Datawind Releases UbiSlate 7Ri, 7R+, 7Ci and 7C+ Tablets

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Datawind has brought a new internet surfing device for net browsers. It is a hands-free tablet computer with internet interface. UbiSlate 7Ri, 7R+, 7Ci and 7C+ tablets will be your best friend as you can connect yourself with your friends and sweetheart by operating this digital device.

Ubislate is a smart phone cum tablet computer. UbiSurfer browsing interface is applicable to conventional GPRS internet network. It is a sleek light weight tablet. At a seminar, experts have pointed out the most interesting features of this digital device. You can draw layouts, graphs, and pictures, download snapshots and do internet surfing. You can do voice chat and video conferences via this hi-tech tablet.

A 7 inch display screen tablet has the Android 4.0.3 OS. This tablet computer has the transparent displaying screen. The color images become more prominent. The sophisticated tablet is equipped with Cortex A8 and 1 GHz processor inclusive of 512 MB RAM. The internet surfing speed is comparatively higher. You will be able to transfer data speedily.

Ubislate tablet computer has the high definition video system, a marvelous soundtrack feature and a USB port. In addition, there are a digital camera, G-Sensor and long lasting lithium battery to tune up the tablet. The data storage space is good and praiseworthy.

The original price of Ubislate series is approximately Rs.2999 up to Rs.4499. This cost effective tablet will come handy to navigate online. It will be your best net surfing tool to transfer data, enhance online chatting and download movies. At the same time, you can do your official documentation work and proper site optimization programs. This is a portable computer with a flip top cover to protect the device from weather roughness and water.

The availability of high definition video co-processor helps users to produce good quality video files in a twinkling of an eye. It is an eco-friendly device which is glossy and colorful.

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