Google to stop buzz

Google has done an in-depth search for its own company, and decided to shut down all those products which had not done quite well. Even though the Google search engine is used every single day at the drop of a hat, and gmail accounts are owned by every other person, their social networking site, Buzz, has not done so well. In fact it comes second on the list which Google made to include all those products which would be shut down soon.

Ahead of Google Buzz is Code search. Following these two products are Jaiku, the social features of iGoogle and University Research Program for Google Search.

Google Buzz had been launched in order to compete with social networking sites like facebook and twitter. However, it failed to draw the attention of those of us who are deeply into facebook. In fact there are some people who are simply addicted to the social networking sites.

Google Buzz would be shut down, for its successor, Google plus has had gained more popularity. Therefore, while Google plus continues to run, Google Buzz is going to get shut down. It seems the last date for these changes to come into action is the 15th of January 2012.

Code Search had been made keeping in mind the need for developers to search for open source code in the web. However, like Google Buzz, it too had failed to find its real need.

Jaiku, the other social networking site that had been acquired by Google is going to get shut down come 15th of January 2012. To those of you who had loved being on Google Buzz, that’s too bad. Maybe you should shift to Google plus or otherwise, come back again to facebook or twitter.

Google search engine continues to run as strongly as ever. In fact, there were emails circulated asking people to use the Blackle search engine, which would save more energy!

How is network neutrality affecting internet?

Since the year 2006, network neutrality debate began when the House Energy and Commerce Committee bill was introduced. According to this bill the provisions authorizes Network Neutrality issue. The debate conducted amidst two sections, including the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and on the other side remained the civil society groups such as Free Press and Center for Digital Democracy.

The concept of Network Neutrality

Communication and data transfer between any two computers take place through network. The network helps in transferring messages from one computer to the other. Network providers or ISPs, can access the content, and choose their priority message to be transferred between the two systems. But as per the recent bill of the network neutral approach is completely against this system. Some of the potential points that support this issue are;

  • Service quality (QoS)
  • Obstruction free information service
  • Maintain equality between service provider and service provided.

Rule of Network Neutrality

As per the principle of network neutrality all internet users should be able to use the system as per their demand, and get access to all any information available in the Internet.

Network Neutrality and the Internet

  • For e.g companies like YouTube, offers free video content viewing option to millions which causes a huge consumption of bandwidth. It is due to such heavy usage, the network providers want to charge such companies for their video-content and making it available on their websites.
  • To control the distribution of any and every data on internet. A few Internet services are given priority by the ISPs and the content developers are charged for such services. The Network Neutrality supporters want the US government to restrict such measures of the ISPs, and provide free-flow of information on the Internet.
  • Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), is the main network that can be easily controlled and it does not support Network Neutrality. PSTN makes the Internet more organized. To centralize the service some are moving to PSTN connection.

What are Internet Scam – How to Resist?

Internet scam has become a menace to human society. Though internet is the fastest medium to do online transaction and pulling information from different sites, it is a matter of grave concern that online scam is in full swing. You will have to be more careful about the ill impact of scam online.

Important Facts

There are many companies which often advertise in online sites in relation to the production endorsement campaigns. These promotional offers are often absurd without having any solid foundation. This type of fake company tries to do online ID theft by declaring attractive offers like million worth lottery game, and huge amount of bucks to be delivered to you due to the selection of your name via their database. They require personal information and it will bring death and destruction to you. It is also true that one should have a proper way to save life and property.

Learn How to Check Online Scam?

Internet Crime Complaint Center is an authentic organization which is under manipulation of three companies such as FBI, NW3C and BJA. This well known scam detection organization is very much active in the detection of online crimes.

However, it will not be only task to contact the concerned authority of IC3 organization for detecting culprits who are involved in this online scam industry to make online marketing a fuss. You will have to take pre-emptive measures to check the scam online. For instance, the tampering with data must be prevented by putting restriction on the application of different methods to hack the computer. If someone demands confidential information inclusive of address, gmail address and other personal information, you will have to note down the name of the company for future reference. You will have to check the authenticity of the company which has to be genuine in making deal. Online scam and infiltration should be handled properly so that there will be no risk of being entrapped into the grips of fake companies and computer hackers.

Which Country Has the World’s high speed Internet connections?

In the world of broadband services, South Korea has been graded first in terms of providing high speed internet connection. The average speed is pegged at 17.62 Mbps. However, the story doesn’t end here. More spices are in the air as European countries and the USA are performing well to run neck to neck with South Korea.

Couple of days ago, Pando Networks, content management service provider has conducted a survey by collecting 35 petabytes data which have been downloaded from 27 million sources. Around 224 countries have been shortlisted for doing the comparison study.

According to Pando, South Korea is the fastest internet service provider whereas Romania stands second in rank. In succession to Romania and Korea, there are other five countries like Latvia which are also excellent broadband service providers. However, experts claim that comparing to European and Asian countries, African continent is trailing behind. The dark world has not gained efficiency to increase the speed. African people like to use internet via mobiles. There are even some countries located in Africa which provide surprisingly low-tuned broadband speed. However, more information is coming out of the wallets as Andover offers maximum 22.41 Mbps speed to do online surfing. Though it sounds odd, the average broadband speed in the USA is around 4 mbps or little bit higher without touching 5 mbps. South Korea has achieved success in upgrading the internet service.

On the other hand, USA and Romania are planning to launch powerful satellite linked broadband services in future to overtake their rivals. However, nothing is now clear to date about the usage of such a powerful broadband service. South Korea is a small Asian country which has suffered from political imbroglio, economic pressure due to high inflation rate followed by social disturbances. It has had caustic showdown with North Korea. However, overtaking all difficulties and hurdles, this country has gained success in the upgradation of the internet connection.

How to Choose a good domain name for website

Owning personal websites has become quite a hit with today’s generation. While one can choose to have a free website, it is advisable to eventually buy your own domain. Now, one would ask us with a bewildered look on your face, and a domain is?

In simple terms a domain is that it is the address for your website. For example, say you have a website where you like displaying all the paintings you make, your personal website would be called:

If another free website building tool was hosting your site, then your website would come under their domain. The address of your website would then become something like:, which suits you, coming easy on the pocket, but doesn’t suit the world, who cannot be bothered to remember which free domain your website is under and have no time to memorize such elaborate names. Good time to point out that our most frequently visited websites have short names:,

When you are selecting your personal domain, we would advise you to opt for a .com, as opposed to a .in or a .org, simply because people out of habit, tend to think all websites end with a .com. Not our fault, seeing that initially most websites used to come under a .com.

Domain names should always be words that people would not forget. So if you are trying to improve your visitors with your list of impressive words, it’s highly doubtful they would be impressed if they cannot find their way to your website!

Use a domain name that would easily make your viewers understand what your website is going to be all about. A website that reviews books should have a direct reference to it in the title, say:

Finally, domains tend to expire after a period of time. The best way to solve this problem is to set reminders for yourself to keep re-registering your account. Otherwise you would be left wondering why the heavy traffic has suddenly stopped!

Facebook recent profile viewers tracking

The most widely used networking site is facebook. But the inevitable question pops up in the mind. That is, who all are visiting my page and checking out post and reading my profile. Just as the Orkut tells us who all the recent visitors were, is there any way that you can identify who all visited your page. The answer is yes; you can identify the recent visitors and can track them who all are deleting information from your page. Though you can track who is checking your profile, but unfortunately this is not permitted by the law. To protect against the violation policy you cannot legally permitted to check the disturbing user of your page.

If you try taking the help of the official help page of the facebook, it instantly turns you down, saying that it is not possible to track who all have visited your page. So if any application is claiming or is helping you with this problem, it’s definitely breaking facebook’s TOS. Therefore, think twice before taking help from such illegal applications.

Now let us understand how and in what ways one can track the unwanted visitors or can stop the regular visit of this unwanted people.
What the team Facebook says about this problem?
1. How can find out my recent viewers or in what ways can I understand how often my profile was visited? It doesn’t display the visitors name like the orkut. Orkut has a display board, which shows who all visited your profile recently and tried scrapping on it. But in Facebook, theres no such window and no information is given about the profile checker.

The Facebook officially does not help you with the tracking facility. You cannot identify who all visited your profile or checked your photos till what extent. But, though officially facebook does not allow, there are applications supplied by several individual developers, who can help you with this functionality. These applications help you breaking the legal policy and check the report as desired.
2. Can someone else know when I view their pages?

At present Facebook does not have such application to help its user’s to identify such profile visitors. Individual developers may help you solving these issues. They have program application that helps in tracking such users. But do keep a few things in mind for these applications:

Such applications can never identify the profile visitors who have simply browsed the profiles. This is technically impossible in Facebook.

In order to be trailed by an application, you should specifically agree to allow the application to detect all your actions.
Thus adding an application that can supply such assistance is completely optional. If you do not wish to add such applications in your profile, just ignore it.

Thus the above mentioned essential points have cleared most of the points in your mind.

We can conclude by saying that though officially Facebook does not allow any illegal profile user tracking. But third part developers have started claiming that they have made impossible possible. When we look in to detail, we find that Facebook website has made it technically impossible to undertake such tracking job. Hence however some one may claim about tracking the user, doubt remains in our mind. Hopefully this article will give you a detailed idea of what all in possible with original facebook applications and how others fake with their little knowledge. Thus facebook is an open social networking site, which allows millions to chat with their friends and give them scope to develop their PR skills. Although it offers such assistance in network building, it does not help in tracking the unwanted visits to your profile.

Mozilla Firefox with Caboodle of Excellent Features

Mozilla Firefox is the well known web browser. It works excellently just like internet explorer. Relying on the updated comparison research and extensive analytical reviews done by experts, it has become clear that Mozilla has gained massive popularity among computer wizards which like to perform their jobs via internet.

The advent of Mozilla Firefox has added more technical gloss to the IT industry. The fact is that one should be more careful while probing deeply to find out more reliable data in the relation to the practical usage of Mozilla Firefox. So far so good, the IT magnets and big brothers in e- governance industry have chosen this internet browser for getting high quality net surfing service. Experts claim that Mozilla stands second in rank with the internet explorer being in first position in terms of hi-tech web browsing.

A number of verifications, research oriented programs and debates have been launched so far to increase the public awareness regarding the true effectiveness of Mozilla Firefox which ranks in succession to Internet Explorer. You will be pleased to note that for the last few years the close showdown between Internet Explorer and Mozilla has been going on to possess the prestigious niche in the IT enabled industry.

Mozilla’s arrival to the tele-communication industry is just like a shooting star. Way back to 1990 Netscape ruled the web browsing industry. Later the ownership of this web surfing company was transferred to Mozilla which decided to run the business keeping the company’s logo unchanged. However, later after enhancing extensive technical emulsification to upgrade the web browsing system, the management of the then Mozilla took the decision to change the logo. They renamed the company after Mozilla. Since then, people know Mozilla Firefox and they prefer to use this world famous Mozilla to activate google search engine.

Mozilla was popular in Germany and Poland. The Polish IT sectors took advantage of the sophisticated net browsing pressing the Mozilla Firefox into service. After gaining caboodle of appreciation, accolades and appreciation from the different quarters of the entrepreneurial communities, it made an adventurous venture to reach other European countries and Asia.

Mozilla is a company which earns huge amount of revenues from Google which has had a commercial tête-à-tête with this web browsing company. Google pays Mozilla lion share of revenues due to the excellent service given by Mozilla. This globally recognized company gets money from the Google for the permanent fixation of the land page of google in Mozilla Firefox. In addition, this web-browsing company also collects financial resources from ads which are flashed in Google.

However, simultaneously it is also true that it has now become little bit uncertain about the future prospect of Mozilla Firefox due to the invention of Google Chrome which is faster, more convenient to operate and cost effective as well. In the event of the introduction of Google Chrome web browsing tool, there must be a lack of financial insulation given by Google to strengthen the pecuniary condition of this company. Maybe by the end of this current year, Google will shutdown the entrepreneurial transaction with Mozilla as per the terms and conditions of the contract.

If the MOU is smashed, the sweet breeze of rapport with Google will get a steady nosedive. Now, everybody is waiting for the future outcome which is still wallowing in the labyrinth of uncertainty. Mozilla is trying its best to determine the evergreen commercial relationship with Google as 90 percent revenues are backfired by this SEO Company. God’s speed! Everyone is anticipating bright sunny days. However, if the darkness is not dispersed, maybe the fertile land of IT industry will become a bloodshed shambles to Mozilla for survival in the toughest web browsing industry.

How to Check BSNL Broadband Usage/Bandwidth

BSNL broadband is the speediest internet connection to help people for net surfing. However, you will have to know about usage of BSNL broadband. There are different ways to check how much bandwidth you have used during net surfing.

First of all, when you upgrade your computer by installing broadband connection, you will have to download few software packages to check the exhausted MB. There are a number of latest techniques to know in details about the broadband usage. BSNL broadband is the world famous internet service provider. Million people in India are using broadband given by BSNL. There are a number of tariff plans to opt for internet connection.

Log at the official portal of BSNL where you will find the used bandwidth of BSNL. At the same time, you will also be able to get the detailed information about the uptime/downtime inclusive of speed. The fact is that there are many persons who are not aware of the broadband speed/bandwidth checking process.

You should be familiar with steps of bandwidth and speed checking process. Besides keeping in touch with daily updates of the site launched by BSNL, you can shoot an application to the concerned authority of BSNL department for weekly updation of used MB via your smart phone. Your mobile will inform you how much bandwidth is left for exhaustion once in a week.

Last but not the least, there are several powerful software tools which are downloadable. You can download these free software programs in your computer for bringing perfection to the broadband usage. It will be helpful to teens and computer wizards to know how competently they can browse net for getting information and relevant data without wasting the bandwidth. These methods must be mugged up thoroughly to ensure better broadband application to serve the purpose. If you are a newcomer, you can contact the customer care unit for getting excellent feedbacks about the broadband monitoring in more scientific way.

How does Facebook Make Money ??

Today we all use networking site for communication. Few top networking sites are facebook, linkedin and google’s orkut. There are numerous others like Facebook, but using Facebook is free and yet the facebook introducer Mar Zuckerberg is one of the richest men in the world. Yes we allnow think that how did he became one of the riches man by starting a networking site, facebook, that too which is absolutely free for the users.

Networking is very essential in today’s world. And it is this fundamental idea that the creator has utilized to boost his bank balance. Today, most companies are opening pages and recruiting people in communication to manage the facebook page. These dedicated individuals come up with various strategies and ides to involve more and more people to like the company’s page. Thus if the fan fare improves, the name and events of the company reaches many at a single click. Such a communication platform is provided by the facebook, but still the question remains in our mind, that is by helping others how can the page make money, when the usage is absolutely free for members? Strange but true.

To find out the answer for how one can earn by starting a free website, is given below in the article. Read below to know all about the moneymaking mechanism by introducing a free networking website;

Advertisement: Yes just like most of the websites face book also earns through posting ads. It is one of the premium sources of earning huge revenue for facebook. The right side of the page displays ads and allows you to click thumbs up and thumbs down. Just like the google adsense facebook also provides pages as per individual interest. So, when you have mentioned in your profile that you are a fan of some brand such as Nikon or Canon, such company’s ads will appear in your page. These are not the typical pop ads but more upgraded one and do not spoil the appearance of your page or disturbs during your search like most of the pop ads do.

Facebook Gifts: on birthdays you may send gifts to your near and dear ones. To send the gift you pay for it and a part of your payment goes to the respective company. While you are sending those virtual gifts you pay an amount and thus the online transaction boosts facebook revenue.

Application Performance: There are some companies who have an arrayof business idea and utilize this platform to involve people. One such company is Zynga that has introduced the Farm ville. Everyone is playing Farmville and both the company and facebook is earning huge revenue from it. Many companies have started using this platform in such a manner.

Thus most of the companies have started using this networking site to understand the customer feedback, other have come up with product display pages, film o production based company pages prefer advertising about their films not only through write ups but also by adding you tube links and song and other information about their events to come, corporate companies also talk about their events and various plans. All in all facebook is used as one of the premium platform to reach the maximum number of people at just one click.

The introducer of facebook might not have initially thought so much, but with time he has improvised every single point of earning revenuet hrough this networking site. Now that you know, how a networking site can help in earning revenue, you may try to introduce one, may be in future.