Causes and treatment of Stomach Acidity

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Someone once said: “What will come out of the Indo-Pakistan cabinet level meet tomorrow? Well, depends on the acid levels in the ministers’ stomachs.” And the wise person was so right! Who does not suffer from acidity and it is one of the most irritating things that can happen to you. Let us get to know a few things about this devil.

The lining inside our stomach secrete a hormone called gastrin. This particular hormone stimulates the creation of Hydrochloric Acid. The acid level of our stomach is very important for preventing the growth of bacteria. Bacterial growth is possible through the medium of the food that stays in our stomach before digestion. The acid in our stomach also helps in digestive processes as it is capable of disintegrating highly complex molecules. But apart from these few good effects of acid in the stomach, it has harmful influences too. Nothing is good in excessive quantities and this holds true in this case as well. Stomach acid in exceeding levels is toxic as it causes heart and stomach burns. This feeling occurs because of the action perpetrated by the acid on the aforementioned inner lining of the stomach.

Following are some of the causes which fuel extra acid production in the stomach:

  • Too much spice or oil in food stuffs increases acid creation.
  • High fibre content in food is also responsible because these take much time to get digested. So the stomach produces acid till all the fibre pass through the stomach (which takes a long time) resulting in increased acid level.
  • If there is stomach ulcer or cancer, more gastrin will be produced and acid production is directly proportional to gastrin production.
  • Stress or tension is another major factor which increases stomach acid production.
  • If there are long gaps in between meals, the acid level in the stomach soars due to accumulation.
  • Not getting enough hours of sleep might also b another reason behind this.
  • The bacterium H. Pylori causes an infection which increases the production of acid.

Now let us look at some possible solutions of this persistent and irritating problem:

  • Since dietary problems are the usual roots behind acidity problems, a close observation of one’s dietary habits is recommended if one is to root out the disease.
  • One solution is to note down the name of the food whenever acidity occurs and thus find out the correlation between consumed food and its negative actions. Simply do not eat that particular item next time!
  • If work pressure doesn’t allow you to take timely meals, always make time to grab a bite at regular intervals. Then the stomach acid won’t get time to build up.
  • Some of the time, the acidity occurs due to a kind of infection. If, at these times, one mistakenly thinks that a particular acid producing food is at the root of all these and stops the consumption of that item, the situation will only grow worse because reduced acidity helps the growth of bacteria which induce the infection in the first place. So before any self-help, it is advisable to consult a doctor about it. The doctor will suggest some changes in the diet.
  • Antacids are always there to pull you out of trouble but it is strictly inadvisable to gulp down fistfuls of them at every occurrence of the hint of acidity.
  • Getting slim is the order of the day. But simply eating less does not help one to lose weight. It only causes severe acidity. So consult a dietician if growing thin is so important but do not lad an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Lastly, treat difficulties as challenges and lead a stress-free life to get rid of acidity.

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