIMM technology, there is maximum speed in the storage of data.

FB-DIMM is equipped with serial interface which lies between the AMB and memory controlling attachment. The AMB makes the data storing process speedier. AMB chip offers error free data protection and preservation method. It doesn’t put an extra burden on the processor. It doesn’t do any damage to the mother board of the system. On the other hand, the role of Bit Lane Failover Correction system is more appreciable. It keeps the track of data channelization interface/path. If any defect is surfaced it tries to remove. This Failover Correction system is more user-friendly and conducive to the reduction of command/address errors. It also interconnects DDR2 and DDR3 to make the data transfer/ storage more performance based.

However, this system is not completely free of cons. According to experts, buffered DIMM needs excess power to activate buffer chips. In addition, due to the upgradation of the DIMM system, a memory write bus seems to be more bottle-necked than the memory read bus. Often due to workload, the system runs slowly. Memory must be off-loaded. However the new updation of data storage memory using DIMM, the problem seems to be removed as it makes the computer faster even during downtime. It is an advantage and you will have to understand to what extent this buffed DIMM can come handy.

In this connection, you will have to check articles, and research oriented papers based on DIMM and its applicability in the practical life. You will have to study extensively to get better information.

Electric Tooth Brush – More Eco-friendly and Easy to Operate

If you check medical journals, case histories and research stuff, you must understand that Americans suffer from different types of tooth related diseases. They are not sure how to overcome these problems. Right now, few experts are giving the light of hope to make it clear that the periodontal disease and tooth ache are some of the basic problems which must be removed using the sophisticated technology. Periodontal disease has the close connection with dementia, cardiac disorders, diabetes and other health hazards. Even people can be affected by arthritis.

Battery Powered and Gripe Safe

In that case, one should take steps in advance to remove tooth ache, bleeding gum related disease, and bad breath. In that case, brushing is very important. Flossing methods should be opted for to get relief from pain and discomfiture. It is a matter of great pleasure that the introduction of electric tooth brush has rekindled hope in the mind of people who like to take care of the body. It is multi-functional and more fluent in cleaning the teeth. The gripe-safe handle is more ergonomic. It can reach deepest angle in the mouth for the enhancement of teeth cleaning program. Follow the instructions properly to operate the electric tooth brushes to clean the teeth and gum. The soft bristles will provide you 100 percent satisfaction in terminating germs and harmful bacteria which are detrimental to health. It removes odor and its longevity is longer. You can recharge your e-brush several times.

The detachable battery of Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro-Sensitive brush must be properly checked before the activation of this tooth brushing device. An e-brush is competent to erase yellow patches and deep layers of plaques which sit to the teeth. If you check the snapshots of e-brushes, you will come to know about the designs of these e-brushes which are beautifully decorated. You need to learn how to operate this ultra-modern tooth cleaning brush.

Samsung S-Cloud for Next Generation

Keep in mind that deactivation and deletion of accounts in Facebook are completely different. Therefore, you should chalk out plans to choose the options.

When you start making analysis and surveys to evaluate the Cloud data safekeeping and protection system, you will have to keep in mind that for the last few years, scientists have been searching for powerful devices to upgrade Cloud. To be brief, comparing to other data storage service, Cloud is much more competent to save, store and share digital content in huge volume. The data transfer speed is excellent.

Apple iCloud Samsung has been launched to give magnificent scope to mobile phone users to keep the files/digital content in safe. However, at present, there is more attractive news item for buyers who will be able to update their handsets by installing S-Cloud system for the enhancement of the data protection. More powerful data protection tools have been launched by Samsung to increase the strength of the storage of digital text/files. It is quite similar to Dropbox/Google Drive. A user can store movies, snapshots and You-Tubes on the mobile handsets making the proper usage of S-Cloud system.

S-cloud will be available in two editions. One should do proper researches to opt for the specific S-Cloud tool to store data in high volume comparing to the previous edition of Cloud. In this connection, KT and Amazon have expressed their willingness to handshake with Samsung for ensuring the trouble free delivery of high quality S-Cloud service to customers.

Acccording to experts, in near future, S-Cloud will be the only reliable source of data storing. It adds speed, flexibility and dimension to the data protection, sharing and storing of digital files.

Finally, CEO has made an official declaration stating that probably S-Cloud will be gifted to consumers in August this year. However, there is no constructive information backfired from the desk of the CEO so far in this regard. S-Cloud will help users to store huge amount of data inclusive of snapshots/ images into their smart phones and iPods.

What is DLNA Technology?

Though people use different types of digital gadgets and mobile phones, they are not well aware of the usage of DLNA system to upgrade electronic devices. To be frank, with time proceeding, the extensive application of DLNA in the entertainment industry is on the rise.

The abbreviation of DLNA is split into Digital Living Network Alliance. This hi-tech data transferring system is more user-friendly and less troublesome. DLNA is one of the highly sophisticated systems to bring the uniformity in the data channelization and transferring to make the digital devices more powerful and easy to access. DLNA is also a commercial organization which has launched DLNA certified products to facilitate people to have unlimited joy by watching movies and playing music.

DLNA has made a long lasting tie-up with digital products suppliers and dealers which earn profits by selling computers, electronic goods and mobile handsets. DLNA has brought the compact flexibility and guidance to operate the digital devices more efficiently. The digital content is easily transferable to other networking tools using the DLNA technology. It brings a massive change to the operating system to enhance the trouble free data conversion.

The UPnP or the universal plug and play system is used by DLNA supported devices to channelize digital text/files and snapshots to other electronic tools. There are three major areas of DLNA application include

  • Home networking tools like television and game consoles
  • Gripe safe mobile handsets include smart phones.
  • Home infrastructure devices such as routers and hubs.

DLNA based devices are used to operate the multi-tire communicative tools. You can use your smart phone to transfer data directly to your television set for watching slides of photos, and you can also operate the HDTV to watch movies after downloading movies from cam-recorders.

It stands to reason; the DLNA has been made more popular among high profile guys who like to use the compact sophisticated appliances. On the other hand, the recent introduction of DLNAPV/ premium video has made it clear that people can enjoy weekends by playing music, watching movies and checking the photo galleries at home without operating multiple platforms. Only DLLAPV can fulfill your dream by providing the full-fledged backup. It is just an entertainment hub to activate a number of devices on a single go.

DLNA has minimized the expense of time to watch videos, share pictures, snapshots, and slides from one system to another. DLNA communication networking hub stores the digital data in NAS drive for channelization of data. NAS works just like Cloud system. It protects data. It is more user- friendly and economic.

Now-a-days, a number of globally recognized companies like HTC, Samsung, HP, Panasonic, LG and Intel have taken up big projects to release their DLNA supported products. At a public conference, the CEO of HTC has admitted that chances of the utilization of DLNA technology to upgrade music system, television and other electronic devices will be brought under the DLNA networking system.

After surveys, experts have handpicked few major digitally upgraded electronic products which have the DLNA systems to strengthen the communicative system.

Categories to support DLNA network


  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy SII
  • Samsung i9000 Galaxy S
  • Sony Ericssson Xperia Arc
  • HTC Sensation
  • LG Optimus 2X
  • Motorola Defy +
  • Nokia E5


  • BRAVIA™ HD TV (LED & LCD) – HX925 Series
  • Digital Media Player
  • LG Media Station MS400

Gaming consoles

  • Sony Playstation CECHH00


  • D-link HD Media Router 3000 DIR-857


  • Sony Cybershot DSC-G3


  • HP Photosmart Premium Fax Printer CQ521

In music world, DLNA has changed the format of music playing method. You can shift musical track from mobile/smartphone to home theater supporting DLNA system. From computers to DLNA based musical gadgets, digital content/musical albums and snapshots are transferred more comfortably.

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