Causes of split ends on straightened hair

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Split ends is a common hair problem faced by thousands of women. When the cuticles towards the end of the hair shaft are completely destroyed, it leads to damages at the very tip of the hair. Lack of moisture and proper nourishment are the major causes of split ends. Though they may be seen on any kind of hair, the incidence of split ends are somewhat higher on hair that has been straightened.

The causes for split ends are as follows:

  • Washing your hair daily may not be such a good idea. Strong shampoos can actually harm the hair if used too frequently.
  • Common wisdom says brushing your hair hundred times a day can make it shine. Actually, there is no evidence that this is so. Instead, roughly brushing your hair to get out the tangles – especially on wet hair – is one of the most common causes of split ends on straightened hair.
  • With so many hair colors in the market, it becomes difficult not to experiment with hair. But overuse of chemicals like colors of hair perms can cause severe damage to the hair including split ends. Chemicals with alcohol are especially harmful.
  • Applying heat tools like hair dryers regularly to your hair makes them dry and brittle. If you need to use the dryer frequently, you should apply a serum on your hair beforehand. This helps the hair to retain some moisture.
  • Certain hair accessories like rubber bands end up hurting your hair. Similarly, tying your hair too tightly can cause friction and stress.
  • Vigorous rubbing of wet hair can also cause problems,
  • Strong sun and dust can badly damage your hair. Use a hat or a scarf for better protection.
  • A few simple precautions can help you maintain healthy hair and avoid split ends.

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