Common Symptoms of Heart Attack

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A heart attack is the most sudden occurrence in a person’s life. It comes unannounced sometimes and takes place over a length of time in certain cases. Certain symptoms should be known by everyone in order to identify a heart attack when it occurs.

1. The most common symptom of a heart attack is a great discomfort that occurs in the chest of the patient. It also starts with a heavy feeling in the chest. A chest pain must not be taken lightly especially when it occurs on a person with high blood pressure. If it occurs over a considerable amount of time, a doc should be called immediately. The person who is complaining of a mild or massive chest pain should be treated immediately.

2. During a chest pain, the breath of the patient gets heavy and a person starts breathing shortly, even when he/she undertakes a small walk or climbs the staircase. Any form of movement or some exercise can trigger this problem as well. This is a great sign of heart attack and cause of problems. Even if chest pain does not occur, the patient should be taken to a doctor.

3. If a person starts sweating profusely even under normal conditions, it might be a signal for a heart attack. A person may sweat during summer months, but abnormal sweating might be the cause o problems.

4. A person in whom a heart attack has triggered might feel dizzy and nauseous. The regular feeling of this problem might be due to the incoming heart attack. A patient should not take this lightly saying it is a symptom of tiredness. If an artery of the heart gets blocked, then the person might feel dizzy and nauseous.

5. If the person feels the hands getting numb and loses control of them, it might be the result of an attack.

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