Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 690 -features and details

Nvidia has not hushed up the news about the release of GPU GeForce GTX 690 game card which is faster and more powerful than that of 680 model. In an intimate interview, Jen, the CEO of Nvidia, has told reporters that the dual GPU GeForce GTX 690 gaming card will speed up the video supported game. This futuristic gaming card has been released on 3rd May in limited number but from 7th May the number of the GPU GeForce GTX 690 cards will be increased by the manufacturer.

In a seminar, Jen has explained that on the same format of the card two 28nm GK104 Kepler chips have been chosen for installation to accelerate the speed and efficiency. According to him, in past GK104 chips were used to update 680 model of GTX. The sprinting time was 1006MHz. However after the upgradation, the new GTX 690 edition has the memory clock which indicates 1502MHz. In addition, 4GB RAM is also the part of upgradation of the gaming card.

Experts of Nvidia have done lot of surveys and comparison studies to prepare the statistics reports. GTX 690 has the power and efficiency to control the video game in an excellent way. In terms of speed, according to specialists, GTX 690 runs faster ranging from 25% and 90% comparing to GTX 680. The new model can operate Battlefield 3 at 2560×1600 with 4xAA/16xAF at 70 fps.

AMD’s position will be in danger in the event of the release of the upgraded version of 680 memory card to run the video game. Radeon HD 7990 card is supposed to be backfired to the market at Computex in the month of June. Experts have confirmed that Radeon HD 7990 will not beat 690 as it has failed to outperform the old 680 edition of GTX memory card model. However, it is true that the clock speed of Radeon HD 7990 will be considerably higher than 690 GTX model. It is a plus point for AMD but in the long run the new GTX 690 will showcase the best performance in providing the hi-tech gaming option to gamers.

Honda technology to save us from traffic jam

Honda, the Japanese carmaker has achieved success in developing a technology which will save one from traffic jams. The company has made a traffic congestion detector, the first ever in the world which is able to determine one’s way of driving and its possibility to cause a jam. However, it does not work like the GPS system which alerts the drivers to take another road. On the contrary it helps the driver to avoid jams by keeping an eye on acceleration, deceleration pattern of vehicles, recording it and in doing so determining if it can create traffic congestion.

Based on the recording, the system will provide necessary information on the display on central console. It will instruct the drivers how to drive so as to avoid traffic jams. Tests have already been carried on the system by Honda. The outcome shows that the system helps in improving the fuel efficiency and average speed of the car. We hope that this system will be installed in the cars very soon. So let us wait for this technology to come to reality and hope that this will soon turn to reality. If this system is installed it will be a great relief for the drivers.

German startup develops stained tinted windows to generate electricity

The great advance in solar power is just around the corner. New solar technologies are less impressive in practice than on paper, but Heliatek may have something to shake the energy sector. Heliatek based on Dresden has techniques that are modified and are used to make touchscreens so as to make a translucent solar cell which can be used as stained window. The new solar panels that are transparent are identical in design of the OLED displays. Both depend on a thin coating of organic molecules which are deposited on lithe backing. The idea to print organic solar cells is not new but the past cells printed tend to have shorter span of life. Heliatek is getting around the problem using oligomers instead of polymers. The outcome is a panel with a life more like conventional silicon solar cells.

The application of oligomers makes the transparent cells technologically possible. The layering of molecules lets Heliatek to tune the panels to absorb efficiently certain wavelengths of light. The panels convert 9.8% of light to electricity whereas the regular solar panels slurp to 15%. Heliatek hopes to push the efficiency of the solar cells to 12% keeping the same painted glass. If this is achieved, it can be believed that the builders will be much interested. A solar cell which is flexible and which can act as a window tinting can save huge money.

For all the inefficiencies, the opaque solar panels from past years are still the easiest to fund. Unlike the solar power claims in the past, Heliatek does not set off alarm bells. It seems to take up measured approach and recognizes the difficulties it has to face. The company will have to prove that the technology can work before wide adoption is seen.

Holographic Data Storage Brings Revolution

InPhase Technology performed a hands-on demo at NAB 2005 to showcase its expertise in updating the Holographic data storage system which is propelled by magnetic current and laser. Now you will have to realize to what extent this type of sophisticated data storage system comes handy to preserve data. To be frank, generally magnetic data preservation and storage unit keeps data for a span of 1-5 years. Now, this type of short term data protection is not helpful to a large scale industry which needs more powerful data preserving software to increase the longevity of the digital data and program files.

InPhase Technology proved that Holographic data storage system is more convenient and easier to operate for the enhancement of the durability of data for many years. In-between over 100 million dollars have been spent and a vast research has been conducted to upgrade the eco-friendly laser propelled data storing system. After getting success, this company had to close research lab and finally it was handed over to HVault which has invested time to invent new ways for the compact upgradation of Holographic storage unit.

Holographic data preserving system is a type of WORM or Write Once and Read Many process. In Holography, tapes and hard drives are magnetized for better storage. Experts like to use photosensitive medium to ensure the storage of 3 D snapshots and images. In a public conference, one of the official spokespersons of HVault data storing firm has confirmed the introduction of two hi-tech lasers namely signal and reference beams. Reference beam locates the exact spot where data are being recorded by signal beam. Reference beam puts focus on the specific area where powerful signal beam is acting excellently to record digital data. This type of data storage facility will bring revolution in the entertainment industry. There is no necessity to lay aside extra space in the library or in the archive for the storage of discs and a Cloud server. Holographic data storage system provides inexplicable space for the storage of digital data.

Scientists build quantum computer in a diamond

The fundamental law of the world could spell the end of Moore’s Law in the near future. Now the question that hits the mind is what a society would do with the increasing computational needs. The answer might be making use of quantum computing in which the quantum molecules are used to process data. An experiment from the University of Southern California might have found out a solution for the toughest problems in quantum computing, which was done by creating a computer within a diamond. This computer exhibits the practicability of the quantum computers in their solid state so as to reduce decoherence.

The diamond computer which is developed at USC uses the impurities found in crystalline structure to make up two qubits or quantum bits. The CPUs that are always used have transistors which represent data as or a 1 while a qubit can represent it at the same time. This is due to the quantum property of superposition. Researchers have used a neutron and an electron as the qubits so as to measure the accurate level of decoherence. An electron is capable of calculating fast but suffers from decoherence while the neutrons are much stable. At this time, there is no practical use of a quantum computer and now real test to show the working of it. However, the team of USC were able to prove that they had built such a computer by supplying it with simple data and applying Grover’s algorithm which states that a quantum computer will find a specified entry in unsorted list for the first time.

Anyone doing this would have to get down the list while checking every entry to see if this was right. This computer was able to find the right choice in the first try, thus providing that a functional quantum computer was successfully built.

Window and Split Air Condition Machines – Check Features

Come summer seasons every year, the suffocating heat, dirty ambience, hot wind and shortage of water make innocent city pent dwellers unhappy due to terrific heat. Now, it seems to be difficult to survive if you are not able to cool your room. Kids can suffer from infection, cardiac problems and improper respiration on account of tremendous hot air inside rooms.

Now, an air conditioned room is more suitable to those who don’t want to suffer from sweltering heat, excessive perspiration and discomfiture. Air condition machines are competent to turn the hot air into cool breeze to energize someone. You need to know about the types of air condition machines. There are two different sorts of air cooling devices like window mountable and split air condition tools. Both devices have pros and cons. You are supposed to choose the most user-friendly air cooling device.

A window air condition machine is easy to care. It is a small in shape. Its air cooling capacity is excellent. It doesn’t contaminate air. This window shaped small air condition machine is repairable and its environment friendly feature is noticeable. You can install this home décor device with comfort as its mechanism is less complicated. It doesn’t require huge space for the installation of this device. Now at the same time it is true that the window air condition is useful to a tenant who hires room temporarily. It can cool the interior space of a small chamber.

On the other hand, split air condition machine is divided into two small parts. You will have to adjust both units perfectly. However, over the window air condition device, it is much more capable of cooling the wide range of the area in the room. The split air condition machine doesn’t cover the windows. So the constant flow of air and light is not obstructed. It never dampens the architectural beauty of the room. There are two different sorts of air condition machines which are available in the market. You need to make the proper selection when you start probing.

How much power a 1 Ton split AC consume a month?

The question of the amount of power consumed by a 1 ton split AC in a month in Mumbai cannot be answered precisely. This depends upon EER and BTU of the brand of AC and only guesses can be made. In general, 1 ton AC with EER of 10 and BTU of 19000 may power 1000 watts. In that case it can be presumed that it can consume upto 1 unit of electricity every hour. So if the AC works for 10 hours a day, power consumption will be 10 units. But a couple of hours of electricity consumption have to be deducted as the thermostat would cut off the working of the compressor as the required cooling is obtained. In that case the net consumption may be about 8 units every night. When multiplied by 30 days, the consumption comes to be 240 units each month.

It is just an indication but nothing is for sure as the real consumption of electricity depends largely on many other factors like the season of the year, if sunlight enters the room always and also if one is residing in the coastal area or somewhere else. So electricity consumption depends upon many factors and a definite number cannot be given.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Broadband

Before buying the mobile handset to surf the net, you must have good conceptions about the pros and cons of installation of broadband into your device. When you start using your mobile for multiple purposes, make it sure that you are out of danger to run the risk of becoming a bankrupt due to high expenses. Secondly, your time must be saved as you are a busy person.

To be frank, there are a number of advantages of mobile broadband. Comparing to traditional land line connection, mobile phones are handy and competent to provide good services to users. You can start net surfing anywhere. It is not possible if you try to reconnect your desktop computer to internet interface whenever you are on your trip to reach any destination. Due to smallness in shape, cell phones are flexible, ultra-light and cute to look. You can place them into the pockets. So if you think that you have urgency to browse the net, you can unlock your small device and do your necessary duties by surfing the sites via your feature phone. In addition, it is cost effective in that sense, on your pay-as-you-go tariff plans; you will have no headache to pay the monthly bills. You can buy your scratch card to recharge your mobile handset for using. Mobile handset is dynamic and it has inbuilt internet interface. There is no necessity of opting for plug-in system to power the mobile phone for internet surfing and making calls.

However, mobile handsets are not often good alternatives to landline. The usage of data, storage of digital files and free surfing options are limited to mobile phone users. It can’t download the large files and images. It takes time to support the online marketing and do vast surfing. Landline is better for official jobs whereas the mobile phones with broadband connections are suitable to private usage. You can talk, chat and send messages to your friends using your mobile phones.

Moser Baer Zap pen drive: shaped like a credit card

It seems to be an era of technology with new and splendid tech-gadgets launched nowadays. Moser Baer has come out with an innovative idea that is to transform traditional per drive to credit card. It has now introduced the Zap which is a new USB flash drive. Now the question is what makes this pen drive different from the others available in the market. It is well known that a pen drive is meant to be portable and it is where Zap has its mark. It is easy to carry and is available as a credit card.

Zap is shaped in the design of a credit card to be held in the wallet. Another important thing is that this will prevent it from getting lost as it is safe in the wallet. Moving into the specifications of the Moser Baer Zap pen drive, it will have 4 GB capacity and will be of dimensions 84.15 x 52.83 mm. Adding to it, this device will feature a USB of 2.0 interface. Zap weighs about 10.25 grams and is compatible with Mac OS 9, Linux Kernel 2.4.0 and Windows 2007 and all other higher versions. The introductory price is given to be Rs 399 by Moser Baer and is available in the online stores of the company.

Seagate to Launch HAMR Hard Drive to Provide 1 Terabit on Square Inch

Seagate has showcased an online hands-on demonstration to prove the upgradation of a powerful mechanical hard drive which will have terabit per square inch density option to ensure the safekeeping of huge data. More advanced techno HAMR technology has been used to make it 60 terabits on a 3.5 inch desktop and 20 terabits on a 2.5 inch tablet digital notepad. The fact is that this upgraded hard drive will provide two times more bandwidth for the storage of digital data and images comparing to the conventional hard drives.

HAMR or Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording technology is one of the latest innovative and energy-efficient hard drive tune-up technology which increases the density per square foot using the laser to accelerate the speed of channeliazation of magnetic power to travel between small terabits in a systematic way. At first back to 2006 Fujitsu faced the problem of magnetic field changing to write data due to the usage of iron platinum and table salt to build up the terabit magnetic knobs which seem to be minuscule to design the circuit inside the hard drive. However, the problem was later solved with the introduction of a performance based laser to bring the perfection to the circulation of magnetic power through the heads of magnetic fields. Laser is convenient to channelize the magnetic power without affecting other terabit heads in a circuit. It is dynamic and speedy to enhance the data encrypting process in an organized way overtaking the technical barriers. According to experts, a mono terabit on a square inch is equivalent to two million bits on a liner in an ordinary manual hard drive.

However, critics have launched their remarks in raising questions about the futuristic value of this type of HAMR hard drive to storage the huge data. They opine that with the advent of iphones, smart phones, ipods and ipad, it seems to sound odd whether people will feel a craze to opt for the desktop computer for installation of HAMR hard drive to serve the purpose. Mechanical hard drives will be obsolete with times proceeding due to the introduction of sophisticated electronic devices like tablet ipads with flash memory.

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